Turtle Wax Helped Us With That Summer Shine

Longer days and warmer temperatures are always a welcome treat here in Michigan. We had a few nice ones after winter ended, but our hopes were dashed by a stretch of rain and cold temperatures. As we waited for the weather to clear, Turtle Wax sent us a bucket-load of their best products to put through the paces.
When I say bucket-load I mean that.
Green MachineTurtle Wax sent a bright green, five-gallon bucket to our office with their logo on it. It felt like Christmas morning as I opened up and rummaged through the contents. I always like having a clean vehicle – it makes driving all that much more fun, especially if someone pays you a compliment about your car. However, the first wash and detail after a long winter; or a bad rain storm is always difficult. It takes some work to get your vehicle back to looking pristine and proper.
Even though I know the end result is worth it, I don’t always look forward to the actual washing. Yet, Turtle Wax made it fun, and it all started with this green five-gallon bucket that looked massive on my tiny desk. Here is what Turtle Wax sent and what I used when the sun finally came out from behind the clouds. Everything on the list below is part of a comprehensive new product line from Turtle Wax.
Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Turtle Wax. All views and opinions expressed here are my own. Check out our advertising guidelines to see why we won’t steer you wrong.
Ice: Snow Foam Wash (Hybrid)Ice is new line from Turtle Wax with “interlocking synthetic polymers,” an aspect of chemical science I didn’t realize existed. Furthermore, I never thought advanced chemistry could smell like bubble gum, but Turtle Wax did. This liquid pink potion is just what the doctor ordered for a bad case of road grime, and like the pink cough syrup you may remember, it smells exactly like bubble gum.
Turtle Wax infuses special pH balanced cleaners here, which is where the “hybrid” designation comes from. The foam conditioners are blended with biodegradable detergents which help better protect your car. Proper pH balance is important for preserving the finish on your car and preventing the “spotting” that can occur from soaps of lower quality. Snow Foam Wash creates plenty of lubrication as you sweep a clean sponge across the surface of your car, making it ideal for removing stubborn dirt.
Use it in a bucket by hand, or in a spray washer; either one will work. And you don’t need much. If you work out of a bucket (funny enough, I had one all of a sudden) you just need one fluid ounce per gallon of water. With a 48 fluid-ounce bottle, it should last awhile.
After a round of Snow Foam Wash and an application of Seal N Shine, our 500X looked brand new again.
Ice: Seal N Shine (Hybrid)Another from the Turtle Wax Ice line, this was my favorite product in the bucket. Similar to the Snow Foam Wash, this spray-on liquid combines synthetics sealants with carnauba wax for a quick but noticeable shine. (Hence the “hybrid” designation again). Turtle Wax says they employ a “super hydrophobic formula” which helps repeal water, forcing it to bead versus spread. Only 24 hours after washing our 500X, another sudden downpour hit the Detroit metro. It was interesting to look at how water was accumulating on other cars in the parking lot versus ours which was beading.
It’s easy to apply when you are near the end of your washing. Spay a little bit and wipe it clear with a soft terrycloth towel. Emphasis on little – I didn’t use but a couple/three sprays per section and that was enough.
The Seal N Shine is good if you are crunched for time but still need your vehicle to look nice for an occasion. For example, meeting a client at the job site on a sunny afternoon; or talking that special somebody out for a night on the town. Run your vehicle through the wash and by the time you get home, it should be dry enough. Grab a bottle of this Seal N Shine, a soft towel, and go. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you’ve got the shine you need for a presentable vehicle.
The Turtle Wax products on this list really brought out the blue of our 500X.
Scratch: Repair & RenewThis is meant to remove minor scratches, swirl marks, and paint transfers. It’s a traditional Turtle Wax product that actually works in non-traditional places, I found. Earlier this year, I was cleaning out my storage unit and while unloading the back end of our 500X, I bumped the upper interior portion of the liftgate with a black container. As I pulled it out, it caught the inside portion of the lift gate and left a solid black, and clearly noticeable mark on the cream-colored panel.
I put a dab of this Repair & Renew on one of the soft towels Turtle Wax sent me and it worked. I have tried a few other cleaners and nothing removed it, so I thought this was a long shot. I was surprised but really happy. It took a little elbow grease but the mark came out.
The center touchscreen is a magnet for fingerprints. The Spray & Wipe products from Turtle Wax (listed below) will make short work of them, however.
Spray & Wipe (Assorted Varieties)Turtle Wax sent me four from their Spray & Wipe line: Interior Detailer, Protectant, Glass Cleaner, and Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Interior Detailer is a cleaner and deodorizer for most all interior surfaces; Protectant is similar but it minimizes interior fading; the ammonia-free Glass Cleaner gets rid of bugs or fingerprints on the windows; and the Leather Cleaner protects and deodorizes leather seats.
Each one has a different scent with the Interior Detailer being my favorite; the little logo just say “Simply Fresh” scent. Granted, it’s not as adventurous as the bubble gum foam wash, or the “Caribbean Crush” scent of the Glass Cleaner, but it’s my favorite nonetheless. It’s not overpowering nor is it unnoticeable. It’s a nice balance.
Everything in this assortment is straight forward except for one unique difference.
In the past, I have purchased interior or leather wipes, only to have them dry out in my garage because I only needed a few at a time. I end up tossing them at that point. This Spray & Wipe line from Turtle Wax differs in how the wipes are already dry. Instead of having moist wipes and risk having them dry out, Turtle Wax includes an 8 fluid-ounce spay under every bottle.
Twist the lower quarter of the main bottle to reveal a smaller one of spray. Pull the dry wipes from the top and you are ready to do. When finished, tuck the remaining cloths back in and snap the little spray bottle back. Simple and much more effective.
The Spray & Wipe line from Turtle Wax includes the Interior Detailer. Night and day difference between when we started and when we finished.
Odor-XIf you leave fast food wrappers in your car, or spill things frequently (like me), you need a bottle of this. You can spot treat or use the recirculation feature on your AC to treat your entire cabin.
An Inflatable TurtleI said the Seal N Shine was my favorite – I may have lied. It was the inflatable turtle. Because when a man is cleaning his car, he should have an inflatable turtle to keep him company.
Protecting Your InvestmentKeeping your car clean is an important part of regular maintenance; consider it as essential as oil changes and tire rotations. Americans are keeping their cars for longer, based on the latest research from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The department’s 2017 National Household Travel Survey finds the average vehicle age has increased from 9.3 years in 2009 to 10.5 years in 2017. Based on the data, vehicles in the average American household are being driving for longer; meaning they are increasingly subjected to more miles and, for those of us in places like Michigan, more harsh winters.
Consider washing your vehicle as often as possible. It’s a good strategy when it comes to keeping your car’s body and chassis in good shape as the miles pile up. When you do finally get something new, you will be glad you invested the elbow grease. Washing (or not washing) your vehicle can affect its resale value in the long run.
The new Turtle Wax products are effective and easy to use. We were happy with our summer shine and went for a drive immediately afterwards.
Easy To UseOne advantage with these Turtle Wax products is how they can be used anywhere. For example, at our office we don’t have direct access to a hose or spray gun, but filling up the bucket with some Snow Foam Wash is still easy. Those who live in an apartment complex, or farther away from a traditional car wash can still readily use any of these Turtle Wax products. In other words, you can live almost anywhere and still protect your car. As an added bonus it will look really nice for the miles ahead.
I would recommend any of the above products and, if you can find one, an inflatable turtle too.
Carl Anthony studies mechanical engineering at Wayne State University, serves on the Board of Directors for the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation, and is a loyal Detroit Lions fan. Before going back to school, he simultaneously held product development and experiential marketing roles in the automotive industry. 

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