Yoursay Who S Telling The Truth In Guan Eng S Sabah Entry Caper

YOURSAY | ‘The thing is, they couldn't stop Lim from entering Sabah - that power is not theirs but Sabah CM's.’Guan Eng allowed into Sabah after delay at airportGuan Eng: I checked with Shafie, MACC is lying about blocking my Sabah entryVijay47: Oh dear, MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki, things have taken a turn for the really bad – former finance minister Lim Guan Eng has publicly said that you were lying when you denied having issued any order to block him from entering Sabah
You have kindly explained that perhaps Sabah Immigration and of course not MACC, made a mistake. I am not sure what the mistake was - what the withholding of Lim’s passport by the courts has to do with his entering Sabah with his identity card as the rest of 33,912,775 Malaysians can
This is neither here nor there, but I have entered Sabah - and Sarawak if you must know - dozens of times using just my IC and lived to tell the tale. Any order to prohibit someone from entering either of the East Malaysian states must emanate from the relevant state, not Putrajaya. So how
Most Malaysians would tend to believe Lim’s accusation that there is a concerted effort to nail him on one charge or the other; the Penang Tunnel allegations, despite ocular Morse Code communication, seems to be a damp squib, just like your seemingly fading enthusiasm for the 101 negotiated tenders
For your next act, would you be trying to prevent Penang residents from entering Perak
Bobby0: Is this anything the public does not know yet? All the agencies of the government are apparently compromised. When the politicians tell them to jump, they will say how high. It has been going on for umpteen years
That is why VIPs and those well-connected are given special treatment over others. A VIP that broke the movement control order (MCO), a VIP that uttered seditious statements, a VIP with 40 over charges is set free, a you-know-who have laundered hundreds of millions of ringgit was let off the hook by accepting partial payment, RM250 million of the bank's monies laundered to buy personal property, the list goes on and on
Those in government positions should also be hauled up for working hand in hand with the guilty. They have used public facilities to protect the guilty. They have wasted public funds and time to do the bidding of the VIPs
Yet they take oaths before God to do what is right, but in the end, they end up doing the bidding of the devil. The devil is the one that advertises his slogan - cepat kaya, cepat naik pangkat (get rich fast, get promoted fast) and get all the other luxuries in the shortest time. All you have to do is to follow his instructions
As they say, all the advice will fall on deaf ears. One day, the nation will pay for the sins of this generation. The children and grandchildren will have to pay the price of whatever mistakes we make now
Falcon: With everything in shambles, thanks to Covid-19, they have the audacity to say, despite calling the minorities 'pendatangs’, ridiculing their race, religion, holy books and schools, the selective prosecution of movement control order (MCO) alleged offenders, and the list goes on, “the fruits of our efforts to revive the economy will be equally shared among the people regardless of race, religion and social status”
Gosh! Who will believe this
It’s just unbelievable what political desperados will say or do despite their elegant silence when injustice and disparities raise their ugly heads
After pain, sacrifice and sweat pre- and post-independence, the treatment dished out was shocking and vulgar. I'm sure I am not alone in thoughts on this. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves at how far and low we have gone
RedWolf1406: Lim, please don’t lie. You should give the names of the senior immigration officers who told you to return to the Sabah airport to verify the names of the MACC officers who gave such instructions
The Wakandan: @RedWolf1406, it is not possible that Lim lied. Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) is not a very big airport, and immigration officers on duty can always be checked to know who they were
The fact is, Lim was asked to go back to the airport to be presumably denied entry. They could not deny him by using the old list since that was already cancelled by Chief Minister Shafie Apdal. Most of the opposition big names were banned by the former BN government and that similarly happened in Sarawak too
The senior immigration officer could only use another excuse to deny him - and that was, the order came from the MACC
Essentially, it is now between the MACC and the senior immigration officer concerned. Lim does not need to prove anything. The public can complaint and the authority should look into it. That's how it works
The thing is, they couldn't stop Lim from entering Sabah - that power is not theirs but Sabah CM's. People of Sabah should take note of the abuse of power perpetrated by Perikatan Nasional (PN). Punish them accordingly in the upcoming state election on Sept 26
Malaysia Bharu: So, who is telling the truth? The senior immigration officer who tried to block Lim from leaving the airport and held him up for an hour telling him that the MACC had "set up barriers" to restrain Lim from entering Sabah or MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki
Lim must get to the bottom of this as surely Shafie ought to know who these henchmen are lurking in the shadows. Are backdoor apple polishers doing the bidding of the corrupt and convicted
If it is true that the MACC chief had used the Sabah Immigration personnel to intimidate Lim from entering Sabah, that would amount to usurping the powers vested in the chief minister
That, in turn, would clearly be an abuse of position and an act amounting to venting personal vengeance against one considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is also untenable as political elites convicted or charged with corruption have freely entered Sabah in recent times
This would be a clear case of double standards and selective victimisation and it is right and proper that Lim gets to the bottom of this alleged abuse of power by whoever the puppets behind this despicable underhand deed. - Mkini

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