Dawn Of A New Era

MANY questions about 'Penyatuan Ummah' between UMNO and PAS. Some with interest while others found it hard to comprehend.

The media? Of course UMNO has a few 'friendly' ones in Utusan Malaysia and perhaps an English daily owned by MCA. Since the party lost GE14 last year, media practitioners were fast to turn their backs on the once-ruling force but UMNO took it as a trend in many countries.

The public and media have some deep questions about Penyatuan Ummah and the Charter to be inked by both parties on Saturday, September 14. My immediate response is that, bringing the Malays together should come first before they start formulating agendas in politics and other matters.

UMNO President Zahid Hamidi, in his roadshow that covered some states in Malaysia, has said that the Malays are well-separated now. Since PAS splinter group formed Amanah - allegedly financed by the DAP - the Malay agenda seems to be sidelined and attended to for granted by the government.

Even during his tenure as the fourth prime minster, Dr Mahathir has failed to add the zest needed to uplift the Malays' dominance in economy. Except for politics, the Malays are finding themselves being sucked into difficulties under the 'DAP-controlled' Putrajaya.

PAS President Hadi Awang too has warned about the possibility of calamity should the Malays are deprived of their rights and their status in their own homeland is being provoked. Silly and profanity postings on the Internet by unscrupulous lots against the Malays and Islam went uncontrolled. No stringent actions were taken by the government to put it to a halt.

Some PH Cabinet ministers even took to the arena by adding more negative comments, and this has sparked off a Malay fury. So, who should take the blame? Since PH came to power in May 2018, such an agitation is increasing to a degree that it is not stoppable by anyone. Its a free-for-all situation.

With much laws and regulations being applied only to the Opposition and those against the government, the people see no place to seek solace, not a bit of mercy from the authorities namely the police and the MACC.

Our judiciary is junk. Just imagine the level of trust among the public after so many cases involving the 'government people' are being swept under the carpet. If not produce in court, they simply will gain political protection from quarters in PH itself.

So, the Malays finally came to senses that a unified force is vital. Like it or not, the calls too were made for Bersatu, PKR and any Malay organisations to join. And what's wrong with that? Having a single unity party for the Malays and Muslims will augur well for stability and progress of the nation.

After 41-year of askance, UMNO and PAS are now bonded in a collaboration that raises the hair of DAP, Amanah and others. Anyhow, the Penyatuan Ummah is not to stage a strong political comeback for UMNO or PAS. It was done in tandem with the quest of Islam, without even leaving the non-Muslims behind.

Non-Malays and non-Muslims can enjoy a more pragmatic political platform under the moderate govern of Islam. A good example is Kelantan. Perhaps Kedah and Terengganu too some years ago. In Kelantan, the non-Muslims found comfort under PAS and no complaint about any oppression ever carried out by the state government.

The march will be miles to go for Penyatuan Ummah. It needs support from Malaysians to dignify the country again from this 'cult government'. It is also the moment for Malaysians to think about the future, their children and the next generations.

Call it a 'dawn of a new era' but UMNO and PAS are committed to free the people from lies, slanders and wrongdoings of Pakatan. Under Barisan Nasional, there were some too but the Opposition then managed to make little things to BIG lies.

Come Sept 14, and come Malaysians to the PWTC!

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