No Need To Make Sad Face What You Ve Done To The Country Is Far More Damaging And The Shame You Brought To The Country

i got numbers is minta tangguh..


60434936 minutes agoThe client choose a wrong counsel and the counsel accepted a wrong client...Court is always fair to both prosecutor & defendant50REPLY

P S33 minutes agoI hope this lawyer remembers that he owes a duty to the courts first! and not just his client.23REPLYHydros Majeed50 minutes agoNo need to make sad face...what you've done to the country is far more damagingand the shame you brought to the country.99REPLYPeter Chin47 minutes agoWas it you who engineered the exit of your lawyer so as to throw the proceeding into disarray and later can claim you are the victim of injustice. Whose lawyer "abandon" you? Who appointed your lawyer? Who asked you to change lawyer. Should you decide to change your lawyer umpteen times, does that mean the hearing will be postponed indefinitely (or until GE15)?57REPLY

4 REPLIEStantpsh53 minutes ago (edited)Such a high profile criminal case, you are guilty more than 3 times in court and you still walk freely....80REPLY

1 REPLYHydros Majeed45 minutes agoJudges please chuck this conman into jail asap..please don't waste your time entertaining this joker.100REPLY

2 REPLIESUsha Balakrishnan42 minutes agoHe is given all the opportunities to talk and state his opinions and he still claims of unfairness.71REPLY

3 REPLIESAzlan Ismail25 minutes agoNajib is an embarrassment to the justice system. He has been informed about the proceeding way back in April and yet at the last moment he appoint another lawyer just so that he can get another extension until the general election.18REPLYD T1 hour ago (edited)Using unprepared defense lawyers as defence and a brilliant move for Royal Pardon. Truly a Dirty Trick Classic.94REPLY4 REPLIESWen Jun22 minutes agoEnough is enough. I think the rakyat are happy with the brilliant judges decision. For others, the judges already sent them to jail long time. The more u appeal the more unfair to the rakyat.13REPLYSHARIL SAMAD19 minutes agoInjustice is him trying to play the victim card. He is very capable of articulating his disappointment. Let me remind him that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Spare me the crocodile tears. To his batch of ex-lawyers, you guys are the devil's advocate!9REPLYKopi O Kaw20 minutes agoThe whole world is watching and laughing at us and i keep thinking is this the future that we want to leave for our generation.11REPLY

Ssr39 minutes agoThe hearing has been fixed soo long ago.... Now suddenly this tactics.... Aiyo and the lawyer playing along... Justice delayed is justice denied17REPLYdhuen77 Mr42 minutes agoYa Allah rahmati dan kuat kan semangat kesemua wira wira rakyat para HAKIM MAHKAMAH PERSEKUTUAN agar menghukum KEPALA perasuah pencuri penyamun. Ameen116REPLY9 REPLIESKent Azaha40 minutes agoSo, do you think the court didn't follow the rule? Which rule do you refer to? Yes, you have no choice but to proceed the appeal since you took over as PM.. this is the same court exist, the same court heard so many cases before..13REPLY

M. Rahamat Rahamat27 minutes agoAllah sentiasa memerhati kita apa yang kita lakukan di muka bumi nie. Renungan2kan12REPLYEddie Koh Koh21 minutes agoLawyers are good in telling lies, so don’t bit around the bush and try to show that the judges inconsiderate. You try to but of course was rejected. The 5 judges are highly educated with integrity in their judgment. Honestly you were there bcos of buta Gaji.9REPLY

1 REPLYDarren Tan19 minutes agoRemove the previous lawyers, current lawyers resign in court, are all part of Najib delaying tactics9REPLYAlex Fong9 minutes agoFull respect to the Fed Judges. Amazing that we hv Judges of this quality.6REPLYAdanan Smart51 minutes agoSetiap perbuatan.....yang baik atau jahat akan Allah lah masa awak dibalas.....sepatutnya awak redho jer....terima segala keputusan....kena berani hadapi....46REPLYRazali Abu Bakar8 minutes agoYou can't blame anyone but yourself for the predicament. You have been given ample opportunities to represent yourself in the trial since 2019 but you and your previous legal team have been mocking the court with numerous delays. Better yet, you again attempted another delay by discharging Shafee in your attempt to engage a QC which the high court disallowed your application. On the eve of the federal court hearing you brought in a new team of lawyers and then apply to the federal court to postpone the hearing for another 3 months at least. I believe the federal court judges know too well of your delay tactics and decide to stop your charade. Conveying your 'disappointment' in a press conference will not change anything unless you are pre-empting public sympathy should the federal court upholds your conviction and sentencing. You once said that you have full faith on the court to administer justice. Are you now suggesting that your faith in our judicial system has faded?Read more

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