What To Expect In Malaysian Politics For 2020

Getting cabinet members reshuffled is one of the wishes of Malaysians. For me, I would really want to see some of the dysfunctional anointed ministers removed as soon as possible before the things they do get worse
The majority of the rakyat have demanded some of the federal ministers, including their deputies, be substituted with other elected politicians or prolific professionals who are respectfully known of having excellent records in their fields
Undeniably, there are ministers who deserve to remain in the line-up. In my opinion, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Saifuddin Nasution (below) is one of them

I personally gauge a minister's capabilities based on how he or she responds to questions shot to them in the Dewan Rakyat. Saifuddin's answers are usual intelligible as he does not speak in the lower house like a pupil forced by the teacher to read a sentence from a textbook like some other politicians
Azis Jamman, a man of Warisan Sabah, is my pick for the category of “reliable deputy minister”. He always represents his boss, Home Affairs Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, in Parliament for the oral question and answer session, and he seems highly responsive on issues, especially critical ones, that closely relate to the police and immigration
I have to admit that it’s unfair to just evaluate ministers based on their performance in Parliament, but ministers who are elaborative and knowledgeable in every word they say show that they are cognisant of their ministerial responsibilities
But in the end, they have to walk the talk - they need to be realistic, and being realistic of making what they say come true is their main KPI which will be monitored by us, the rakyat
So, in 2020, which ministers do you wish to be thrown out of the cabinet line-up
Or will it not be made a reality until the former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim succeeds the Pakatan Harapan government's number one chief
I hope and pray that it will not happen, but there has been political gossip saying that a “unity government” has been planned with some characters allegedly orchestrating the "storyline" in secret. What does having a “unity government” actually mean when voters have already chosen Pakatan Harapan and its ally Warisan Sabah to be this term’s government? Which political parties are said to be joining that “unity government”
Democracy must be respected by accepting the fact that defeated political parties must bow to the people’s decision on the ballots
Any attempt of disrespectfully shaping new political alliances with an objective of exterminating certain political characters must not be corroborated by elected parliamentarians
The government’s focus is just one - the people’s well-being. The government must be checked and balanced by the opposition, and the still-loyal opposition MPs must also ensure that their existence is just about opposing the government’s doings for the betterment of the country. I also hope more non-political individuals, especially youths will be appointed senators
To Minister of Youths and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (above), the #youthpower that you have been lauding must now be translated into fighting for more senatorships awarded to non-political youths with the idealism and spirit to serve society
Young writers, tuition tutors, filmmakers and even food entrepreneurs who are so-called unheard of talents, can be eyed by Syed Saddiq for the next selection of senators
The Dewan Negara needs loud and fresh voices to debate on national issues and policies that are in need of sharp criticisms and constructive defences
Whatever is tabled in Parliament, especially controversial laws, must be passed with intellectual mind battles and without chaotic verbal fighting
On the matter of the prime minister succession, that must be finalised and gazetted so that “who will be the next PM” will no longer be a missing puzzle in Malaysian politics. - Mkini

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