Pas Mp Gives Good Publicity To Sunway S Cny Alcohol Promo

 Curtailing the sale of alcohol at a mall days before Chinese New Year is possibly an attempt by PAS to flex its muscles.Or is it a carefully choreographed plan to introduce syariah law by the back door especially after the devastating green wave effect in GE15? Restricting the sale of alcohol may be introduced today, but what will PAS want banned tomorrow? Malaysians, both Malays and non-Malays, abhor the intense scrutiny of their lives.
The PAS MP for Permatang Pauh, Muhammad Fawwaz Mohamad Jan, claimed that the public had complained to him about the promotion and sale of alcoholic beverages at the main lobby area of Sunway Carnival Mall. He “strongly objected” to the promotion and hoped that it would not recur. His desire was to “safeguard Muslim sensitivities” and he reminded Malaysians of the adverse effects of alcohol consumption.
Fawwaz claims to be concerned about Muslim sensitivities. How committed is he? As a Muslim woman, I wonder if he will address the many issues on my list, which as far as I am aware are shared by other Muslims.These sensitive issues include things like child marriages where minors are married off to men who can be as old as their grandfathers.
Men who rape women, including minors, are allowed to marry their victims to avoid being punished, whipped and going to jail. The high rate of divorce among Muslim couples needs resolving. In 2013, it was reported that one Muslim/Malay couple filed for divorce every ten minutes! The breakdown of the family unit has reached a critical state.
Some Muslim men who leave or divorce their wives absolve all responsibility for their children. Few ex-husbands  pay alimony, and fewer still pay for maintenance and upkeep of their children. The rules on polygamy are rarely observed. Many men fail to  ask their first wives permission to marry, but instead scoot-off to southern Thailand to marry.

On their return, they pay the measly fine of RM1,000 to legitimize the marriage. They make a mockery of the sanctity of marriage. Divorced men and polygamist fathers fail to provide a good role model for their sons, some of whom grow up to be feral. The Mat Rempit menace is probably the result of the absence of a father figure in the house to instill discipline and provide a stable loving family environment.
There are many other topics the PAS Permatang Pauh MP could address, but alcohol is an easy bet. Fawwaz mentioned the adverse effects of alcohol consumption, but when will he address drug taking among the Malays, alleged to be highest among the various races? There are probably more traffic deaths from drivers under the influence of drugs than there are from drunk drivers.
Another Malay sensitivity he should address is the high dropout rate among Malay schoolchildren, especially in rural schools where the parents feel education is unnecessary. Will he tackle the issue of corruption among civil servants, and more importantly among politicians? PAS president Hadi Awang’s  reluctance to condemn corruption is like giving the green light to the Malays to readily accept and offer bribes.
Is Fawwaz (below) basking in the glory of being the little-known PAS religious scholar who displaced Anwar Ibrahim’s political dynasty’s decades-long stronghold of Permatang Pauh? Is he also using alcohol, which is freely consumed during Chinese New Year, as a vehicle to propel PAS into the political limelight? There are many other topics he could address, but alcohol is an easy bet.
Perhaps this is his way of being recognized by the party’s central committee members and others in the PAS political hierarchy. By making a big issue of  this CNY promotion, Fawwaz is on a self-promoting political agenda. He is trying to generate greater recognition among PAS leaders so that he can quickly ascend the greasy political ladder.

He is taking advantage of the sales of alcohol in Penang, which is an island that is mostly non-Malay and non-Muslim, to establish himself as someone who is not afraid of a head-on collision with Penang’s DAP MPs. Penang has long been known as a DAP stronghold and its significance is very symbolic. The island is a long established fort for Chinese Malaysian political power.
Nationalist Malays probably feel that Umno-Baru was weak and unable to unseat DAP (and Harapan), but after Fawwaz’s victory in Permatang Pauh, the party probably feels that it has a chance of toppling the DAP powerbase. Before Fawwaz gets carried away, he must realize that Penang is part of multiracial Malaysia. Malaysia’s first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman said the nation was set up as a multiracial, multicultural and secular state, with  Islam as its official religion.
What are Fawwaz’s real intentions? Before he or PAS celebrates, they must realize that their actions are seen as trampling on the rights of non-Malays and non-Muslims. Why make life difficult for companies which deal in alcohol? The pandemic destroyed many businesses. The global economic outlook is just as gloomy.
The alcohol and brewing industry, both upstream and downstream, is not just about the scores of thousands employed in the ancillary trades such as bottling and transport companies, or in entertainment and hospitality. The activities will rejuvenate our economy and bring in the much needed revenue for the treasury.
Malays form a huge percentage of the workforce of the various industries that alcohol and brewing supports. Fawwaz should not cut off his nose to spite his face. Policing the sale of alcohol at the mall has nothing to do with religion. Fawwaz should stop dragging alcohol into politics.- Mariam Mokhtar

What if DAP walked into Kelantan and gave ceramahs to the constituents on the ill effects of marrying under aged girls? They can say that they are protecting the rights of the girls to a decent education. Would this be fine with PAS? - PK50001
The Mall Management has not done anything wrong by law. So, don't 'menyibuk' and caused disharmony, problems. Not happy, make Police Report and take civil action if you, Fawwaz feel you got a case. - Aizah
If you don't like to see beer bottles then don't have to go there. If you don't like to drink and party with girls and all those things kafirs do, then don't go for holiday in New Zealand. Simple! DO NOT impose your values on others. Many Arab countries do not have these extreme Islamic rules in their countries. Please grow up PAS.- World Citizen
Why don't you learn from us how to be more tolerant. Also, learn to move on and don't cause trouble for others. - Donttokkok
Wonder if there is any forthcoming friendly advice on Thaipusam? - Kak Molly
“Bukan tanggungjawab Ahli Parlimen campur tangan dalam urusan shopping mall"- Oh Teong Keong,Timbalan Presiden Gerakan(PN)

Tuduhan rasuah RM 92.5b Din kecut perut...
Adakah berlaku penyelewengan dana perangsang penyelengaraan Covid-19 semasa Ahli Parlimen Pagoh Tan Sri Mahiaddin Yassin menjawat jawatan Perdana Menteri? Saya tidak pasti. Mungkin ya dan mungkin juga tidak, wallahua’lam beeshawab.
Tetapi yang jelas selepas YAB PM Kerajaan Perpaduan merangkap Menteri Kewangan mendedahkan wujudnya perlanggaran serius prosedur kewangan dalam isu penyelenggaran dana tersebut, kini isu tersebut sedang disiasat oleh SPRM.
Media melaporkan jumlah wang yang diperuntukkan untuk tujuan dana perangsang itu adalah berjumlah RM 530 bilion. Daripada jumlah RM 530 bilion itu, SPRM menyatakan bahawa RM 92.5 bilion ialah dana awam atau Kerajaan- ya wang rakyat! Manakala jumlah RM 437.5 bilion bukan dari dana awam.Kini SPRM dikatakan menumpukan penyiasatan mereka kepada jumlah RM 92.5 bilion tersebut.

Untuk rekod, semasa kerajaan tebuk atap – yang ditubuhkan selepas Langkah Sheraton- mereka umum lapan pakej perangsang berjumlah RM 530 bilion. Ia berlaku pada tahun 2020 dan 2021. Untuk rekod juga, Mahiaddin menjawat jawatan Perdana Menteri kerajaan tebuk atap dari Mac 2020 hingga Ogos 2021.
Selain daripada penyuntikan fiskal secara langsung, dana perangsang itu juga datang melalui Danajamin dan beberapa skim jaminan sebanyak RM 80 bilion. RM 210 bilion pula datang daripada moratorium pinjaman dan RM 110 bilion pula daripada beberapa pengeluaran wang KWSP.
Difahamkan Mahiaddin dan beberapa mantan menteri di era kerajaan tebuk atap akan dipanggil oleh SPRM. Isu ini menjadi semakin panas kerana dikatakan ada mantan pegawai tinggi Kementerian Kewangan yang diberitakan telah diminta bercuti.

Dan isu ini menjadi semakin panas apabila SPRM menyerbu 8 agensi Kerajaan dan 9 syarikat yang dikatakan ada kaitan dengan isu dakwaaan penyelewengan dana rangsangan tersebut. Dikatakan lapan agensi Kerajaan itu menerima ” peruntukan besar” daripada pakej rangsangan tersebut.
Isu ini menjadi lebih panas dan “juicy” dalam masa yang sama apabila SPRM telah menahan seorang ketua pegawai eksekutif (CEO) syarikat yang dikatakan memainkan peranan sebagai orang tengah untuk membroker pakej ransangan tersebut baru-baru ini.
Di media sosial, heboh cerita yang mendakwa CEO yang ditahan itu dikatakan adalah orang kanan YB Pagoh dan dia juga dikatakan adalah pemimpin parti Bersatu di satu bahagian di Kuala Lumpur.
CEO itu juga didakwa adalah sepupu kepada menantu YB Pagoh – yang juga didakwa terlibat dengan beberapa skandal. Untuk berlaku adil kepada mereka semua, semua perkara yang di atas masih berstatus dakwaan sahaja. - Hanipah Maidin
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