7 Unique Humans And Strange In The World

1. Human who can not fat
Perry (59 years), this man can eat whatever food he wants in an unlimited amount, including high-fat foods such as fast food and he did not need to worry about obesity. This man was suffering from abnormalities called Lipodystrophy, a condition that makes his body rapidly burn fat. Formerly Perry was child who enough obese, but at the age 12 years suddenly her body weight down free just in time one night. Although trying to eat as much as anything but it does not cause any effect. In the end when examined was found abnormalities, Perry turned out to produce the hormone insulin 6X more much than the average person.
2. Ice man

Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Ice Man, this man was able to swim in the ice water and bury herself in the pile of ice. Even he ever climb Mount Blanc with just only shorts! The scientists can not explain this physical condition, how can men aged 48-year-old this resistant, even likes in the cold temperature which is should fatal for the average person.
3. Humans orgasm with the highest amount in the world

Sarah Carmen (24 years), UK. Is an incredible woman because it can easily get a stimulus from almost all things so that able to orgasm as much as 200x a day. Imagine that! This condition is called Sexual Arousal Syndrome, that causes increased blood flow to the genital organs. Sarah said that occasionally she did a lot of sex relationship just to calm himself and for the parties men apparently need not be bothered, because Sarah can reaches its climax easily.
4. Human which is allergic the water

Ashleigh Morris, she can not go swimming, soak in a tub of warm water and even a shower though because she is allergic to water, even sweating also makes girl aged 19 years this in pain. Ashleigh came from Malbourne, Australia, is allergic to water regardless of temperature, this condition happened since she was Aged 14 years. She suffer a skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria, a condition which is really rare happen in the world.
5. Human which is allergic technology

For the big part people, mobile phones, cooking with a microwave is a part of life in the 21st century. but this object is impossible owned for Debbie Bird, because she is allergic to Mobile and Microwaves. Woman aged 39 year is very sensitive to electromagnetic (EMF), waves the resulting by computers, mobile phones, microwave and some cars. Effects when exposed skin Debbie was rash wounds flushed and could widen 3X if located too close with a source of EMF. So Debbie husband who works as a health spa manager change their house became an EMF-free.
6. Man who fainting after laugh

Kay Underwood, aged 20 years, suffered Cataplexy which means when the sufferer is experiencing excessive emotions, his muscles will weaken. thing such as happy, fear, surprise, awe can be make it direct fell right where she is located. Kay suffered this disease since 5 years ago, swoon over 40X in a day. Kay says "people assume this case very strange and not easy to face the reactions of others." Besides cataplexy, Kay also must fight Narcolepsy, namely a condition that can make it fall asleep suddenly. Narcolepsy attack more than 30,000 people in the UK and around 70% of them also have a cataplexy disease.
7. Man who didn't sleep for one year

Hett Lamb looks like children aged 3 years old most, but there is one thing that makes it really different with her friends, namely a condition where he was able to not sleep although just moment only. Rhett awake nearly 24 hours a day for one year! make parents and doctors stand guard alternately to observe Rhett in order that find the solution. Eventually doctors diagnosed Rhett has been experiencing conditions is called Chiari malformation. Rhett brain literally, recessive by the spinal column, so that mess up the system workings of the brain, whereas the brain has a important function to regulate sense of sleepiness, speak, emotion, the body's circulatory system, even set respiration.

as quoted from various sources

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