Superjimat Edition How To Earn Cashback With Octaplus App

'SuperJimat' Edition: How to Earn Cashback with OctaPLUS App!
More than 100 Cashback Merchants on OctaPLUS!  
Woohoo readers! It's been such a long time since my last post *uhuks*
Nowadays people love shopping via online platforms (including me. hehe) anddd did you know there are several apps that you can used to gain your cashback while shopping online?

Pssttt I found 1 new app (I strongly believe it is freakin' awesome) - OctaPLUS.
Haven't installed it yet? : Install it here - OctaPLUS APP (new user)

Who doesn't love cashback? *blinky eyes*
I bet all of us loves promo and discounted items as we can save a lot. If you cannot make extra money (side income, etc), eventually you can save up your money. One of the alternatives is through cashback option.

What is OctaPLUS?OctaPLUS is a platform or an online marketplace which provides Rewards, WishTree, Reviews, Cashback and Deals to online buyers a.k.a shopaholics like myself (Shopee-holic to be exact).

Did you know more than 100 merchants are listed on OctaPLUS app? Wow! Popular merchants that involved in this platform are Shopee, Watsons, AirAsia, Lazada and more merchants (you can figure out more of 'em via OctaPLUS app okay!).

You can view OctaPLUS via website and mobile app (available on App Store and Google Play Store).

I preferred the app rather than the website as it is much easier to navigate.

Download OctaPLUS Mobile AppI would suggest you to install the mobile app (easier). Once you installed the app, you can choose to register via Facebook, Google or email account. I love the features of the app (kinda kawaii. hehe). Through this app, you have access to tremendous deals, promos, free vouchers and exclusives discounts up to 50%.

Apart from that, OctaPLUS also provides deals, coupons and shopping guides. Users can discover and explore the user community so that they can find and share shopping experience with those who have common interest.

Step-by-Step: SIGN UP for OctaPLUS1. Click SIGN UP now to create your account
2. Fill in all required details and click CONTINUE
3. Verify your email address
4. Login with Your Email
5. Identity Verification: Important! Especially when you want to get your referral reward
How the app looks like! Nice right? :D

Woot-to-the woot! Here comes the BEST PART OF ALL! *How to gain cashback? Eh!*

Easy-peasy peeps! Here's on what you need to do:

STEP #1: Download OctaPLUS AppSTEP #2: Go to OctaPlus Cashback PageSTEP #3: Choose Your Desired Merchant 

Please be noted of the cashbacks terms & conditions, tips, details, tracking period and redeemable time.
STEP #4: Activate Your Cashback!Click on "Activate Cashback" on website or "Continue to (desired merchant name)" on app and see step #5!
STEP #5: Tap to Start Your Online Shopping AdventureSTEP #6: Enjoy Your Shopping and Earn Cashback Once You Check Out (Successful)Eventually, you will receive an email once the shopping transaction is successful. It takes 2 to 7 days for your purchase to be tracked by the system. Cashback is redeemable in 120 days.

Here another tips for you, dear readers:

Please please and please remember to use ONLY PROMO CODES published on OctaPLUS in order to have a successful cashback.

Please bear in mind that different categories have different cashback percentages. Some are higher and some are lower. Please be noted on this too okay!

OctaPLUS Features#1 DealsUse the deals feature to get the best deals and compare prices! This is superb and make it easy for you to choose which one is the best for you.

To earn cashback, you need to click into the product page and click "Get Cashback" button or "Get this deal" on the app. Remember that you need to click this in order to gain cashback. Otherwise, your transaction is pointless (no cashback!)

#2 OctaSeedsI am definitely curious about how to gain OctaSEEDs. You can get more OctaSEEDs through referral method (referring a friend) and by finding the little blue Octopus in the Deals tab of the app.

Another tips of mine:

The referral bonus only be received once your friend has COMPLETED their IDENTITY VERIFICATION (Verify phone number and get the OTP code in order for the verification to be successful)

#3 Wish Tree
This feature is where you can get items you want at up to 50% discount (woohoooo!).
All you have to do is to fill up the required amount of OctaSEEDs

#4 ReviewsReviews is a place where you can see other users' reviews/opinions upon products and services. You can write your own reviews for sure!

Still not sure on how to use OctaPLUS?
Nahh no worries, check out this video on how to earn cashback via OctaPLUS:

What you what you waitin' for?Let's download and try this awesome OctaPLUS app via this link :

You can use my referral code and get 600 POINTS and RM3.00 (welcome reward) instantly! Referral code : CH9HHK5ZYou can also scan my referral code (QR code) using this image below if you do not want to key-in the code manuallyHappy shopping dear shopaholics! ❤

Artikel ini hanyalah simpanan cache dari url asal penulis yang berkebarangkalian sudah terlalu lama atau sudah dibuang :

Kempen Promosi dan Iklan
Kami memerlukan jasa baik anda untuk menyokong kempen pengiklanan dalam website kami. Serba sedikit anda telah membantu kami untuk mengekalkan servis percuma aggregating ini kepada semua.

Anda juga boleh memberikan sumbangan anda kepada kami dengan menghubungi kami di sini
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