Yoursay Public Health Trumps Getting Credit For Health Bill


YOURSAY | ‘Someone has to spin that this idea was the brainchild of The Gaffer.’
KJ accuses two ministers and ‘the gaffer’ of blocking GEG bill
JazliSalleh: On this matter, we should, as a civilised society, back the original bill as proposed by former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin.
I remember that time when the bill was first proposed by him, many parents felt assured that something concrete was being done to arrest the smoking menace and secure the health of their children who are the future generation.
If we care for the ‘rakyat’ and society, any clear-thinking MP should support the bill in its original form as proposed by Khairy.
For this, we give him the thumbs up. Sorry to say Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Azalina Othman Said, you have disappointed us again.
Do something now before we throw you into the same camp as Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek.
Proarte: The government has made it very clear by its actions that all it is interested in is power at all costs. It will use any trick in the book to secure votes no matter how unethical, anti-reformasi, or distasteful it is.
The solidarity with Palestine and Hamas rallies, the cosplay weapons during the solidarity week in schools, the linking of constituency allocation with political support resulting in four MPs being induced to cross over thus betraying their constituents, and now the blocking of the anti-smoking bill with the ‘gaffer’ taking centre stage.
The government blocked the bill partly out of pride because Khairy was the driving force behind it before he was sacked from Umno. But the main reason was fear of backlash from the electorate who would be affected by the bill come the next election when they would have turned 18.
From a health point of view, it makes sense for as many people to stop smoking as possible. However, the bill should be blocked because it is discriminatory and goes against the Constitution which guarantees equality before the law.
It would also be a gateway legislation for banning other ‘harmful’ and ‘unclean’ products such as alcohol and pork and this would lead to a lot of social strife, disaffection, illegal sales, and corruption.
MS: I’m with Khairy on this one. Leadership includes doing what is right for those too shortsighted to think of their future.
The gaffer arm-twisting the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to introduce a third, ATM-like, flexible account just to appease those leaning towards Perikatan Nasional is no different from scuttling the generational end-game (GEG) component from the Control of Smoking Products for Public Health Bill 2023 which many Malaysians saw as a landmark legislation that received broad support.
Azalina conveniently hiding behind Attorney-General (AG) Ahmad Terrirudin Mohd Salleh is exactly what her gaffer did after 47 criminal charges were suddenly withdrawn... well after a prima facie case had been made. Like it or not, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was right about this fellow.
YellowCat1156: Want it passed? Someone somewhere has to spin that this idea was the brainchild of the gaffer.
Let’s say this was initiated by said gaffer, and it will be the saviour of Malaysia’s physical health in the coming years.
Let’s also say that history will remember the person who thought of it. Do this, and it will be passed unanimously in the next parliamentary sitting.
Mike 1979: This is something like China’s one-child policy that was implemented about 40 years ago, and they are now feeling its effects with the decline of population growth in that country.
So, by any intuitive logic, our country’s health will eventually improve with the decline of health-related diseases stemming from the banning of products that affect the lungs and other organs of young people, who will be the beneficiaries of the GEG.
Steven Ong: Not only is smoking wrong but it is considered to be bad behaviour.
There is so much more that needs to be corrected now for us to have healthy and happy Malaysians.
This includes stopping the indiscriminate throwing of rubbish, eating junk food, hatred and anger towards assumed enemies, racism, and bigotry.
GoldenBird0693: Frankly speaking, education should start from home.
The fact that you need a policy and act to stop children from smoking reflects poorly on what they learn at home.
So, after poor home education and literacy on the negative effects of smoking, the failure is pointed at the government and health minister rather than individual irresponsible adults.
Malaysian.1548: So? Who are you, Khairy, to tell people of a certain age they cannot smoke or vape?
You are a privileged, arrogant brat thinking he knows best and trying to force everyone else to comply.
This is like when you threatened anyone who dared question the vaccine narrative during your time as health minister.
Show some humility, Khairy. Despite your privileged upbringing and cables to the former administration, you are a nobody and a hopeless leader who led Umno Youth to its crushing defeat in 2018.
Malaya: @Malaysian.1548, why must we have two sets of laws for a single issue?
Azalina is right to protect the Constitution. If everyone can simply propose a law change which is against the Constitution but to suit their fancy ideas then we are set to fail.
Either you ban tobacco or allow its usage with constant health advice.
Tomorrow, you could come up with another law to forbid marriage after age 65.
Well, That’s Fantastic: Education is the answer. Prohibition will only make tobacco and tobacco products more dangerous and criminals wealthier.
Joker: If the AG is concerned about the Constitution’s guarantee of equality before the law, he should take a look at the multitudes of ‘laws’ and practices in Malaysia that are unequal. - Mkini

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