Where To Get The Latest Information About The Haze And Api Readings

With the haze back, we are suddenly watching API numbers go up and down like stock market prices. We have no choice because we need to know whether schools will be closed so we can plan our schedules. This is even more so for homes where both parents are working.

So, where do we go for the latest information about the haze and API readings and the latest announcements on school closures?

The KPM (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia) has already stated that schools may be closed once the API goes above 200.  So naturally the very first thing we should look at are the API numbers

Where do you get the latest API numbers? There are so many sites and apps. We suggest looking at APIMS (Air Pollutant Index of Malaysia) by DOE (Department of Environment) Malaysia, which gives an hourly reading of the API so you can see the trend ie whether it is on the rise or going down.
The APIMS has mobile apps as well for iOS as well as Android phones for those who are prefer using their mobiles. the APIMS app is called MyIPU

The APIMS hourly readings on desktop looks like this

The mobile app of APIMS by DOE Malaysia is called MyIPU. It looks like this. At this point of writing which is 9am, 20th September 2019, you can see that the API reading or 24 hours Air Pollutant Index for Sri Aman, Sarawak is on the rise again and has reached a harzadous level of 414.

Next, you should visit the KPM Facebook to find out the latest press release. The press release will be one step behind the APIMS because it will take time to update the names of schools affected.

Finally, you can read the online newspapers if you wish to read some extra articles. 
The reason is because the newspapers wait for the KPM's press releases while the KPM prepares the release after checking the API readings. 
Do not confuse yourself looking at various websites, Facebook pages, online newspaper portals etc trying to find the latest info.

Check for the latest information in the following order:

1. Check latest API readings from APIMS by DOE Malaysia (Department of Environment)- on desktop APIMS hourly readings- on iOS Apple devices MyIPU app (on Apple app store)- on Android devices MyIPU app (on Google play store)
2. Check latest press release from KPM Facebook page (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia FB Page)
3. Read online newspaper portals if you wish to read articles pertaining the haze situation

Let's hope that the wind and rain comes to blow away the haze soon. Not only for the sake of our health but also to get back to normal routine as quickly as possible. 

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