Harapan Needs To Redouble Efforts Instead Of Downplaying Umno Pas Alliance

Pakatan Harapan and the PAS-Umno alliance may have put their own spin on the realignment of national politics in the country but PSM believes the inking of a political charter between the country's two largest Malays parties should not be dismissed
PSM deputy chairperson S Arutchelvan said while the notion of Muslim unity may appeal to certain segments, Harapan needs to ensure it does not push the electorate to the new alliance due to its own failings
He said while Harapan has fulfilled some of its promises, it has also unnecessarily gotten bogged down by unpopular issues such as trying to push through international treaties, trying to introduce Jawi lessons and the third national car, to name a few
"In Harapan's manifesto, there were no such demands by the people yet they pushed for them and paid the consequences

"Meanwhile, important issues such as the abolition of toll, the opposition towards Lynas and the (postponement) of PTPTN loans, which were key issues promised by Harapan have seen U-turns," Arutchelvan said in a statement
He added that the few good things that Harapan has pushed through, meanwhile, has been overshadowed
"Harapan has indeed carried out the main gist of its manifesto promises such as managing the rising cost of living, reducing the prime minister's powers, combating corruption, ending industry monopolies such as Bernas and Astro
"Even though Harapan has brought some benefit to the people, such as the MySalam insurance scheme and the construction of affordable housing, but the effectiveness of these efforts is not clear and is overshadowed by racial and religious issues which have become the main agenda," Arutchelvan said
He pointed out that there are also other simmering issues, such as the possible end of the pension scheme, the low-profile scaling back of welfare benefits and struggling farmers and fishermen
"The increase of support for Umno and PAS is due to the people struggling to make ends meet
"This is felt by all races but is being misdirected into a narrow racial agenda
"Harapan must overcome this by finding an economic solution based on the principle of helping all those who are in need of aid," he said
Arutchelvan commended Harapan Youth's statement that the Umno-PAS union should not distract the coalition
"Harapan should respect their political opponents and not assume the people are stupid
"The Umno-PAS cooperation has entered a new phase and should not be ignored or belittled. Harapan has no choice but to work harder to win people over," he said
Yesterday, Umno and PAS inked a charter to formalise their political cooperation in Kuala Lumpur, witnessed by thousands of supporters from both parties
On the same day, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad chaired a special cabinet meeting on closing the income disparity in the country as part of its "shared prosperity" vision, which implementation has not been as fast as hoped.  - Mkini

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