Mahathir And Hamid Bador Should Stop Insulting The People S Intelligence

(Finance Twitter) – As expected, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador declared that an explosive gay sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali is genuine, but the identities of the two men in the clips cannot be determined. It would certainly be a big surprise if the top cop said the identities of the two men have been positively identified, as that would go against Mahathir’s conclusion.
Perhaps the police chief should send the video clip to the U.S. for identification. If that is beyond the police budget, China could do the job too. China “Hikvision” products and solutions were part of the Chinese surveillance system where facial recognition databases have almost every one of the nation’s 1.4-billion citizens. Even the U.S. and U.K. have been using their products.
Cameras from Hikvision can produce not only sharp, full-color images in fog and near-total darkness, but also possess AI technology. Although the gay sex video was not recorded using Hikvision, chances are the company possesses the software to identify if the two men in the low-resolution clip were indeed Azmin Ali and Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz.
Because Mr. Haziq has already admitted to be one of the men in the video clip, it isn’t difficult to authenticate the other man, whom Haziq claimed was his sex partner Azmin. What the facial recognition software needs to do to establish its capability and reliability is to match Haziq with highest accuracy. Then the other man can be matched against Azmin Ali.
For the police to rely only on the local Cybersecurity Malaysia to conduct the verification of the video clip is laughable. To prevent the Royal Malaysia Police under the new leadership of Abdul Hamid Bador from being labelled as the lapdog of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the homosexual video clips should be sent to both China and the U.S. for ultimate authentication.
Unfortunately, both PM Mahathir and IGP Bador appear to have failed in the handling of the gay sex scandal with utmost professionalism and integrity involving Azmin, the blue-eyed boy of Mahathir. The premier had already demonstrated his bias when he announced that Azmin was innocent and the clip was fake – even “before” the police could start the process of authenticating the video.
The 94-year-old prime minister’s remarks have essentially destroyed the credential of IGP Bador, who was appointed due to his extreme loyalty to Mahathir. It makes the police chief a lame duck – even a political tool – as he could not possibly go against the “wish” of his boss. Hence, the mocking that the police cannot identify who the porn stars in that gay video are but can confirm 100% it is “not Azmin Ali”.
Today is not 1998. Mahathir and the police should stop insulting the people’s intelligence. The prime minister should explain why a “homosexual Anwar” was unacceptable in 1998 but a “homosexual Azmin” is welcome in 2019. Ahh, Mahathir said – “I see this as a political move, not because of crime. The crime is that there is a coalition to bring down Azmin.”
Going by Mahathir’s logic, did he admit that a crime was committed by himself back in 1998 when he brought down Anwar Ibrahim using the same modus operandi? Heck, back in 1998, there was no sex video clip when the former deputy prime minister Anwar was sacked for sodomizing his wife’s drive, Azizan Abu Bakar. Was it not a political move back then?
Perhaps Dr Mahathir should explain to the people the difference between the homosexual activities conducted by both Anwar and Azmin to the extent that the premier was absolutely convinced Azmin’s extracurricular is “halal” (allowed) but Anwar’s was “haram” (forbidden). Both men screwed their male partners, were they not?
It didn’t help the situation when top cop Abdul Hamid Bador offered a statement mixed with political statement – that the police investigation into the matter showed the existence of an “evil conspiracy” masterminded by a leader of a political party aimed at shaming the reputation of a particular individual (Azmin Ali). It is not the job of the police to make judgements.
As far as the gay sex video is concerned, both men – Haziq and Azmin – have committed homosexual acts, a crime punishable to a 20-year in prison and whipping. Although Mahathir dislikes the fact that Haziq shamelessly confessed that he was one of the two men in the sex video, that does not give the prime minister and the police the right to discriminate only Haziq.
While Haziq is still being detained on a 6-day remand order, Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali appears to be protected by the authorities, or at least the impression from the public is such that the powerful prime minister has given the instruction to the police to put all the blame on Haziq while Azmin is being painted as an innocent lamb.
Wait a minute. Are we sure the other man in the video clip was Azmin Ali? There’s only one way to find out – send it to the U.S. or China to be identified. But without Azmin realizing, he has indirectly admitted it was him in the video clip. On Wednesday (July 17), Anwar Ibrahim suggested that Azmin should resign if he is conclusively identified as one of the two men in a recent viral sex video.
Without thinking wisely, Azmin Ali hit back at lightning speed at his boss Anwar Ibrahim, saying that the PKR president should “look at the man in the mirror”. When former PM Najib Razak was condemned for stealing money from 1MDB funds, he once retaliated and suggested that Mahathir had also stolen money during his time. So, it takes a crook to recognize another crook.
Clearly Azmin’s foolish retaliation can be interpreted as telling Anwar that since both of them are homosexual (or heterosexual), PM-in-waiting Anwar has no right to lecture him about quitting. However, Azmin has forgotten that Anwar, despite his cry of political persecution, had been punished by the law and sent to prison. But Azmin has not even been arrested, let alone charged for involving in the unnatural sex.
Like it or not, Anwar was right that Azmin should resign – if it’s proven – that it was indeed the Economic Affairs Minister caught in the gay sex video. Anwar didn’t say Azmin must resign immediately. Azmin’s refusal to resign in the event that it’s established that both men in the video clip were Haziq and he could drag not only PKR, but also the Pakatan Harapan government down.
Perhaps that’s what Azmin Ali determines to do – to drag Anwar and everyone together with him if the selfish blue-eyed boy of Mahathir is forced to resign. For the greater good of the coalition, the power-hungry Azmin should think twice about going nuclear. Suddenly, former MCA president Chua Soi Lek, who was involved in a sex scandal, looks like a saint.
Despite his earlier decision to stay, Mr. Chua tendered his resignation as Health Minister, MCA vice-president, Johor MCA chief and Labis Member of Parliament on January 2, 2008. As compared to Azmin Ali, Chua quit with honour after he held a press conference in Labis, Johor, where he admitted to being the man in the sex DVDs circulating in the state of Johor.
Apparently, the two DVDs showed Chua Soi Lek having sex with a woman whom he described as a “personal friend”. Mocked and insulted as a “sex actor”, Mr. Chua was allegedly framed by his own colleagues – Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai. The four-star Hotel Katerina in quiet Batu Pahat was the hotel where Chua engaged in an extra-marital affair with the young woman.
Chua’s mistake was bonking his “woman friend” – Ms Angela Yam – in the same hotel in the same room for convenience sake. Four cameras hidden in the suite recorded him having sex without his knowledge. When caught with his pants down, he took the responsibility and confessed of his affair and apologised and when that failed – he resigned.
Unlike Azmin, Chua did not throw tantrums and cries like a baby and blame everyone but himself. Miraculously, Chua made a comeback 2 years later and emerged victorious as MCA president in 2010. Yes, he did not bonk another man, but committed “natural sex” with another woman and yet, he resigned. Mahathir is doing more harm than good to his own community by trying too hard to protect Azmin.

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