Yoursay Anwar Needs To End The Pkr Conflict Swiftly

YOURSAY | ‘PKR must not let down the voters who voted for change.’Must attend meetings! Anwar's stern reminder to AzminThe Third Man: If PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and his group still think they have the clout, then do the honourable thing and attend the party meetings

True leaders must have integrity. By not attending meetings and making lame excuses, Azmin’s credibility sounds hollow
Why is he so afraid to show up for PKR meetings? Perhaps it is the fear of losing all the privileges and the benefits Azmin and his group enjoy now
On the other hand, if they want to act like heroes by disobeying the party, then it is better that they resign from PKR instead of disrupting the party
Azmin and his group’s next move will be interesting as it will determine their real intentions
Athena: It is pretty obvious that the solution for this entire PKR mess lies with party president Anwar Ibrahim. He must consolidate and take control of his party
Anwar needs to put his foot down and have the gumption to throw the rabble-rousers out of PKR
The longer he allows Azmin and his group to disobey the party, it will spread like cancer and cause a bigger split in PKR, which will spill over to the Pakatan Harapan government
After throwing Azmin and his group out, Anwar needs to ensure others like Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Bersatu party do not manipulate Azmin’s ouster to their advantage
Anwar then needs to convince the other Harapan parties, including the ones in Sabah and Sarawak, of his aspirations and gain their support
So Anwar, stop pretending there is nothing wrong within PKR and start acting now to nip the PKR cancer in the bud
My2Cen: Azmin and his group are just waiting to be sacked by PKR. The sacking will give them an excuse to join Bersatu
When Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin departs, this group will rise up the ranks, with Azmin having a good chance to take the party leadership
Legit: Azmin and PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin need to stop this childish behaviour of boycotting party meetings
They were elected to their positions by PKR party members and need to fulfil their responsibilities
It is time for them to stop this nonsense and silly games. They need to start serving the people better by working together in their party. The government has been in the pits lately and this PKR internal conflict is not helping matters
Honma: Indeed, Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin is getting big-headed. He has forgotten his priorities and is giving excuses that he is too busy with his ministerial work to attend party meetings
If Azmin is no longer interested in his party, he should just resign and become an independent MP or join opposition parties such as PAS or Umno
Future Is Bleak: Azmin and his faction’s act of boycotting the party meetings is called insubordination in the corporate world
The ultimate actions that can be taken by the party is to issue a show-cause letter, a warning or sack them outright
Failure to act by the management means the company is heading for disaster. It reflects badly on the leader (Anwar) if his party cannot take remedial action swiftly
If Azmin and his group are not disciplined, don't expect other members to respect the party leadership
Mushiro: A reconciliation meeting for a group that purposely did not attend the PKR meetings is unnecessary
Azmin and his team skipped not just one meeting but every meeting since last year. If this had happened in any workplace, the absent employees would have been sacked by now
Azmin and his group’s acts are not helping the party but instead, challenging the party and the president
Headhunter: The weak leadership Anwar is allowing the problem to go on. Indeed, when Azmin and his faction did not attend party meetings, they have clearly shown indiscipline
Anwar and the other PKR leaders should just tell Azmin and his supporters to toe the line or forget being selected as party candidates for future elections
If immediate punishment is required, just strip them of their current party positions
Kawak: It is dumb for PKR leaders to deny there are no factions in the party when it is clear for everyone to see
What is the reason for the infighting? Is it for selfish self-interest and to clamour for top positions in the government
The rakyat voted the PKR leaders into Parliament and the ruling government to serve the country, not themselves. The sooner they realise this, the better
LDM: Malaysians are tired of all the infighting and conflict within PKR. There are too many swollen heads around since PKR became part of the ruling government
The party should just sack all those who broke the party rules. Why waste so much time arguing about the “absent” issue which doesn’t benefit the people at all. Just sack them and move on to more important issues
Don’t Just Talk: The opposition parties must be watching from the sidelines and hoping that the internal leadership problems in PKR will result in the implosion of the Harapan government
Please do not let down the those who voted for change at the 14th General Election. What is happening within PKR now is a real cause for concern for the rakyat
Tidak Harapan: If PKR cannot resolve issues within its leadership, then it has no business governing the nation. - Mkini

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