Life 2019 Resolutions

I know I should do this earlier but it doesn't really matter (cue for Bohemian Rhapsody).

I'm that person who thinks that if you want to change then do it now. Time is just a construct. But this year, it seems that the star has aligned. I finished my PRP early November. Had lots of off days during November and December to just have fun, do nothing and simply rest. But now, we are getting a fix in life. I can and I want to totally focus on me this time around so this year is going to be me figuring out myself.

There are two approaches to do this

First, I will need to do a quarterly update (meaning I will update the progress at the end of March, June, September, and December). This will help me to get on track plus maybe dropping a thing or two if I think it is irrelevant

Second, I'm trying to do monthly goals like Marzia did. I'm not a follower of lifestyle icon (?) because let's face it - those are so unrealistic. But apparently, I have a thing for Marzia. Her video is so cute and fun. It's a shame that she stopped doing videos. Anyway, you can't see it now since she has deleted her videos but what she did it that she has monthly goals which usually about three to four stuff but big stuff so it takes time to finish. Then she shares it through her video on the updates. I think the last one I saw is about her wedding planning like choosing a wedding dress. I will update in this blog since this blog is literally the best way for me to keep track of things

However, knowing that changes take time and I want these changes to be a permanent part of my life, we will do this slowly. Which is the very reason for that monthly goals so that I can focus certain things per month instead of wanting to do everything and bails. Oh yes, we are doing it slowly, basically, these resolutions is like things I want to have/developed by the end of the year

Ok. Let's do this.

Lose weight
I never really put "losing weight" into a life-to-do-thing but since I have gained lots of extra weight especially during 2018 and I don't want to live a sad old life, I want to get in shape. This requires an active lifestyles and good eating habit. So for this, I'm aiming a weight loss of at least 1 kg per month. How

I need to really watch what I eat hence - calorie counting. There's an app called MyNutriDiari 2 which contains Malaysian foods that will make it easier for me to keep track of my calorie. Also, intermittent fasting diet seems good since I do want to have fasting as a habit.Living an active lifestyle. I want to commit to having 10k steps per day because I know it will be harder for me to actually go out and jogs. But I'll start gradually though. Same goes to doing calori deficit diet.Trying a simple exercise routine every morning. This is due to "Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to A Long Happy Life" that I just finished reading. It states how simple doing simple exercise daily can help you become happier or healthier. It's tempting because it simply suggests doing an exercise like taichi, qigong, etc, which is just a really simple set of movements. 

I put reading at a halt during 2018 since I want to focus on my PRP study and stuff. But I did finish a few books though and yes, I'm proud of myself. I'm always drawn to self-help books but for 2019, I'm going to read poetry and fictions only. I have pledged on Goodreads for 25 books this year. It will consist of all the poetry books that I have but still haven't finished reading and I'll treat myself to new fiction books. For fictional books, I'm thinking to just buy those that piqued my interest in Fatina's and Eyqa's review. I'm also going to read more local indie books ( I need to understand better what the fuss is all about). Oh yes, I need to try Murakami's too!

 money management
2018 is the year of spending and yolo-ing. But now, I need to be more responsible with my money. It kinda sucks seeing that I spend a lot but I'm not really sure for what? I'm pretty sure like half of it went to food and simply buying random pieces of stuff. I have a few things in mind for this

Set up monthly savingSet up monthly donationsSet up monthly spending for familyStart that save RM5 per day thing (I never menabung okay, I'm starting now)Keep a budget for food

having fun
If you read my previous post, you would understand why "having fun" is a to-do list. I'm stupid at this. I think it is pre-decided that I need to travel right? Seeing how shitty I am at saving money, traveling could be a good motivation. There are a few places I want to go which I'm planning to go with my friend. I also read somewhere, that even if you don't actually go, planning also gives some sense of satisfaction so there's that. Plus, I also want to spend more time with my friends which are conveniently nowhere near me which means I need to spend more efforts to meet them

Plans trip for Hatyai, Singapore, Sabah, Brunei and JapanHopefully, I actually put that planning on practiceHang out with friends at least once a month
trying more new things
I have a few things I want to do in 2019 which I'm not really sure how to categorize it so here it is

Have a petLearn MandarinLearn brush paintingLearn how to use a music instrument (I'm so attracted to ukelele at the moment)Be minimalist (literally going through stuff and ponders if I need it. Will do a post about minimalism)
spiritual life
I'm not the most spiritual being. You will be so amazed at this statement if you knew my dad. Anyway. I want to be better. I guess, being led spiritually is the thing that I need now. People says, well, just do more ibadah then you'll find peace et cetera, et cetera. Well, I'm not suddenly wanting to do more ibadah lah kan? I'm totally a noob here. There's plenty of things to do but the main question here is where am I starting

Try to read more Quran and hopefully khatam once this yearRead Quran translation - like the whole thing.

I'll do another post on what I aimed for January and I hope I'll keep updating to see the progress of stuff. Ok. Do you think I'm being delusional wanting to do all of these? Will 2019 be different? Cause honestly, time is just a social construct but wasting it is just the biggest sin out there

btw, I make a new tag "2019" specifically for this resolution thingy

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