Yoursay Time To Remind Voters What Dap Stands For


YOURSAY | ’No one could care less about Syed Saddiq right now.‘
Yeoh: Hurtful to hear Syed Saddiq’s words against us
BrownCheetah9736: As seen from his latest love affair with Perikatan Nasional, there is no doubt that Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is a Trojan horse.
At best, he is just another political survivor. He is no true friend of anyone but himself.
Besides, he still has to convince us why he was hoarding unexplained cash in his home.
Secondly, DAP’s performance in this government has been truly disappointing. It has conveniently found shelter under the guise of “multiculturalism” to avoid speaking up.
Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul RahmanIt is shameful that Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Tiong King Sing was left defending the bak kut teh issue on his own, albeit on an issue he started himself.
And then Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming started a senseless and meaningless issue on the Unesco listing of new villages, which was a poorly thought-out plan.
It would have been more meaningful if he gave the new village landowners proper and permanent land titles.
As for sports - football, cycling, and badminton remain a mess and on a downhill slope with no visible plans to improve them.
Thirdly, DAP is allowing Umno to treat it the same way as it treated MCA, with disdain and disrespect and to be trampled on without regard.
The KK Mart saga is a good example. It became a 2R issue because it was allowed to.
The issue was about a lapse in quality control. And yet, it became twisted to be something else.
On the separate matter of hosting international music concerts, I don’t recall DAP speaking up and remaining silent amid the onslaught of religious fervour.
DAP has appeared weak and, by extension, so does the whole of Pakatan Harapan, which looks incompetent and unable to deal with any issue.
Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh, ask yourself if DAP’s participation in today’s government has resulted in a tolerant, moderate, inclusive, and multicultural country?”
If not, why the heck are you guys still in the government? Sorry, Yeoh, your words in this article smack of what we Malaysians say, syiok sendiri (full of yourself).
PMB: Look what’s happening now. Slow reforms, no multi-culturalism. DAP can’t even make a squeak over the socks and heels issues. All this for the good of the nation? The Malays and the non-Malays are hurt.
Syed Saddiq wasn’t wrong. Your hurt is nothing compared to the hurt your government has brought to the people.
What good has this unity government brought? Yeoh, set things right and you’ll get my vote.
Letdown 2018: DAP is made up of hardcore Chinese-educated and English-educated factions.
Power has been achieved now and the infighting for control precedes.
Drunk with power, DAP has forgotten about its struggles to attain the support of non-Malays, especially among the Chinese.
It is fast becoming the rival it managed to replace and finds that sitting on the government bench is better than sitting on the opposition bench.
Governing is not as straightforward as being in the opposition, where everything can be criticised, right or wrong.
The true colours of politicians and the country’s politics are on display for all to see.
Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim tries to play Islam’s saviour on the world stage.
Meanwhile, little Napoleons back home will only emulate and get bolder, as if there is carte blanche.
Prime Minister Anwar IbrahimNo point being hurt as DAP has chosen its partners, all in the guise of ascending to power. All its promises so far are just political war cries.
Methink: Ouch, the truth about DAP from Syed Saddiq hurts.
Time to stop being a Pollyanna. Be realistic and be the politician that the people voted for.
It is good to be devoted to your religion, but stop wearing your religion on your sleeve. It does no good now when religion sadly divides Malaysians.
Time to realise that DAP is now MCA 2.0 for its muted silence and worse, being supine to current controversies and subservient to Anwar and even Umno.
Time to speak up and stand up for what DAP used to be.
EmEmKay: There is a famous quote by Prussian statesperson Otto von Bismarck, that refers to the pragmatic nature of politics, where ideals often need to be balanced with reality and compromise to achieve progress.
It suggests that while politics involves achieving practical goals and compromises, it can also involve deceit, manipulation, and unethical behaviour.
The problem with Malaysia is that political discourse doesn’t shift to a more issue-based focus, but rather with policies debated based on the emotional appeals to racial or religious identity.
ScarletViper9930: Can Yeoh say there was good governance in how the government handled the Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh fiasco?
To have one of your so-called partners going off on a tangent and working against the coalition, is that good governance? Most voters will shout “No!”.
As an important member of the ruling coalition, DAP should make its voice heard and not merely “suggest”. This is where you and the rest of the DAP politicians failed.
Unicorn2046: Stop redirecting and misdirecting, Yeoh. No one could care less about Syed Saddiq right now.
We want DAP to be accountable and to carry out the promises that made us vote for you.
As you continue to pay lip service to Anwar and Umno, you will remember how hurtful your empty promises are when you lose the next general election. - Mkini

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