Low Self Esteem And Loser Psychology

 I would like to sambung cerita a little from yesterday. Does anyone recall the claims by some Muslims that Neil Armstrong the American astronaut who became the first man to walk on the moon converted to Islam AFTER he heard the azzan or Muslim call to prayer when he was out walking on the moon? The story is ridiculous and childish. 
Despite Neil Armstrong denying he ever became a Muslim this story still keeps going around among quite a few Muslims. These types of silly stories have become so embedded that it is almost "unIslamic" to not believe them. Maybe another "Jewish conspiracy" to hide the "fact" that Armstrong did hear the call to prayer while on the moon!
Then there is that other recurring story about seeing the word Allah written in Arabic in the sky, in certain fruits and vegetables, in the roots of mangrove swamps etc. Other religions also have similar stories but arent they supposed to be 'lesser' religions? Arent they supposed to be kafir?
Can you see it? I cannot. Because its not there.

Silly fetishes like these reflect a lack of faith and conviction in their religion. O ye of little faith. Hence the need for the supernatural and the improbable as a bolster to boost their own weak faith. They need magic. 
It is a lack of self esteem. As a result of holding onto beliefs that fail them again and again. They do not achieve much in life. They become losers. Hence the clutching at magical straws. Armstrong heard the call to prayer on the moon.

There is actually a much bigger problem. What if the entire edifice is just a fake? That is why it does not yield any results. 
The talk about the kangkung professors that we have in this country is yet another manifestation of a low self esteem. They reflect non achievers and non achievement. So they boost their egos by awarding themselves dubious PhDs and dubious professorships and they espouse dubious "research" like 'there was no Indian civilisation in the Bujang Valley' or 'the Malays were the first to sail to ancient Rome and the Middle East'. 
And that the Malays sailed in gigantic sailing ships that were eight times bigger than the largest Portugese ships. (Hello Cik Puan, then how did the Portugese in their EIGHT TIMES smaller sized ships capture Melaka? Kalaulah "satu kapal Melayu boleh menghancurkan 20 kapal Cina di Canton" kenapa tidak dihancurkan kapal Portugis yang kecik-kecik belaka yang serang Melaka dulu?)

And the image of the gigantic ships that was shown was actually taken from Gavin Menzies depiction of Admiral Cheng Hoe's great fleet of treasure ships. 

Above and below : Spot any differences?

Gavin Menzies did locate the site in China where the Ming Chinese built those gigantic ships and even located remnants of wooden spars used in their construction.
From Africa Admiral Cheng Hoe also brought back to China live animals including ostriches, zebras and full grown giraffes on board his ships. They must have stored huge quantities of food to feed those animals and keep them alive on the long journey back to China. The Ming Dynasty has recorded the giraffes in sketches and paintings which you can see above.
By any measure it was a great achievement by the Chinese. Then 600 years later some non achieving kangkung professor came by and simply 'stole' their ship.
There is only one cure for a low self esteem. You must go out and do things and achieve things.
Seeing magical writings in the sky, claiming Neil Armstrong heard the azzan on the moon, denying other people's achievements, stealing other people's maritime achievements will not make you a  great people.  Or improve your low self esteem.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.
By Syed Akbar Ali 

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