Yoursay Umno Didn T Love Najib Less But Love Zahid More


YOURSAY | Zahid's remarks imply Umno did not struggle hard enough for Najib.
Zahid feels vindicated after 'court of public opinion' proven wrong
Vijay47: If I were you, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, I would not count your chickens before they are roasted.
While I can understand your rejoicing, which nevertheless needs to be restrained in view of forthcoming events and possible outcome, your celebrative words are of concern to the public.
You say that the acquittal decision for you reflects “BN’s and Umno’s struggle”. Whoa! How does the struggle of political parties influence the court’s decision on an individual’s corruption charges? Is there something here we missed?
You went on to say that the justice system has upheld the truth. I will not question that.
But do your blessings upon the court then imply that jailed former premier Najib Abdul Razak got what he deserved or are you suggesting that in his case, the court did not uphold the truth?
Sorry to rain on your parade but I believe you still have another 35 charges where the justice system will also uphold the truth.
Appum: Indeed, Zahid doesn't even realise the implication of his statement that his acquittal was due to “BN and Umno's struggle”.
So, BN and Umno didn't struggle hard enough for your Bossku? So, your BN and Umno - they seem like separate entities - didn't want Najib back as president? So, Umno didn't love Najib less but love you more?
Dr Raman Letchumanan: In any criminal case, the burden of proof by the prosecution is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
Likewise, the defence just needs to raise a reasonable doubt on any of the testimony/evidence and the whole prosecution fails, never mind the accused by public opinion is guilty or all other testimony point to his guilt.
The three prosecution witnesses from Ultra Kirana - former UKSB administrative manager David Tan Siong Sun and former directors Harry Lee and Wan Quoris Shah Wan Abdul Ghani - were brought in late during the trial, especially the last two.
Their testimony was explosive. Was it planned on purpose?
Any testimony has to be corroborated. In this case, David and Nicole Tan said they delivered money in secret and in the dead of night. The only evidence was a secret personal note kept by David.
It is like someone accuses you of receiving bribes and the proof is a secret note kept by the accuser. So basically, that evidence is hearsay. The defence was smart not to contest that, as it is up to the prosecution to make its case watertight.
Now there was an issue raised if Ultra Kirana was not making that much money, how could they have paid money over and above the earnings. The story goes it was from another entity from Hong Kong. All cock and bull as far as evidence in court goes.
The AG and MACC knew about this evidence and the secret ledger as early as 2018. Why didn't they probe further to verify and corroborate it with other witness evidence?
Of course, David mentioned there were many others in the current/previous government that money was paid to. Only now MACC said they will all be investigated.
In court, the investigator's testimony was there was no instruction to investigate others named. And yet, judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali got investigated because someone in UK posted it on his blog.
Now that the court has deemed these three witnesses unreliable, I guess it fits the deep state to declare all others named innocent. How nice and convenient.
Come on, one cannot charge all of them right and let the government fail, right?
Perak ruler Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah just said corruption is a disease and like cancer pervades every part of the body. The whole system is corrupted. You cannot jail one person and expect the system cured and clean.
I stand corrected as I have not read the judgment yet, but when I see the comments here it seems to border on contempt and defamation. One day the judiciary is praised sky high, and the next day condemned.
This is also the mindset of the opposition, “hangat hangat tahi ayam”. They don't have a vision and long-term perspective of how to govern Malaysia.
Just another news today that didn't get much attention is former Tabung Haji chairperson Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim being given discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA). Of course, it will soon be full acquittal after some time as in previous cases shows.
The deep state and dark forces are in full control. Malaysia as a nation is no match for them and is terminally ill. The end is certain.
Apanama in Back: Zahid, you are lucky because MACC and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) are run by some of the most incompetent fellows.
The courts are merely arbitration and make decisions based on the prosecution by AGC. And AGC depends on MACC, an investigation agency. Both are under the Prime Minister's Office.
So, your praise that "the justice system has upheld the truth" is actually a flawed statement. It is not ''has upheld the truth" but "tailored in such a way to uphold the truth".
As long as these two agencies fail to buck up and be independent, all the crooks could be acquitted.
Scarecrow: Zahid has credited BN and Umno's "struggle" for his acquittal. "As the BN (chairperson) and Umno president, (this verdict) is the success of BN and Umno's struggle," he said.
Yes Zahid, I am also very thankful for the success of BN and Umno's struggle in getting you acquitted from all the ‘wrongful’ charges against you.
I am also glad to see the success of BN and Umno’s struggle in making sure that Bossku is having a very comfortable stay in Kajang Prison and that he is receiving the best treatment possible in the hospital and is resting in hospital for as long as possible.
Now I am sure BN and Umno's struggle will inspire the voters to wade the flood water to help BN and Umno win GE15 following which you will become our long-awaited prime minister.
And as prime minister, you will make sure that Bossku is released from prison in keeping with the noble goal of BN and Umno’s struggle. - Mkini

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