Yoursay A Righteous Man Of Steadfast Moral Principles

YOURSAY | ‘Zunar stood up to be counted. We all can, too.’Yoursay: Zunar exits school chat group over racist messagesHonma: Cartoonist Zunar is one of the few true Malaysians. What is so wrong for some to accept all Malaysians of different ethnicity and religion? Why is it so difficult for some to live in harmony

I grew up in a kampung, and we had no problem mingling with Malays, Indians and Eurasians. We were all friends and neighbours. We lived like one big family and we treated everyone the same
In the old days, politicians hardly talked about race and religion. We used to attend ceramah (rally) during election campaigns and no politician would criticise one another on race and religion issues
I remember the PPP and DAP used to criticise then prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman on his capability to rule the country. No one touched on race and religion, as the politicians then were very responsible in not raising sensitive matters during election campaigns
Ian2003: I recall those good days as well
Shame that we once had such harmony and now everything has to be about race and religion. Even when it is not, they will somehow link it to race and religion
Kim Quek: A righteous man of steadfast moral principles – that explains Zunar’s unflinching battle cry against corruption and abuse of power; and now, his latest gesture of revulsion against racism
It is not for nothing that Zunar has won international awards and gained universal recognition for his persistent mockery and humiliation of the corrupt and the powerful, despite being severely harassed
It is hoped that his latest act of conscience against his former schoolmates, who have gone astray to spread racial and religious hatred, would serve as a catalyst to awaken the conscience of many others who have fallen into the same pitfall created by morally bankrupt and power-crazy politicians
Boeyks: Zunar, you know more about religion than those who claim to be televangelists with photographic memory, who preach hate and mock the beliefs of others
New Hope As A Malaysian: Our respect for Zunar. However, for those condemning racist comments, you are no different if you succumb to the same type of stereotypes and use similar extreme comments
To rebuild a harmonious society, let's start with ourselves first. There are many non-racist Malays like Zunar, and there too are many Chinese and Indian racists
ABetterFutureWhen: It’s common indeed and very sad to see many social network groups coloured by racism and bigotry
It's especially sad that so many educated people still harbour such prejudice and a superiority complex. The sickness seems impossible to be cured
Bamboo: Race in Malaysia is tied to special privileges
For a certain race, who has enjoyed an easy life with government handouts like jobs in civil service, scholarships for their children, soft loans to start businesses, etc, it's natural they will go all out to defend these privileges
Racist talk is just a disguise for them to protect their privileged lives
Anonymous 2413471460628504: Very sorry to hear that racist thoughts have permeated everywhere
When it happened in some of my chat groups, it depressed me
It shows how even a normal person is prepared to think the worse of another race, logic be damned
This news on Zunar proves that my experience was not exceptional. Is it still possible for Malaysia to pull back from the abyss
Clearwater: Let’s take the positive message from Zunar's action. He stood up to be counted. We all can, too
Lyn: Racism is rife due mainly to the government. In the old days, organisations like BTN (Biro Tatanegara) made other races out to be the bogeyman. That type of thinking has been so well ingrained that it’s no longer about what is rational
On the flip side, the “nons” feel a sense of unfairness because of race-based policies. While such policies do help some poor deserving Malays, what they actually do is enriched the rich, but non-Malays accept it as the price to pay
Put these two together and we have races who no longer try to understand one another and seek to be united. It’s very sad
The only way to turn this around is education, but we have a lame-duck education minister
FairMalaysian: Umno's years of misrule had destroyed the amity we have and created a divide so horrific; we have become so superficial
And now, Umno is on a rampage with PAS, because of greed for power
Anonymous_3f4b: Yes, Umno and PAS on a rampage, but Pakatan Harapan, being the government in power with all the resources at their disposal, played along and failed to stem the tide. It has instead made it worse
Fredtan: In the 2019 Ukraine presidential election, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky scored a landslide victory
Kick out all our race/religion baiting politicians. A cartoonist can also be our top leader. Sincerity is sorely lacking among our political leaders. Most are hypocrites
How wonderful that will be if Zunar is our PM. He is truly a Malaysian voice of conscience
Aden Han: Racism was always there, let's not deny it, even through the 70s and 80s. But there was no confrontation like today (other than 1969, sadly)
Over the decades, it has been growing thanks to the politicians stoking it. Now, liberals like us have to deal with it
Prudent: If even Zunar's generation is racialised, Malaysia is doomed
Ipoh PP: Sometimes the truth has to be said. This includes what is happening around us
The problem is many are happy to go around wearing blinkers and pretending nothing is happening. - Mkini

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