Rukun Negara A Plus Point For Company

SUBANG JAYA: THE opening of a complete North-South Expressway under the PLUS Malaysia Bhd (PLUS) expressway network was done 15 months ahead of time due to teamwork between experts and employees in the company.
“It was one of my proudest moments as an employee of PLUS. The expressway was opened on Sept 8, 1994, by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,” said Husni Md Yusuf, 54.
Husni, who is the central region business manager, said he joined PLUS a month before the opening. Previously, he was with the Malaysian Highway Authority.
“We can achieve great things and can deliver high-quality projects within a short period when we cooperate with each other,” he said.
The father of three said Independence means we are free to make decisions without being dictated by other people, within the scope of understanding among races and guided by the Rukun Negara.
Thanesh Khana Shanmugam (left) and Kelvin Tan Ming Zhuan are proud to work with a company that focuses on the safety of customers.
To him, the five principles of the Rukun Negara are intertwined with each other.
“For example, Belief in God ties in with Good Behaviour and Morality. The tenet of Supremacy of Constitution is also related to the Loyalty to King and Country. The constitution was agreed on by all races upon Independence, so it needs to be respected at all times,” he said.
Husni said his career had grown with PLUS as he had been stationed to work in the north, south and also the east coast regions.
“I was delighted to see how places in Malaysia developed with good connectivity. Small towns were opened and the population has increased. The expressway is used by about 1.7 million people daily,” he said.
Husni said the PLUS expressway was also the first to have the Overhead Bridge Restaurant in Sungai Buloh, which drew inspiration from France.
“It was the first facility in Southeast Asia in 1998. We wanted to have something as a landmark and also a meeting point of users from north and south. This development showed that we are not left behind in comparison with other developed countries at that time,” he said.
He said the expressway had also brought families closer with a shorter travelling time.
“I used to drive about eight hours to Tg Malim via the old road. With the highway, the travelling time was shortened to two to three hours. People can go back to their hometown every week and not just during the festive season,” he said.
Husni Md Yusof says the expressway has connected families in the peninsula, cutting down travelling time and providing ease and comfort to travellers.
Another employee, Kelvin Tan Ming Zhuan, 30, said PLUS had not only brought families closer, but was championing road safety so that everybody would reach their destination safe and sound.
“Our campaign is emphasised through the digital platform and we also have workers at the Traffic Monitoring Centre to lend assistance to those in distress.
Tan said he was proud that PLUS offered services that went beyond maintaining the expressway, but also other services like rest and service areas and technical amenities.
“This is a great service to the nation and I am delighted that I am part of this company that serves the people,” he said.
Tan, who works in workforce planning and talent acquisition, believes that the tenet of Good Behaviour and Morality was crucial among PLUS employees as they needed to engage with people in a respectful manner.
He said Independence means having the liberty to make decisions and that freedom also comes with the need to have integrity.
“This is because our ethics would also translate the delivery of service to customers and stakeholders. Without this, we would jeopardise the company’s and the stakeholders’ interests,” he said.
Thanesh Khana Shanmugam, 32, has been applying two pillars of the Rukun Negara since his first day in PLUS.
Of the five pillars, he chose ‘Loyalty to King and Country’ and ‘Good Behaviour and Morality.
Thanesh, a father of one, said applying these two pillars helps to create a work environment that practises respect to each other and this would lead to building a strong nation.
“As we are living in a multiracial society, we should have respect and care for each other to progress as one nation.”
“Every individual plays a role in the development and progress of the country. When we are loyal to the king and country, we will be governed by the aspiration to progress and preserve harmony of the country.”
The Bukit Merah interchange.
Thanesh, who is the PLUS Change Management Office manager, said the nature of work in PLUS was geared towards the development of the nation, so he felt that the Rukun Negara is close to the hearts of the multiracial workforce in the company.
“When there is respect and care among each one of us, we can foster better teamwork and get everyone on board towards achieving something,” he said.
Asked on his proudest moment as an employee in PLUS, Thanesh praised the concessionaire company for improving on the safety of customers and convenience of road users.
“In the change management office, we make sure all those plans are deployed. I am proud to be a part of this team that helps in key projects in PLUS,” he said.
This year, he said his family is in a celebratory mood because of the birth of his 5-month-old son and his mother’s birthday falls on Malaysia Day.
“This Independence Day will be a double celebration for my family.”
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