Despite Zaiton S Paranoia Insider Dare Confirmed Najib S Th Revelation As True

Zakhir Mohamed in a selfie with Hizamuddin Jamalluddin of TH
The day Lembaga Tabung Haji had to admit a revelation Dato Najib made of the institution still on a sell down mode instead of making fresh new investment, Hizamuddin Jamalluddin, a blue eye boy of Dato Zaiton Hassan was seen doing a selfie with blogger Zakhir Mohamed on his FB.

Hizamuddin became a blue eye willing to "fix" his colleagues with false report, in which it actually save him instead, and was tipped as a possible CEO candidate from inside.

He questioned why a character by the name of Mao "bantai" him. It is quite a typical denial or in-denial reaction of guilt.

If not, why would he expect the Mao character has ulterior motivation? Does it occur to him, ethics, morality and comradeship remain as relevant as ever?

He could read back what this blog wrote of happenings behind the scene involving him in TH here.

If there is any ulterior motive, it could be a front put up to cover-up what these two former classmates at MRSM Muar are cooking up together.

The last this blog wish to do is to guess what two burly men would conspire together.

It will not be surprising that this picture could put Hizamuddin in hot soup with Zakhir not considered as a trustable entity to the current paranoid management of TH.

They are on such a paranoia mode that Zaiton seemed adamant that every single senior managers from past management be moved out from their position and stored in some executive "refrigerator".

She tried to fix some six of them with police and MACC reports but one police source said they found nothing. Her expected next move is to blame them for some lost and sue them till they become bankrupt in a civil lawsuit. Something heartlessly done before at Bank Islam.

As one ex-senior management person described, the paranoia has reached to the extent that Zaiton sidelined even the non-"partisan" executives and brought new team from outside.

She issued directive of new rules and procedures to curb leakages of information.

It will not be a surprise that she had a new team of IT personnel to trace the conversation on personal handphones, in and out of  e-mails, and movement of documents from office laptop to any pen drive, especially personal ones.

Any suspicious ones or even on non-existent ones by someone she suspect or hate could be issued a legal letter from her favourite lawyer Skrine & Co.

She and Datin Norhiyati must be thinking it could stop the leak. The better way is to stop being obviously devious. Assure Zaiton and Yati are better off doing their work honestly and sincerely with integrity without any ulterior motive to hide or fix people up.

When she does something wrong, it will come out somewhere. Easy for the likes of us to get hold off. We could dig it up through our extensive network but usually info voluntarily would come to us.

To stress the point that it is a futile effort, an insider from a high position came to us and confirmed Najib's latest FB upload dated October 16th on Tabung Haji as true and all details as right to the point.

Reproduced below:

Kerajaan PH terpaksa mendedahkan prestasi Tabung Haji untuk 6 bulan pertama tahun 2019 dalam parlimen pagi ini.

Dalam 6 bulan pertama 2019:
- TH) jual saham dan harta berjumlah RM1.2 bilion
- pendapatan RM1.32 bilion (6 bulan)
- kenuntungan bersih RM815 juta (6 bulan)
- Jumlah nilai aset TH pada 30 Jun 2019 adalah RM74 bilion.

Semasa mengumumkan Hibah 1.25 peratus paling rendah dalam sejarah, prestasi TH untuk keseluruhan tahun 2018 adalah:
- pendapatan RM4.2 bilion (12 bulan)
- keuntungan RM2 bilion (12 bulan)
- jumlah nilai aset TH pada 31 Disember 2018 adalah RM76.5 bilion.

Jika dibandingkan prestasi 6 bulan pertama tahun 2019 berbanding prestasi tahun 2018:

- Pendapatan jatuh,
- keuntungan jatuh,
- jumlah nilai aset jatuh.

Adakah Hibah tahun 2019 akan lebih rendah berbanding kadar 1.25 peratus tahun lepas?

Dan jika Hibah tahun 2019 tetap rendah, adakah PH akan cuba menyalahkan BN sekali lagi? had to make a statement to confirm Najib's earlier posting on October 14th, reproduced below:

Tahukah siapa yang bertanggung jawab atas kejatuhan nilai Tabung Haji sehingga kerajaan PH kata mereka perlu gunakan RM17.8 bilion untuk bail-out?

Saya kongsikan semula.

Sebenarnya, propaganda PH pada suku ke-4 tahun lepas untuk menyerang BN telah memakan diri dan akhirnya membawa kemusnahan kepada TH.

(Ini seperti langkah Guan Eng umumkan hutang Malaysia tiba-tiba jadi RM1 trilion yang menyebabkan banyak pelabur lari pada masa itu.)

Pada bulan Disember 2018, kita dikejutkan dengan kebocoran melalui media asing oleh pihak dalaman PH bahawa TH dalam bahaya.

Menteri Jaga Agama pun menjadi "hero" masa itu untuk memburuk-burukkan situasi Tabung Haji - seolah-olah BN telah jahanamkan TH sehingga TH perlu jual saham mereka untuk elak bankrap.

Pada 11 Disember 2018, saya telah menyoal langkah PH ini dan memberi amaran bahawa ini adalah langkah yang akan membahayakan TH.

Saya terbukti betul kerana pada 14 Disember 2018, media bisness melaporkan bahawa para pelabur telah mula menyebarkan satu senarai dengan saham-saham yang dimilik oleh TH supaya mereka senang untuk menjual secara lambak.

14 Dec 2018: Investors exit stocks linked to beleaguered Tabung Haji

Pelabur-pelabur takut bahawa TH akan jual saham-saham dalam senarai itu.

"“Investors will be very cautious. There are lists going down. We ourselves circulated a list of counters that are substantially owned by TH. People want to sell before TH sells"

Oleh itu, semua pelabur pun jual saham-saham tersebut dan menyebabkan harga saham dan nilai aset TH terus jatuh sebelum TH ada peluang untuk jual.

Sampai masa TH jual, nilai saham yang dimilik mereka sudah jatuh teruk kerana semua pelabur-pelabur lain sudah jual sebelum TH jual.

Akibatnya, TH mengalami kejatuhan nilai paling teruk untuk bulan Disember 2018 sehingga defisit TH melonjak menjadi RM10.9 bilion pada akhir tahun 2018 dan terus turun lagi pada suku pertama tahun 2019 dalam keadaan pasaran saham kita yang menjadi paling corot dalam dunia.

Oleh itu, defisit RM4.1 bilion pada akhir tahun 2017 yang mula-mula PH tuduh kita terlebih bayar dividen menjadi defisit yang memerlukan kerajaan PH memerlukan RM17.8 bilion wang Rakyat untuk bail-out.

Bukan itu sahaja, pencarum TH juga menarik diri akibat propaganda PH apabila jumlah nilai caruman jatuh RM500 juta dari RM76 bilion kepada RM75.5 bilion pada suku ke-4 TH.

Ini memaksa TH untuk menjual lagi saham untuk menebus caruman yang ditarik keluar walaupun dalam pasaran saham paling corot dalam dunia dan nilai saham yang dimilik TH sudah menjunam.

Berpuluh tahun BN jaga TH dan membayar Hibah tinggi, tak pernah berlaku situasi seperti ini sehingga memerlukan bailout puluhan bilion.

Sekali lagi, ini membuktikan bahawa kerajaan PH suka membuat benda yang akhirnya menyusahkan Rakyat.

Tetapi PH akan salahkan BN juga untuk bail-out RM17.8 bilion ini walaupun ianya jelas adalah angkara dan propaganda tidak cerdik mereka.

Dan itulah sebab PH tidak akan berani buat RCI untuk Tabung Haji walaupun tuduh BN curi berpuluh bilion dari TH kerana mereka takut akan dikantoikan menipu lagi seperti dalam kes "BN rompak RM19.4 bilion wang GST".

PH tidak mahu Rakyat tahu bahawa TH musnah kerana mainan propaganda menipu mereka.-------------

So what is the point in hiding?

More so, is Zaiton not obsessed with being transparent and accountable that she insisted the accounts of TH be current and all items reflected as it is?

In her words in the Forum on Hijrah TV, "mesti dizahirkan", the English term for reflected in the accounts.

By right, she should direct Yati to issue a statement before it was leaked by Dato Najib because it was a substantive and significant movement in the accounts.

Not bothered to playback all the denials, reassurances and clarification statements crafted by Yati and issue by Zaiton. It is all proven a lie and worthy of the dumpster. There is no credibility left for the management of TH to defend.

More so, Zaiton has no integrity as she has not responded to allegations she was involved in sukuk bond issue for her ex-Maybank collegue's failing Oil and Gas company and it cause losses to TH, Bank Islam and few other Banks she is closely associated to.

She can keep sucking up to Lim Guan Eng's "anu" and anus, a vocation she acquired and refined from her days sucking up to former BNM Governor, Tan Sri Ahmad Don at Maybank.

However, the Board of Directors are wondering of the Offshore Work sukuk and those in PMO are aware. This blog is under their surveilance. The accident and injury that caused her to be on wheelchair is only a signal from Allah.

And, by the way, if Zaiton and Yati are so paranoid of leakage, the new and her choice of CEO for TH, Dato Nik Hasyudeen is a former student of MRSM Kota Baru. He is close friend of Zakhir in ANSARA, and worked together closely on various social projects.

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