Lebai Hadi Dah Mula Meroyan

Pagi tadi pak aji ada sebut dan minta doa, moga2 ubat gegat dia tak jadikan ubat penenang jiwa....Perasan tengahari td dia belaih sungguh dah..

Menjelang hari2 terakhir peralihan kuasa antara Tun dgn DSAI...Hadi semakin gelabah.

Apa taknya, dia teringat dulu pernah sergah DSAI sewaktu DS berkunjung ke Rusila....

Skrg baru dia menyesal... Dia ingat dia jer reti sergah org....org lain tak reti nk sergah dia...

Menjelang hari peralihan kuasa yg semakin dekat...dia semakin tidak dpt tidur lena...
Berbagai igauan buruk sdg menghantui dia...

Mungkinkah PAS diharamkan?
Mungkinkah kes 90 juta dipercepatkan perbicaraannya?
Mungkinkah semua MP PAS akan didenda sehingga RM 100 ribu kerana enggan isytihar harta? Mungkinkah.... Mungkinkah....

Berbagai2 'mungkin' sdg bermain di kepala dia...
Semua yg dibuat, semakin tak kena... Semakin hari semakin serabut...

Harap2 jgn lah smpai ke tahap.... ubat gegat dia anggap sbg ubat penenang jiwa! Nanti PRK pulak!!!.. 

Kalau PAS diharamkan, lebai akan tubuh parti baru.

Agak2 korang lebai akan letak nama apa?...

Kalau pak aji cadangkan nama Parti Ulamak Kebangkitan Islam Malaysia, atau ringkasnya PUKIMA.... sesuai tak? Itu cadangan jer... Walaun,..yg korang nk marah2 pepagi buta ni perhal..- Muhammad Yahaya 

Pasai apa PAS sangat takut Anwar?...
Bukan Anwar aje. Siapa pun jadi PM baru dalam penggal 14 ni pasti ditakuti PAS. Cuma jika Anwar yg jadi PM, ketakutan PAS lebih besar. Kenapa?

Sebab apabila berlakunya peralihan Perdana Menteri, parti pemerintah akan menang semula. Lihat ketika peralihan jawatan PM drpd Tun Hussein Onn kepada Tun, BN menang besar. Peralihan kpd Pak Lah, BN menang besar sehinggakan Hadi Awang pun bungkam teruk di Terengganu sepenggal. Peralihan kpd Najib pun sama. 

Bayangkan jika peralihan kuasa daripada Najib kpd Zahid berlaku sebelum PRU14, jawabnya PH tidak akan menang seperti sekarang. Inilah ketakutan PAS yg sudah awal dibaca oleh rakyat.

Sebab itulah hanya PAS yg terkinja-kinja macam kera kena belacan untuk menghalang peralihan kuasa dalam penggal ini. UMNO tenang aje sebab UMNO tahu rakyat sudah tahu taktik zaman dinasour ni. Perasan tak?

Tak perasan? Tengok lebai, tengok walaun, tengok kera. Sama aje terkinja2 tu. - Dr Ariff Kadir Al-Katami
PAS vs Amanah...
PAS ada 18 MP di parlimen, Amanah ada 11 MP.... Jumlah kerusi parlimen 222.... tak lah jauh sangat bezanya antara PAS dan Amanah.... Kalau dikira peratusan kerusi menang dengan jumlah kerusi yang ditandingi, Amanah menang besar.

Amanah bertanding 27, menang 11 = 40.74%
PAS bertanding 158, menang 18 = cuma 11.39%.

Yang membezakan dengan PAS, Amanah sekarang adalah kerajaan, manakala PAS adalah pembangkang tanpa faedah... 5 orang Amanah jadi menteri, 5 orang jadi timbalan menteri, 1 orang jadi speaker dewan rakyat.... PAS ada apa...? Jadi ketua pembangkang pun tak lepas.

PAS nak kipas Tun...? Silakan.... Takkan orang Amanah nak marah.... Pujilah nak puji pun, Tun tu boss kami, kamu nak puji Tun itu kamu punya pasal.

Kamu nak bergabung dengan Tun...? lunch chao..! Mu ingat orang Amanah dalam PH tu tunggul mati ke...? PAS kalau nak himpit Tun nak suruh Tun tinggalkan Amanah, langkah mayat Amanah dulu lah lebai. - Umo Bin Othman

The Math Doesn’t Add Up – There’s Something Wrong With The Number 138 MPs Claimed To Support PM Mahathir...
The big secret is out. Apparently 138 MPs (Member of Parliament) have signed statutory declarations (SD) for Mahathir Mohamad to serve a 5-year full term as Prime Minister of Malaysia. And since the news came from “The Star”, an English-language newspaper established in 1971, it must be true. There was a nice infographic attached to that piece of explosive news.

Hours later, that sexy infographic was gone. While the news remains, the infographic which summarised how the massive 138 figure was derived is no longer available. The newspaper can remove the image but they can’t delete the news because it had gone viral. Thanks to the stunning news, every news blog, including pro-opposition websites had screen captured the infographic above.

The Star newspaper, which is owned by MCA (43.1% stake), one of the remaining three component parties in Barisan Nasional coalition government defeated in the May 2018 general election, has obviously screwed up spectacularly. In its haste to capitalize on Sarawak Report’s revelation about a so-called SD campaign to support Mahathir, the news media didn’t check any facts or figures.

In fact, the editor of the newspaper has failed one of four basic mathematical operation – addition. If you look at the infographic, the summary screams “138 MPs” have signed the SD for PM Mahathir to stay full term. The number 138 came from Pakatan Harapan coalition government (63 MPs), Pakatan-friendly parties (10 MPs), oppositions PAS (18 MPs) and Barisan Nasional (39 MPs).

Everything looked incredibly juicy until you pull out a calculator – the result of 63 + 10 + 18 + 39 is not equal to 138. The answer is only 130. But the fun didn’t end there. It further calculated that the 63 MPs from ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition government came from 26 PKR MPs and 26 Bersatu MPs, while “0” MP from Amanah and “NA” MP from DAP supported Mahathir.
Kucing kurap TheStar - 138 MPs SD In Support Of  Dr.M ...
Exactly what is the difference between “0” and “NA” is quite a mystery that not even Einstein could solve. But 26 + 26 is not equal to 63. Even a hamster can tell you within a split second that the answer to that sophisticated math question is 52. So, the newspaper did not only cook up the total number of MPs who had allegedly signed the SD, it also inflated the numbers from PH itself.

According to the calculator, the total MPs is only 119 (52 + 10 + 18 + 39). The number appears to be sufficient to form a simple-majority government in the 222-seat Parliament (which requires minimum 112 MPs), until one take a hard look at the 26 MPs from Mahathir’s party Bersatu (PPBM) and the 26 MPs from PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim’s party PKR.

It’s quite hilarious that opposition MCA party forgotten that they had successfully snatched the Tanjung Piai parliamentary seat from Mahathir’s party in November last year. After the humiliating defeat, where Bersatu (PPBM) lost by a whopping 15,000-majority vote, the party is left with only 25 MPs (not 26 MPs). So the total of MPs who had allegedly signed the SD is down to 118.

In the same breath, it’s also jaw-dropping to claim that 39 MPs from opposition Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition had thrown their support behind a sitting prime minister. Clearly, the number 39 came from all the UMNO MPs. Does this mean oppositions MCA’s 2 MPs and MIC’s 1 MP have chosen to remain neutral over the plan to keep Mahathir as premier until 2023?

More importantly, does it make sense that Najib Razak and his minions in UMNO joined the bandwagon, agreeing that Mahathir is to be protected at all cost? It’s both strange and amusing that Najib is so eager and determined to go to prison that he quickly signed the SD in order to facilitate Mahathir’s mission. Interestingly, MCA’s The Star contradicts with pro-opposition blogs.
From another kucing kurap source... 
The oppositions – UMNO, PAS and MCA – should make up their mind who actually controls UMNO now. So far only PAS Islamist party is obsessed with its own bizarre plan to move a “vote of confidence” in favour of Mahathir’s leadership. It was partly a strategy to divert attention after a bunch of fake holy men were exposed of having purchased 14 Mercedes-Benz and collected RM50,000 bonus for themselves.

UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s secret plan to persuade party warlords to follow PAS’ plan, hoping that the prime minister will drop his 87 criminal charges, has failed. Pro-opposition blog suggested that Najib is still in control of the party. Therefore, assuming Najib hasn’t been infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus, he and his minions didn’t sign any SD.

And if Najib still controls the deciding votes in UMNO, it also means he possessed a block of at least 20 simple-majority votes. Which means at most, the despicable Zahid Hamidi would have only 19 votes. Now if you minus Najib’s 20 votes out of UMNO’s total 39 votes, it means the MPs who had signed the SD have shrunk to merely 98 (118 minus 20).

Wait a minute. What if Hishammuddin Hussein, the UMNO traitor and cousin of Najib, somehow miraculously managed to get the much speculated 30 UMNO MPs to defect to Mahathir’s camp? Even if that’s true, which is not because it would mean the influential Najib only has 9 MPs in his pocket, the total SD will amount to only 109 (118 minus 9).

Heck, even PAS news media Harakah could not believe their eyes that The Star would produce such half-baked news. Harakah commented that it’s not logic that all Members of Parliaments of UMNO had signed the SD. Instead of supporting fellow opposition MCA’s fake news, Harakah, even with its “IQ of a carrot”, finds it hard to believe that as many as 26 PKR MPs had signed the SD.
Kucing kurap Harakah - 138 MPs SD In Support Of Mahathir - Not Logic
Yes, we have not even drilled into the 26 PKR MPs claimed by The Star to have swung their support for Mahathir. If indeed 26 PKR MPs had a change of heart, it simply means traitor Azmin Ali (26 MPs) has more support than PKR President Anwar Ibrahim (remaining 24 MPs). What the hell is Azmin waiting for? Should not he kick Anwar out of the party instead?

Azmin, caught with his pants down engaging gay sex at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, could not even bring 15 PKR MPs to support Mahathir, let alone 26. It’s so obvious that the number was plucked from the sky, or the MCA newspaper just copied the pasted the same number of MPs from Bersatu / PPBM (which was wrong anyway) into PKR column to cook the figures.

Let’s assume Azmin managed to pressure, blackmail or even bribe up to 15 PKR MPs to cross over with promises of cash, women and power. The total number of SDs would plunge again to 98 (109 minus 11, best case scenario where Hishammuddin controlled 30 MPs) or worse 87 (98 minus 11, worst case scenario where Najib controlled 20 MPs).

Do we need to continue and argue how silly it was to assume all 9 MPs from Warisan would support Mahathir, after the old man defiantly expanded its wings to the eastern state of Sabah, hence greedily bullying and fighting with a supposedly ally for territories in the Borneo? Have the oppositions forgotten how they won Kimanis by-election in Sabah last month.

The Star conveniently claimed it had gotten the figures from “sources”. Perhaps the news media should be investigated for spreading fake news. But what is more important is to send their journalists to Basic Math 101 class so that they learn how to count and won’t embarrass themselves again in the future. Editors at The Star should stop insulting people’s intelligence. - FT

Atok mana reti menari. Siapalah yang paksa dia bergencok ni...Btw that was with her daughter Marina. It was a friend's and family event...
Azmin bawa MB Terengganu jumpa Dr. M di London dua kali...
Yalah! mangkuk hayun oiiiii..Semua yg PH itu tak sah dan tak valid.. Mercedez S450 dgn bonus RM50,000 setiap exco itu aje kot yg sah dan valid..Dah sakit otak tahap tak mampu dirawat kot?Peralihan dari Tun kpd Pak Lah..Pak Lah kpd Najib itu apa ngok?Semuanya dah jadi PM palsu kot?Dah lama jadi penyibuk umah tangga org? Ini soal umah tangga PH lah bongok oiii.. - f/bk

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