Zakir Naik And Why Don T The Chinese Just Self Deport

Back during the BN era, Zakir Naik had not felt emboldened say what he very recently did. In fact, Zakir never received this highest level of establishment support during the Najib administration either
Since race traitors DAP have clearly sold out Chinese interests for crumbs from Mahathir’s table, what are the Dapsters now to do
BELOW: Suqiu Ori political climate in 1999 and two decades later, Suqiu 2.0 in 2018-9Previously Mama Dapster had pleaded, “Don’t change your country, change yourgovernment!”Today the government has been successfully regime changed. And DAP has become an obedient lapdog that sits and rolls over on command
BELOW: Some Malaysian religious authorities, including Perlis’, welcome the refusal by Mahathir to deport Zakir NaikMalaysian Hope No [email protected] mufti welcomes Malaysia’s refusal to deport Zakir Naik …Perlis mufti welcomes Malaysia's refusal to deport Zakir NaikMohd Asri Zainul Abidin also accuses those who call for Naik's deportation as being more loyal to India than Malaysia
freemalaysiatoday.com5:52 PM - Jun 11, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Malaysian Hope No 1.'s other Tweets“Accusations had also been made as to why the Zakir Naik issue was left to the two ‘Indian Ministers’, Gobind Singh and M. Kulasegaran [to raise in cabinet]”, Kit Siang today admitted
The latest cabinet meeting was yesterday as the ministers meet weekly every Wednesday
Kit Siang: Zakir Naik issue not solely left to DAP's ‘Indian ministers’ to raise— (@malaysiakini) August 15, 2019By way of explanation, Kit Siang noted, ”the Malaysiakini report on Zakir’s unsolicited attack on the Chinese Malaysians came out only after the cabinet meeting”
[Well, if only the Malaysiakini report had come out  B-E-F-O-R-E  the cabinet meeting, then perhaps DAP’s Chinese ministers might have bleated a tiny protest.]Kit Siang further said DAP ministers and deputy ministers “are in office to serve the people” — also see news report linked above. DAP is not in office happily eating dedak, oh no, never
DAP deputy minister Hannah Yeoh assiduously serving New Malaysia“DAP ministers and deputy ministers are in office not because of the perks and privileges but because it provides them with an opportunity to achieve the national goal of a New Malaysia.” — Lim Kit Siang on 15 Aug 2019DAP has long left the Zakir Naik battle to be fought by its Indian deputies. Lately the most anti-Zakir DAP leaders too have been coopted to eventually fall in with their party’s ambition of achieving the national goal of a New Malaysia
Even DAP’s Ramasamy – the Penang DCM II who for the last 11-½ years has failed to be promoted to DCM I (job vacancy reserved for Malay politician) – has had to toe the party line and make nice
BELOW: Vocal Zakir critic Ramasamy and vocal Zakir cheerleader Perlis Mufti Asri hold hands in a ceasefire brokered by Religious Affairs Minister middleman Mujahid, himself another admirer who derived “inspiration” from ZakirZakir (centre) in the midst of providing inspiration to Mujahid cuddling at his right elbow95% Chinese elected Harapan whose chairman is Mahathir Then there is Marina Mahathir, the media darling most beloved of Chinese Bangsar Malaysians, right on cue with her trademark virtue signaling against Zakir Naik
This time, however, some netizens have grown tired of Marina’s usual virtuous posturing and they rightly told her to speak first to Daddy (see Malaysiakini tweet below)✔@malaysiakiniMarina takes aim at Zakir, netizens ask her to tell that to her dad 10510:20 AM - Aug 15, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy46 people are talking about thisSin Chew in an op-ed yesterday decried how “Mahathir said Dong Zong was a racist organization … [and yet] … Mahathir has never said Zakir is a racist”
In the same editorial, the Chinese daily’s Tay Tian Yan wrote, “After becoming the seventh prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir has never once talked with Dong Zong, and has indeed not said a good thing about it”. The Chinese veteran newsman added, on the other hand “Mahathir met up with Zakir soon after taking his office, and agreed to grant the preacher permanent residence status”
Mouthing a lot of self-righteousness that’s full of sound and fury but signifying nothing is the stock-in-trade of the Bangsa Malaysians. Sadly this appears to be the case too with influential Chinese media in the face of Zakir signaling the popular trope of pendatang Cina balik✔@malaysiakiniYoursay: DAP digs own grave by appeasing Mahathir 268:32 AM - Aug 14, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy18 people are talking about thisLelong Chinese rights: DAP betraying base on the cheapAfter 15 months already of the DAP-driven ‘Malaysia Baru’ false hope, let’s now take stock. In Dunia Harapan, DAP running dogs are only good to grovel and to fetch for their Tuans
How is it that a non-citizen Zakir feels able and entitled to roar at the “tetamu Cina” who tumpang here, asking them to leave the country
Zakir can after all only attain his current prominence with the solid backing of powerful VVIPs
The emperor’s bidding is the DAP eunuchs’ pleasure to serve. -helenang

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Zakir Naik Must Not Attack The Chinese And Indians Says Pkr

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Zakir Naik S Pendatang Slurs His Tone May Not Be Inflaming But The Substance Of His Words

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Soon after Pakatan Harapan won the 14th general election I wrote that the three issues that will continue to plague Malaysia will be religion race and the economy The video images of Dr Zakir Naik standing tall on the back on a Land Rover e...
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Why Zakir Naik Must Be Deported

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Zakir Naik Is Just Another Superman Hew

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Outrage In Malaysia As Zakir Naik Suggests Chinese Expulsion

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Fallacy Of The Muslims Argument In Defending Zakir Naik

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