Yoursay Time And Patience Running Out For Anwar


YOURSAY | ‘We do not expect instant results but integrity and fairness.’
'Stab' me if I neglected you, Anwar tells Indian community
GrizzledWarrior: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim had asked for “some time”. How much more time do you require, sir?  
We do not expect instantaneous results, knowing well that the rot is deep, and you will need time to rehabilitate our sick and ailing country.  
We do, however, expect you to act with integrity and fairness when the rights of minorities are being impugned.
We expect you to be centred on Malaysia, with your hand on her pulse, instead of gallivanting all over and concerning yourself with the problems of a faraway land.  
We expect you to sow the seeds of reform so that, in time, future generations of Malaysians will inherit a gentler, more culturally centred, and dare I say, a more equitable Malaysia, where all Malaysians are respected regardless of race, religion, or creed.
We expect you, after being in office for close to 18 months, to have gathered the courage to do what is necessary in moderating the divisive politics practised by the far right, some of whom are your very partners in the government.
We expect to see no more discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) and that the same law is applied equally to everyone regardless of their skin colour and the faith they profess to practice.  
How much more time do you require, sir? The clock is ticking. Our patience wears thin.
Falcon: Gosh! The choice of words that Anwar used. We, the minorities, are not in the business of “stabbing” anyone, period!  
For us, actions speak louder than words. No need to repeat empty rhetoric or weak, pathetic political mantras.
We are not in general election mode. Minorities know where they stand, whether it is on solid ground or quicksand.
This past year has been a great experience of fire and revelation. No need to waste your breath on speeches that are empty and hollow.
We do not need pretentious saviours or handouts either.  
For a start, return to us our dignity as citizens of a nation once a beacon of hope and celebrate unity in diversity.
There must be zero tolerance for all forms of racism and extreme prejudice. 
GanMu: What a ridiculous challenge to throw to the Indians when he knows jolly well that nobody in his right mind will ever consider it.
In the article, he says “If I solve all the problems in Malaysia, I don’t have to be the prime minister any more. Give me some time”, implying that he is dragging his feet in solving all the problems so that he can stay on as prime minister forever.
Now he calls the Indians “brothers and sisters” - a typical repeat of his election talk now that the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election is drawing close.
Typical Anwar style - different strokes for different folks.
IndigoCat9464: Anwar, if you want to help the Indian community, fully sponsor their children’s education.
Fully fund the Tamil schools and make sure all those children who have good grades for their  SPM/STPM get full scholarships to study in a local university regardless of race-based quotas. 
Once they land good jobs upon graduation, they won’t need any handouts. 
Hmmmmmmmm: If I were you, I wouldn’t shout too loud about the RM80 million aid to the Indians here. Even the Palestinians get more.
It appears to me that our prime minister seems to equate solutions to all problems in our country to money. He thinks everything can be solved with money.
When somebody complains, he throws some money there and when another person complains, he throws money there. Instead of putting taxpayers and other revenues to good use, he uses it to placate people.
All the non-Malays want is equality. When we do well, we should get the same reward as everybody else and if we commit crimes, we also expect to be punished the same way as everybody else in this country.
If we are B40, we should be helped the same way as all other B40s here. We don’t want special treatment. We just want to be treated as equals. Is that too much to ask?
P Dev Anand Pillai: Perhaps Anwar should highlight and show how his policies have reached the Indian poor so that more are enlightened by them.
Many wish to see capable Indian youths who shine in education and sports be given adequate continued support to pursue their prowess.
It may have been given, but it is simply not highlighted, so it leaves room for the naysayers to predict doom for the Indians since they have not seen what is being done. 
Being the reformer in chief, the prime minister has to note the sacrifices made by many ethnic Indians whose names go unrecorded for the good fight which they had put up since 1998 when the Reformasi movement was initiated by him.
So be careful, they may just do as you have asked of them electorally in the next general election if what has been promised is not attended to expeditiously.
MarioT: Anwar, your actions and deeds thus far, only give a picture of being “hostile” to the non-Malays.
You have to do more to show you are a prime minister for all and not take sides even though you know an injustice has been done.
It is good to know you care for the Indians, but we need visible actions to prove it.
We keep saying that our diversity is our pillar of strength, thus our unity as one nation is paramount to our progress and growth. You have to encourage it.
BluePanther4725: The amount allocated to help the Indian community is peanuts compared to the amount catered to the Malay community.
Even rich and middle-class Malays receive full education scholarships for all their children, whereas poor Indian and Chinese children hardly get any scholarships.
The words don’t match the actions.
Mk: The phrase “stab me” carries racial implications, revealing a great deal about Anwar’s mindset.
Many non-Malays have come to realise that you are merely an illusion, deceiving us for an extended period.
Your patronising response to the impoverished Indian student was a turning point for many, metaphorically puncturing the hearts of the entire Indian community. - FMT

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