Productivity Booster Huawei Matepad Pro 11 Is Available Nationwide On 27 August 2022

The latest flagship tablet designed for maximum productivity and entertainment - perfect for work, school and entertainment

Starting from 27 Aug 2022, HUAWEI's lightest and thinnest 11-inch tablet - HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11, is officially available nationwide in Malaysia. Debuted with HarmonyOS 3, the brand-new HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 meets an array of consumer needs, from home and business users to hybrid workers and students.

Priced at RM2,999 (8+128GB) and RM3,699 (8+256GB), the MatePad Pro 11 will be available at all HUAWEI Experience stores and the HUAWEI Official Website. Consumers will get a free Smart Magnetic Keyboard with every purchase of the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11.

PC-Level Productivity with Upgraded M-Pencil + Smart Magnetic Keyboard
Here are the highlighted features of HUAWEI's latest flagship in the market, if you don't already know – it comes with a Smart Magnetic Keyboard and upgraded HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation)[1]. With a detachable magnetic keyboard for unmatched versatility, you can sit, stand, or recline to work in the most comfortable and convenient way. Imagine chasing deadlines for assignments or presentations when you are always on the go or even on days when you are required to work from home, its detachable design is favourable enough to meet all circumstances. It also inherited the advantages of its predecessor, which supports magnetic pairing, wireless charging and more than 40 shortcut key combinations. With the detachable design, it can now meet the requirements of users in various scenarios.

Comfortably coated with silicone polymer resin in a skin-soothing texture and a wear-resistance material, the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation) feels and grips magnificently on the hand. It can detect even the smallest change in force and create varying-thickness lines resulting from 4096-level pressure sensing[2]. With the upgraded Take Snippet feature, users can continue screen capping pages of websites or apps even after turning to the next page. This is handy, especially if you are a student and need to take down important notes when reading lecture slides, taking an online class or even when reading research papers.

Whether a student or an office professional, learning and working nowadays transcend the traditional classroom and workplace. To meet the increasing needs and achieve the ability to work or learn effectively anytime, anywhere, the MatePad Pro 11 is a perfect choice for all as it delivers PC-level productivity and a smart office experience with powerful capabilities.

Creating an Immersive Experience with HUAWEI SOUND®
As part of its commitment to satisfying users' entertainment needs, HUAWEI has made a solid effort to maintain its audio quality by introducing HUAWEI SOUND® in its MatePad Pro 11 for the first time. End-to-end sound quality technologies from sound pickup to playback, innovative acoustics and device design, computational audio, and scientific tuning implemented; HUAWEI SOUND® brings an immersive audio experience to users. Listening to your favourite playlist music or binge-watching movies with your family can be much more enjoyable when you do not have to adjust the volume constantly to avoid interruptions.

For more authentic sound reproduction, HUAWEI used 6 speakers with high and low frequency division designs in the MatePad Pro 11. The array of speakers consists of 4 woofers and 2 tweezers high-fidelity sound quality, wider playback bandwidth and richer sound details. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 now combines delicate treble and robust bass, making it an ideal device for music enthusiasts.

With the new and upgraded AI noise cancellation[3] feature and optimised algorithms that tap into the Deep Neural Network, users can expect a calling experience with slim to no noise disturbances. This model distinguishes over 200 noises from vocal and non-vocal audio signals. The optimised neural network algorithm can reduce the residual noise after noise reduction while lowering the impact of noises on vocals.

Powered by HarmonyOS 3 +Super Device
The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 comes fully equipped with a new layout with groupable, stackable widgets[4]. This new layout allows users to stack or group widgets according to their preferences, allowing easier access and more customisation options. You no longer have to spend time looking for your favourite apps as it can be automatically classified by icon colour and app type, creating a home screen apt just for you with effortless clicking!

The HarmonyOS operating system provides a unified interface for interconnecting and interacting with smart devices. You can now easily connect a smartphone, PC, HUAWEI display, speaker, watch and support more scenarios and provide greater operation consistency to meet users' needs with just one drag.

[1] HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard and HUAWEI M-Pencil may need to be purchased separately.
[2] Pressure sensitivity and writing with the side edge are only supported in specific apps. Actual effects may vary depending on the app and handwriting form.
[3] This feature supports all-scenario call noise reduction and filters various interference noises, such as keyboard tapping, footsteps, and opening and closing doors.
[4] Only supported by certain apps and certain widgets. Actual experience may vary.

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