What Is A Niche

A niche is another word for the topic of your website.
A niche is just a group of people that are looking for something “specific” and that you can categorize in some way.
Golf, cooking, fitness, and tech are broad industries, and not what we’re looking for.
What specific subcategories of people can you think of in each of those industries? Here are some random niches I thought of off the top of my head.
improving your golf swing for seniors golf equipment for kids paleo cooking & recipes for families how to cook for college students indoor exercise equipment (people that live far away from gyms or are too busy to go) muscle building for women fitness gadgets and wearables (people looking for this type of technology) learning games for kids See how each of those sub-markets targets a much more specific audience? There are many ways to drill down from a broad industry to a targeted niche.
There are hundreds of niches within the fitness industry alone, and finding one that makes money is simply a matter of finding one interesting enough to you that you follow through with creating the business.
Some possible ways of defining your niche are simply filling in the blanks: [People] who want to                     . The following examples correspond to the examples above.
Golf Seniors who want to improve their golf swing Kids who want to learn how to play golf (Or parents that who want to teach their kids golf) Cooking Families who want to eat a paleo diet College students who want to cook good food on a budget Fitness People who want to be fit can’t make it to the gym People with disabilities who want to stay in shape but need special training equipment People who like to exercise but live in cold climates and can’t exercise outdoors all year Women who want to gain muscle Fitness enthusiasts interested in technology, data tracking Learning Games Parents who want smart kids Which ones make the most money? ANY niche can make money!
Many training courses I’ve seen have you do a bunch of research before picking a topic for your website, but this is now how I am going to teach you.
Yeah, niche research can be useful, but it can also be confusing to newbies, meaning lots of people quit right in the beginning because they’re unable to find the perfect idea and get it right the first time around.
Picking that ‘golden ticket’ niche to make you rich is not what we’re shooting for at this point. We just want to find something that works for you, as a beginner.
If you can make your first dollar in a niche you really enjoy, you can then use the skills you learned from building that business to start another website later on.
By then you will have the skills to do research, test the market, and direct your business with more intent and foresight.
This is exactly what I did. I mentioned that I started out promoting VPNs. It’s something I had decent knowledge about and enjoyed writing about. But I also saw the huge potential in the “make money online” industry, and most recently started a website in that category.
Using what I learned building my previous sites, I was able to grow my new business faster, more efficiently, and more professionally than before. What may have taken me two years before took me one year this time around.
Please don’t stress about whether or not your niche will make money. It will. Any website with traffic can make money!

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