Part 2 Local Political Developments Malaysian Politics Will Never Be The Same Again

The following is not written by me. Thank you to the folks who sent me this.
By A Group of Concerned Analysts.

Malaysian politics will never be the same again.
The days of monopolies in doing business and in politics will mostly be over soon. In a globalized, connected, freer and more open environment it is more likely for an entity or a party, especially one facing internal power struggles, to break into two or more parties and then for like-minded leaders of such break ups to unite or merge later to form a new entity. 
But in the current scenario and state of flux, the tendency to break up would be far greater than to merge together.
 Contrary to public perceptions, the race relations situation in the country is not as bad as it seems. 
(OSTB : I agree. The losers are playing this up. On the ground things are pretty much normal.)
Firstly, the educated younger generations, thanks to connectivity, globalization and with greater access to news and knowledge, are more open-minded and less racist and chauvinistic in their outlook.

Secondly, the fact that PH won the last GE on a multi-racial platform is a rebuff and indictment against race politics.

Thirdly, many Sarawakians and Sabahans are starting to exert their rights and speak out against racism and the “Supremacy or Ketuanan” crap, which some extremists in the Peninsular use the never heard before and non existent “social contract’ of 1957 to justify their racist arguments. 

(OSTB : Sabah and Sarawak will show the way.)
The facts of the case are that Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation of Malaysia as equal partners and the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA 63) superceded the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1957. 
(OSTB : Well Sabah and Sarawak do have some extra rights. Peninsula Malaysians still need to use a passport to enter Sabah and Sarawak. Professionals like accountants, lawyers, architects from Peninsula cannot practise in the private sector in Sabah and Sarawak. Sabahans and Sarawakians pay only 10% of Road Tax for all motor vehicles. Did you all know that?) 
Thank Allah, that the very multi-ethnic Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation in 1963, which have acted as a bulwark against cultural extremism. 
(OSTB : This I agree 100%).
They have already set a good example about equality, mutual respect and multi-culturalism. Sarawak and Sabah must take the lead and show the way forward about the true  beauty of cultural diversity and show that our diversity is a great productive asset rather than being a liability or a problem.

Fourthly, many of the old guards and NGOs who played the race and religion card have been largely silent since GE14 but we see some new players including third rate academics who are trying to play this role now but they have only ended up making themselves look quite foolish.
It is increasingly more difficult to play the race card for various reasons and those who do so now would not get away so easily like before. The public must keep up the pressure and continue expressing outrage to racist statements and hold those responsible to account. Despite making some blunt mistakes (such as his recent comments which have angered India, China and to some extent, playing to the racist gallery) Tun Dr Mahathir continues to be firmly in charge of the government and  PH. 
But, as a 94 year old mortal who seems to be pushing his busy work schedule to the limit, time may not be on his side. Allah willing, he should serve with greater wisdom and care. It’s a 33 million dollar question  how much longer he is ABLE to serve as prime minister.
On the other hand, time may ALSO not be on the side of  the suddenly growing list of future Prime Minister candidates. The passage of more time makes some candidates vulnerable while others appear to benefit from more time. 
And in politics, even a few months can be a long time and many things can happen in the next few months. The local political situation is quite fluid

Some candidates have become recently exposed (literally) while those candidates who previously exposed themselves (also literally) are trying to stay relevant. But their past keeps coming back to haunt them.

Surely the country must have experienced, wise (being smart is not enough), fair, honest and competent leaders who can take over from Dr Mahathir when the time comes.
Go figure if there are such experienced, honest and wise leaders who are still around, who are still healthy and willing to serve the country.Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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