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11-year-old Malaysian Maryam Muzamir Mentioned in Top US Talk Show – The Late Late Show with James Corden The success of Maryam Muzamir, 11, in winning three gold medals in an innovation and design competition held in Toronto, Canada last August caught the attention of internationally renowned host James Coden.”You may have heard of this girl (Maryam). She is very remarkable.
“Maryam Muzamir is an 11 -year -old school student in Malaysia.”She uses regular food waste, seafood shellfish and then processes it into new animal feed,” he said in a video on his Twitter tweet on Thursday.
The tweet was also shared by Director -General of Health Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah via a post on his Facebook on Saturday.In August, Maryam, a student of Sekolah Kebangsaan (P) Methodist Kuantan gained international recognition when she won three gold medals in a competition in conjunction with The 6th International Invention, Innovation Competition (iCAN) 2021.
ICAN 2021 is the largest innovation and design competition in the North American continent held online on August 28 last year following the Covid-19 pandemic factor.
Maryam Muzamir would notice sea snail (siput sedut) and shrimp shells being disposed of in large quantities. The 11-year-old was eager to tackle the waste issue and soon began collecting, cleaning and grinding the shrimp shells and seashells last year to produce a sustainable animal feed known as Yam 2.0.
Her innovation did not go unnoticed as Maryam recently won three awards, including the Canadian Special Award at the 6th International Invention Innovation Competition (iCAN 2021) in Toronto, Canada last month.
The SK Perempuan Methodist Year Five pupil, who was inspired by the work of Swedish activist Greta Thunberg on climate change, said she knew there would be a method to put the shells to good use.
“I read articles about avoidable food waste and shells containing chitin, which is an important chemical for the production of animal feed. So, I thought why not give it a try and see if the shells could serve as an alternative livestock feed.
“In June last year, I informed my father and we spoke to the restaurant operators here to give the shrimp and sea shell waste to us instead of throwing them away. The operators agreed and I was determined to make it a success,” she said at her home in Indera Mahkota here yesterday.
The eldest of two siblings, Maryam said they collected about 30kg of shrimp and sea snail waste before washing and drying it under the hot sun.
“Once it was completely dried, I separated the shrimp and sea snails before grinding them into fine powder. Initially, there were some trial and error. As time progressed, I made some modifications, especially on the size for livestock consumption,” she said, adding that she consulted her father for advice on the product.
Maryam, who loves to watch videos on YouTube, said it took about a week to process the animal feed and the free samples were distributed to a dairy cattle farm here.
“It did not affect the cow’s milk quality. Based on our observation, the cost to produce Yam 2.0 is lower compared with conventional animal feed products and it can be used to feed chicken, goats, fish and pigs.
“Since the product is cost-effective, it will help control the production cost in the supply chain. For example, prices of chicken go up when there is a spike in chicken feed price. So Yam 2.0 is an affordable and a high-quality solution,” she said.
Maryam, who won the Gold Medal, Canadian Special Award and Best Young Inventor Award at iCAN 2021 last month, said it was her first victory abroad.
“I had won two gold medals at the Citrex (Creation, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition) last year and this year, along with a third gold at I-RIE (International Research Invention and Innovation Exhibition 2021). Since the product had a lot of potential, my father encouraged me to give it a try at the international stage.
“It was a new experience to prepare posters related to the product for the preliminary selection in June before the product was picked to progress to the final. For the final, I had to provide more information, including images and the advantages of the product,” she said, adding that the winner was announced online on Aug 28.
Her father, Associate Professor Dr Muzamir Hasan, who is attached to the Engineering college at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, said he and his wife, Noor Nazihah Ma’amor, 35, had always encouraged their daughter.
“When I was young, I do not remember trying new innovations but my daughter seems to be following in my footsteps at an early age. We do not want her to stop and maybe the next step will be to get a research grant to commercialise the product,” he said, adding that the medal and certificates arrived in the post yesterday.
Maryam was the youngest winner at iCAN21, which is described as the largest invention competition in North America. There were 600 participants from 70 countries this year.
Supply Chain of Livestock and Fresh Food Complexity is a major issue faced by most production-based supply chains because of the interconnected nature across global operations; and when it comes to livestock and fresh food, their perishable and voluminous nature create unique challenges that make matters significantly worse.
Compared to many other product supply chains, time and distance are the major challenges for fresh food suppliers. The products’ quality becomes at risk right from the moment the fruit or vegetable is harvested, or when the chicken is slaughtered. There’s an increased chance of the produce getting spoiled as the distance between the supplier and the retailer gets farther, especially now that globalization has widely influenced the market, making it even more complicated. Varieties of produce and livestock can be sourced from anywhere in the world; mangoes harvested in the Philippines could be sold in the US, or rice grown in China may be packaged in Vietnam and sold in different countries in the UK.
Specialized handling and packaging are also necessary for a lot of fresh products. Eggs, for example, are extremely fragile products that even specialized packaging can still lead to serious losses once the shells are damaged. Seasonal products also bringing issues for suppliers and customers alike since fresh produce is often sourced from diverse locations and seasons. For example, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, and berries are available only in tropical countries or during summer.
Apart from challenges that the industry has been facing ever since, the emergence of the new generation brought along new challenges, as well as opportunities. Millennials and members of Generation Z are said to have impacted the way fresh foods are being grown, delivered and presented, as they are talking, tweeting and posting pictures of their every meal. A recent survey suggests that millennial foodies increasingly ditch junk foods and demand more organic and nutritious options, thus, making growers and suppliers re-think their systems. Jim Lemke, president of one of the largest produce companies in the world, Robinson Fresh, stated that, “It’s important for retailers, foodservice and wholesalers to address changing tastes and behaviors in order to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.”
Since consumer behaviours continue to disrupt supply chains, techniques used by leaders to keep up have also been evolving. And with a system as complex as the livestock and fresh food supply chain, collaboration is an absolute necessity. Operators progressively distribute networks, infrastructure and logistics. Allastair Isbeter, DHL’s Vice President for Consumer said in an interview that “collaboration can be done by retailers, manufacturers, distributors, between logistics companies, final mile agents and between manufacturer and retailer. All work successfully when the end customer needs sit at the heart of the operation.”
Furthermore, IoT has been widely used more than ever as businesses utilize data management technology for a more efficient way to trace products. Tech companies providing software solutions have been established to aid businesses with their supply chains. AFS, for example, focuses on food and beverage distributors and wholesalers through an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Another solutions provider is iTradeNetwork, which uses expanded platform to improve efficiency across the supply chain for procurement, traceability, analytics, and data services.
Mobile applications have also penetrated the supply chain as many consumers rely on them to place their orders. Farmers, retailers, distributors, and sellers also take advantage of mobile management since this makes operations more productive – mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers are all considered versatile since these are being used as remote controls, to display and analyze data, or to perform network interactions.
Livestock and fresh products are difficult to trade; fruits, vegetables, rice, fish, meat – all kinds of raw and perishable products that make the fresh food supply chain possibly the most challenging of all since they need to be processed very quickly but with so much precision. The success of the system, despite its complex nature, relies essentially on the collaboration of the operators, along with the effective utilization of the accessible technologies.
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