Umno Pas A Nightmare Only If Political Opportunists Within Pakatan Insist On Dancing To Its Tune

 ‘To suggest Umno-PAS alliance can promote unity, let alone ummah, is delusional and immoral.’
Measure of hope: Umno and PAS leaders defend alliance, assuage non-Muslim fearsNewday: Dear Umno senator Khairul Azwan Harun and everyone else involved in this unholy alliance: What you stated above is just straight-out political bollocks and twisted truth
You rave about caring for all Malaysians who are tired of the current racial divide, when it is both you and PAS who have been fermenting this racial divide ever since you lost the 14th general election (GE14). It is not the other way around
Now you reverse your current divisive tactic to pretend to be saviours of all. You want to start a conversation to rebuild a tolerant society? You lot
Since GE14, you have done nothing to increase society’s tolerance for one another. The most recent example was Federal Territories Umno Youth complaining bitterly about corporate leader Voon Tin Yow allegedly becoming Sime Darby Property CEO
Is that an approach to a more tolerant society? Of course not, just more divisiveness
Develop a resilient economy again, you say, as if our current economic condition was caused by Pakatan Harapan
It was Umno/BN, which, through its creative accounting in and around 1MDB, caused our current debt issues that resulted in your ex-boss sucking up to China for grossly inflated and biased contracts – the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and gas pipelines come to mind, yet here you are pretending life was truly wonderful then
You conveniently have not mentioned how base salaries and working conditions worsened progressively against real terms over the previous 10 years and how real poverty was covered up again by, in this case, creative statistics
You add to your fake news, sprouting wonderful things about all races having the rightful chance to pursue their own dreams. We know this is not true
The continued bashing (figuratively speaking) of Indians, Chinese and those dirty liberal Muslims, and your unholy partner in PAS being quite clear that only Muslims (meaning Malay) can hold positions of power, means that you are seriously in la la land if you want us to believe this poli-speak
We are not that dumb. At least, PAS is open about their stated aim for a syariah-compliant Malaysia. You lot in Umno are nothing but a two-headed conniving snake that can never be trusted to be genuine at all
Roger 5201: A Malay-Muslim alliance which is overtly opposed to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) and promotes the “Buy Muslim only” slogan is racist, discriminatory and carrying out religious apartheid
Umno was, and still is, a kafir (infidel) party by virtue of its culture of “instituted corruption” and kleptocratic track record
To suggest this kind of racist alliance can promote unity, let alone ummah, is seriously delusional and immoral
Beeja: This union is antithetical to our secular constitution, which advocates for the nation-state to act at arms’ length and be somewhat independent of the state religion
PAS is taking the Muslims back to the medieval ages. Much of the thought leadership of great philosophers, such as the likes of John Locke and Voltaire, is lost on these Umno/PAS goons
Falcon: Another monument to show that as a nation we are spiralling down and out with the emphasis on the 3R (race, religion and royalty) any and every which way one looks
Are the foundations of a failed state being put into place
Takers are on one side, and the other side has people from both Harapan and BN positioning themselves to stay relevant
Klepto-theocracy – Harapan rains criticism on Umno-PAS allianceDarmakochi: PAS is very good at changing partners. It has nothing concrete to offer besides all the religious rhetoric to frighten both the Muslims and non-Muslims
For them, yesterday’s friend is today’s enemy, and the enemy from the day before yesterday is today’s friend. Esok tukar lagi (It’ll change again tomorrow)
Drngsc: Indeed, PAS has inked many pacts in the past. This is just their latest stunt. All their pacts have failed
Umno is desperate. Well, they will learn that PAS is opportunistic and that this pact, like all the rest, will eventually fail
Across the Straits: The ‘Unholy Union of the Year’ award goes to Umno and PAS
Umno will degenerate into a pariah party, having lost its bearing, and PAS will turn into a shameless party willing to do anything to win
Thrash them in the next election to tell them they are irrelevant
OceanMaster: Both parties have been depleted of any sort of pragmatic leadership that is required to bring about the transformation they so badly need
This cooperation is no more than two thieves trapped in a house with their loot, plotting an audacious escape together
The only tools they have are race and religion and the outcome will only be negative; syndicating racial and religious segregation by fostering hatred and perhaps at some point, the need to prepare to perpetrate violence on certain segments of the society if all else fails
On the other hand, it also indicates Bersatu’s failure to be the new alternative to Umno
Lastly, after nearly four decades, this moment caps off Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s political legacy as it has always been, is and will be; a flux of the trinity – creator, preserver and destroyer
– M’kini

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