Concerns On Local Political Developments

Concerns on local political developments
by Group of Concerned Analysts
Outside the party, DAP and Lim Kit Siang are NOT that influential as some quarters, especially those who love to play the race card, made them out to be. LGE seems to be ta_nted and arrogant, and disliked by many, including a growing number of politicians inside DAP. 
On Pakatan Harapan and the Government, it is still Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is calling the shots. DAP may be a key player in the power game but they have been checkmated by all sides, and also put in a difficult position when it comes to supporting Anwar as the next Prime Minister. 
On the other hand, Dr Mahathir might have also shot himself in the foot recently by making negative statements about India (a global power player) and refusing India's demand to hand over Zakir Naik. It's not just about the extra 5 percent import duty on palm oil or upsetting the Indian community here. 
If India boycotts our palm oil and looks for alternatives, the impact on Felda would be quite severe and would erode the rural Malay base that Dr Mahathir is trying so hard to court now. 
Dr Mahathir's recent comments about China and Hong Kong were also not well received there. 
There is concern that Dr Mahathir may be losing his grip, getting a bit senile and may not be able to hold the country together or even be around for much longer. 
Which is why Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters are putting a lot of pressure on Dr Mahathir to hand over the premiership soon, preferably before he goes for battery replacement of his pacemaker in December 2019, which can be complicated due to his age and fragile blood vessels. 
It would be a disaster for the country if Anwar, the chameleon religious fundamentalist and immoral leader who politicised our education system, takes over. 
Even if Anwar takes over, there would be a period of much instability and he may not be able to hold the Government and country together for long.
Malaysian politics may see many parties breaking up and forming new alliances around certain personalities. East Malaysian parties may not be kingmakers anymore unless they stick together. The political situation would be fluidThe upside would be greater choices and diversity for the public to chose from whileThe downside would be instability and possibility of frequent change of government. A healthy balance needs to be struck. 
The country really needs strong, honest, experienced, wise, competent and just politicians with clear direction, vision and foresight to lead, manage and govern. 
The multiracial 'ship' that we are all in, is getting directionless and may be heading for troubled waters.
My comments :  This is a valid observation. I hope many more people will start to talk about this. We really need a new politics in Malaysia. We need an alternative.
May I suggest some initial thoughts. 
Whoever or whatever this 'new politics' is going to be I think we first need a list of clear statements of what our objectives / mission / deliverables will be. 
This list need not be 100 pages long or even 50 pages long but say TEN MAJOR points. 
1. All necessary resources will be made available to eradicate corruption within 24 months.  
2. Old laws will be abolished / amended (sedition, libel, bankruptcy, etc) and new laws enacted (political funding, freedom of speech / religion, freedom from religion, anti hate mongering) to make our laws at par or better than the advanced countries. The common and civil laws shall make up the only legal system in the country. 
3. Education will be revamped completely.  Education shall be free and compulsory until  high school is finished. Education shall be evidence based.
4.  There will be complete deregulation of the Malaysian economy especially to reduce monopolies, oligopolies, unfair dominance of the market etc. No sector of the Malaysian economy shall be subject to any type of licensing other than for environmental, safety, regulatory and compliance requirements.
5. The tax and revenue system shall be revamped. Corporate and income taxes shall be reduced. All annual renewal federal fees/duties/taxes will be abolished or substantially reduced. (Road tax, driving licenses, professional fees etc.)
6. All political offices (PM, MBs, Chief Ministers, MPs, State Assemblymen) shall be limited to two terms only.  
7.  Can you suggest a few more . . 
Once a basic statement of objectives can be laid down in concrete then who ever is interested can use these objectives as their main selling point. 
In fact the alternative option or the new politics need not be a new political party or a new political movement.
Instead the alternative option or the new politics shall be this short list of what we want to see in Malaysia.
Whichever political party does not or cannot agree or accept this platform will not get the peoples'  votes.   Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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