Kindle Publishing Champion Earn Money Online By Doing Nothing

Be Kindle Publishing Champion, from the comfort of your own home.
You must know Kindle Direct Publishing Is A Business, Not A Hobby. After reading this blog you will know how to be Kindle Publishing Champion and get more dollar every month.
Allow me to take this section to explain myself further about this whole earn money online thing that I have been nattering on about.
How to being Kindle Publishing Champion fast?
Okay, below is a further explanation (ish) of what this Kindle Publishing thing is and how you can sell eBooks and earn money online yourself.
We are now living in a generation where you can earn money online by doing nothing more than sitting in your favorite pair of pajamas while commanding your virtual assistants to write pieces of content for you so that you can sell eBooks on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform with the content they have created for you.
Let me just put this plainly for some of you tortoise brains out there.
You can sell eBooks and earn money online on Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) from the comfort of your own home.
Hold the Mother Truckin’ phone home playa, is this $hizz for real?
Yes, sir.
Yes, it is.
Digging For The Kindle Publishing Gold.
Of course, like everything, there are certain steps that you must take in order to be successful at anything, this is carried forward in all facets of life.

Kindle Publishing Champion First off, there are two ways in which you can earn money online through Kindle Direct Publishing:
1. Write + Sell eBooks Yourself “Awesome! I cannot wait to get writing.”
While writing your own eBook can come with its fulfillment and joy factors, what it does not come without is spending A LOT of time, effort and energy in doing so.
I remember back in my Kindle Direct Publishing glory days where I went down this route and somehow actually managed to earn money online through doing so.
Don’t ask me how I managed to do this as it still blows my mind on how I was able to do this just a few hours after researching the Kindle Publishing business model.
The Rapid Rise + Fall Of My Writing Career
Seriously, I started to write eBooks everywhere I went at one time.
During my lunch breaks within my 9-5 grind stages in my life.
In the car on my phone.
On my laptop while on the train.
On my computer in my bedroom.
You name the place, I was there pumping out these short story eBooks like they were going out of fashion.
My thinking process was this; I am going to write as many as these 10-15 page eBooks as I possibly can, upload them on Kindle Direct Publishing and more earn money online that Jason Bracht or any other entrepreneur has done so before.
FYI: I used to watch Jason Bracht on YouTube when starting all of this but stupidly (VERY STUPIDLY) ignored all of the great advice he was giving out on actually doing the Kindle Publishing thing right and decided to take all ideas and actions into my own hands.
I focused strictly on content with my method of madness with no intention of producing anything worthy of quality.
Clearly, this should be the other way around.
Quality Over Anything My Good People
Shortly after earning my most I had ever earned in one month online (£800+ from Kindle Publishing), I took my eBooks off the platform and shut down my account altogether.
R.I.P Kindle account No.1.
Can anybody spot the issue with my plan of action here?
Of course, you can. Nobody wants to read rubbish eBooks, that’s a given.
And that is why I failed. Yep, I said it.
This was a big fat FAILURE for me.
“Fail fast, Learn faster.”
One of the main reasons why I think this happened was down to my ignorance to all of the methods that worked, not wanting to listen to anybody but myself and for the lack of patience I was feeling towards earning money online through Kindle Publishing.
When looking to earn money online or be successful at anything you do, it’s wise to listen to those with more experience than you from the people who have been there, done that and who are currently living and breathing it.
2. Do The Exact Opposite Meaning, getting other people (freelancers) online to write your eBooks for you.
These people are called virtual assistants and they have the power to save you time, energy and stress more than you could ever imagine.
The process of hiring a Freelancer to write your eBooks for you goes a lil’ bit like this:
1. You identify the niche you want to sell eBooks in
2. You find a category on to sell eBooks in that is in demand (on Amazon Kindle)
3. You then take down notes on the following from your competitors in the niche that you are looking to sell eBooks in:
– How can I make my book of more quality?
– How can I make my eBook cover stand out?
– How can I create a better Amazon listing for my eBook?
– What additional help + value can I provide my readers with that others are not yet providing?
– How many sales are these other eBooks making per day?
– Is it worth me releasing an eBook in this category in terms of long term profitability?
* These are some of the things to consider in point No.3 when looking at going into a category on Kindle Publishing.
4. You then put your lazy gown on and contact Freelancer’s to start writing your eBooks
Below are some of the sites that Jason Bracht recommends, his preference over any of these is UpWork, which is marked in bold.
– Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace
– Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs
– Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur
– – Hire Freelancers Online & Find Freelance Work –
– 99 Designs (design website)
– Find Freelance Jobs & Freelancers
I have used the majority of these I personally like UpWork and Freelancer over any others.
FYI: You can also get your eBook cover made on these platforms by freelancers also. Fiverr would be my personal preference here as you can get an eBook cover created for as little as $5 (hence the site being named‘ Fiverr.’)
5. You will then post a project with as much information as possible about the eBook you want to be written for you on the desire freelance platform you decide to use
6. A stampede of content-hungry freelancers will then announce that they are able to work on your eBook for what price and for the duration that it will take them to complete it
7. You will then nestle through the mound of freelancers and narrow down your choice to a few that you would like to work with (based off the communication aspect and professionalism of their past work (ask for samples) and their overall manner towards you and the project you want complete
* No.7 is a very important part so please pay attention in doing this right. Do not just choose any old freelancer to work with, pick one that you believe is the best fit for the job and also one that you can be confident in building a long term and trusted business relationship with.
8. Following the selection of your freelancer and discussion of the work involved, they will get to work and will notify you when the job is complete
9. After they send you the work (this is all done securely and safely through the freelance platform you decide to use by the way), you will read over it and check it for quality
10. If you need any edits, revisions or additions to your eBook, you simply massage your freelancer to complete what extra you need doing
11. Once the project is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the work complete, you sign the project off and pay the funds to the freelancer
FYI: You would enter your payment information on the freelance website prior to completion of the way and the freelance site will ONLY release your funds to your freelancer if you are completely happy with the work complete, which is a great peace of mind structure
12. From here (assuming you have already got your eBook cover designed by another freelancer on Fiverr), you will proceed to upload your eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing.
Jason Bracht has a killer’ eCourse explaining all of this + MUCH more in greater depth and detail in which you can check out here.
Anyway, let’s continue.
From this point, I feel like I have lost the whole structure on how I am going to proceed in writing this blog on the great Kindle Direct Publishing potential, but let’s just keep going and see what happens.

Kindle Direct Publishing: Stardom Status (The Benefits) It would be wrong of me to tell you how to go through the process of making your Kindle Publishing dreams a reality without fully explaining the actual benefits that this simple yet highly profitable business can provide you with.
So, allow me to give you some real life intel into why Kindle Direct Publishing is such a great online business to get into:
1. Freedom in time
Kindle Direct Publishing (if done correctly) can help you to free up much more time in your life as the business becomes very automated after you put in the initial upfront work.
This is called passive income and Kindle Publishing is a fantastic way of creating that for yourself.
2. Freedom in financials
Not only can Kindle Direct Publishing help you free up more time in your life. It can also help you to earn money online more than many would think is possible.
This could be your potential escape route into the financial freedom world.
3. Freedom from the 9-5 grind
Freeing up your time will help you to earn money online as you can focus your time on other projects but it will also give you options in quitting your day job, that dreaded 9-5 grind that every day wants to delete so much from their day to day lives.
I would recommend focusing on launching a few eBooks to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform to ‘test the waters’ as some would say before diving straight into the deep end.
All you would need to do is see match your monthly income from your job with the sales of your eBooks on Kindle Publishing and you can look further into scaling your operation up before handing in your letter of GET ME THE HECK OUTTA’ HERE!!
For Example:
Let’s say you had 10 eBooks online with each over those eBooks selling 5 units per (7 days per week) at a sales price of $2.99 per each unit sold.
FYI: Amazon takes 30% of each sale as a referral fee from each sale you make leaving you with 70% royalties per each eBook sold, which isn’t bad.
10 eBooks online
5 units per eBook being sold each day
50 units sold in total per day
Selling price per eBook of $2.99
Minus 30% of $2.99 for Amazon referral fee = $2 (ish)
50 units sold per day x $2 = $100 per day income
Now, you have to take into account the cost of those 5 eBooks that the freelancers wrote for. The cost per eBook being created can vary, I have seen eBooks being written for as little as $25 but for as much as $500.
The budget will be dependent on your financials and this will be something that you can be fully in control of.
FYI: Just because a freelancer bids a higher price on a project for your work on a freelance site, it does not mean that the quality is going to shine any brighter than any of the lower bids other freelancers have made.
Again, this comes down to information + communication with the freelancer you decide to work with. MAKE SURE you communicate well with them before agreeing with them to start your work, and never be afraid to ask any questions if you have any.
Just to reiterate, ensure that the quality is top notch. People will not want to read through the first couple of sentences of your eBook if the quality isn’t there, so make this your main focus when getting samples of work from freelancers + checking through the work that has been done for by the freelancer.
That point rambled on a bit, didn’t it? I hope it was worth the read.
Now, onto the next.
4. Autopilot Earning Potential
Here it is.
One of my favorite things about this whole business model.
The automation of earnings.
Minimal effort, maximum profit sorta stuff.
The beauty of Kindle Direct Publishing is that it allows anybody to publish a book on its platform, but it also holds the power of actually being able to earn money online through its processes, which can become more automated than ever.
Once you publish a book on Kindle, that’s it.
No replenishment of inventory.
Zero customer service (except for replying to reviews to show your gratitude).
There is not even a subscription fee for Kindle Direct Publishing sign up.
You get charged a 30% referral fee based off every single sale and that’s it!
This means you could place an eBook up on Kindle Publishing today and it could potentially be making you a nice flow of passive income for years to come.
Your eBooks will be published on Kindle and once the sales process starts to take place, this is where the real fun happens as you will gain more exposure for your eBook resulting in more organic and even further automated sales.
“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”
Yep, that’s right. You could have potential customers day in and day out buying your eBooks at all different times of the day.
You will have people buying your eBook (if done right) from all around the world, which to say the obvious, is mighty powerful.
Evergreen Content Is Life Or another way in which I like to word it; “If it’s not worthy of a social share, don’t post it.”
This is a simple yet highly effective rule to follow when producing any content.
As Jason Bracht will teach you inside his course ‘Kindle Publishing University.’ evergreen content is something that every Kindle Publishing enthusiast should be focusing on.
Without the aim of creating something worthy of getting social shares, the whole purpose of writing an eBook to sell to people becomes pointless (yes, you will gain experience for the process but it will not fulfill the goal that you are trying to achieve, which is to earn money online).
Of course, we are talking about the content of being of such high quality that is gathered shares on social media and gets linked to other websites BUT as a freelancer will be writing our eBook for us, how do we monitor the level of quality that is in the content?
1. We read it ourselves
2. We send it to friends and family members who like to read
3. We send it to someone who has experience in advanced content and proofreader to look over it
* The last point (No.3) may seem like it should be done by the freelancer writing the actual book but I think it is always best to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion on all things content and proofreading prior to uploading it to Kindle Direct Publishing.
Are you following?
I’m not.
I’m so lost right now.
Give me a few minutes to backtrack and see where I am.
Homies, no sweat.
I’m back with a fresh coffee in hand ready to create some more kick-ass Kindle Publishing content for you all.
How Do You Check How Well An eBook Is Doing On Kindle?
This has been a question on many peoples minds for a long time now, but worry not eBook lovers, I have the solution to your problem…
* I personally don’t have the solution BUT I know a website that does if that counts?
Say Hello To Kindlepreneur
Kindlepreneur is a website where it has a free tool available for the public to check out the amount of sales eBooks selling on Amazon are doing per day, which is pretty powerful, to say the least.
While I am not 100% certain on its accuracy of the units being sold per day, it sure does give a steady ballpark figure to work with.
Why Is This So Powerful?
This has many benefits for someone who is looking to get started selling eBooks on Kindle Direct Publishing, for example:
1. Minimizes start-up risk for your Kindle Publishing business (costs + time)
2. Let’s explore the different categories that are in the most demand on Amazon’s Kindle
3. Allows you to see a ballpark figure of the number of sales an eBook is selling per day
* I think that the minimization of risk here is the biggest factor when it comes to using this eBook calculator as it will help you avoid potentially low in demand categories and dead-end trends across certain eBooks.
Thanks a bunch, Kindlepreneur – Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors (this is where you can check out and use the tool).
Okay, one last section because I love you all but then that’s it, I need to sleep…
Jason Bracht will be able to guide you from that point with a lot of the information I have most likely missed out in this blog post, my bad homies.
Creating A Visually Stunning eBook Cover I want to start off this chapter with a quote that I always try to live by when designing my own graphics or reviewing graphics that somebody else has created for me, and that quote is one of shortness and simplicity which reads; “Visuals sell, end of.”
I told you it was short and simple.
But with its simplistic approach comes a highly effective meaning.
Meaning that you can carry forward with your earn money online journey with Kindle Direct Publishing, designing visuals that are going to take peoples breath away and all of that good stuff.
As mentioned earlier on in the blog post, you can use Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur or Logos, Web, Graphic Design & More. | 99designs to get covers (plus other graphics) done for your Kindle Publishing eBooks.
“Make sure you aim to produce an eBook cover that even the power pinner’s on Pinterest would adore.”
If Fiverr or 99designs is NOT the platform for you, you can reach out to graphic designers on Google (type in relevant search terms) OR use someone local to you who you know or who a friend or family member (or Facebook homie) has recommended.
Request sample work from the graphic designer before going all in on agreeing to get your eBook cover created for quality assurance.
Below is an example of a badly designed eBook covers in my opinion:
And below is an example of a well-designed eBook covers (again, in my opinion):
While creating a cool and quirky eBook cover might seem like a fun and pretty straightforward process, you cannot ignore the fact that your eBook cover must represent the content of the eBooks.
If it does not match the content within the eBook, the reader will become confused and could potentially leave a negative review on your Amazon listing.
So pay close attention to your styles my people and do things properly.
Remember, this is NOT a hobby.
Kindle Publishing Champion Thinks This IS a business.
Start as you mean to go on people!
Kindle Direct Publishing Success
I would just like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has taken the time out to read this gigantic blog post, haha!
But seriously, thank you! I really do appreciate every single second of your time.
I hope this has been of some sort of help and value to you and that you were able to take some notes towards implementing some action steps towards starting up your very own Kindle Publishing empire!
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