Jom Makan With Hilton Hotels In Malaysia Makes A Comeback

In the month of Ramadan this year, Hilton Hotels in Malaysia invites guests to dine with Jom Makan at Hilton -  a special celebration of food and culture inspired by Ramadan’s true spirit of giving and sharing. Bringing back last year’s successful “Jom Makan” theme, Hilton hotels in Malaysia encourages guests to dine together as the sun sets while relishing the companionship of many.
As Malaysians, we are brought together by the diverse and unique flavours of our food. Hence the theme “Jom Makan”, a local lingo that is affectionately embraced by all Malaysians. It is a joyful merriment of good food, get-togethers and a time to celebrate with loved ones.
This year throughout the fasting month, Hilton Kuala Lumpur will be highlighting a widespread of all-time favorite Malaysian cuisine. With over 300 dishes served, diners are definitely spoilt for choice. Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s Vasco’s the all-day dining will portray a unique theme that showcases the very best of Malaysia’s royal feast.
Highlights of Ramadan 2019 at Hilton Kuala Lumpur: Hilton Kuala LumpurFeaturing “Santapan DiRaja” themed buffet, the feast fit for a king showcases regal favourites of the royal families of Perak, Melaka, Johor and more. Come and savour it at our all-day dining signature restaurant, Vasco's, which will be accompanied by outstanding Silat and Gamelan music performances. There’s no better time to gather your loved ones for a magnificent treat at Hilton Kuala Lumpur!Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner 5thMay – 4th June 2019 6.00pm - 10.30pm, Adult RM188 NettChild: RM 100 Nett (ages 6-11 years only).For reservation please call +603 2264 2264 or visit
Want to celebrate with business partners, then plan an unforgettable break of fast or Raya open house at Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Priced at RM160 Nett per person. 100 – 250 persons will receive a Ramadhan door gift, 1 Day use room, Hilton Deluxe Room and complimentary usage of DLP projector.
251 – 500 persons will receive a Ramadhan door gift, 2 Day use room, Hilton Deluxe Room, 1 complimentary lamb carving with condiments and complimentary usage of DLP projector.
501 persons and above will receive a Ramadhan door gift, 2 Day use room, Hilton Deluxe Room, 2 complimentary lamb carving with condiments, Hari Raya entrance decoration and complimentary usage of DLP projector. To make reservations please call +603 2264 2277 or email [email protected]
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday when guests come to break fast at Vasco’s they will see firsthand a traditional form of performance called silat. Silat which is the Malay art of self-defense, has many forms, styles or branches and is a series of movements in which two dancers demonstrate gracefully how to fence and defend themselves. These dancers all decked in traditional attire will perform while diners enjoy their royal feast. Guests will also walk away with a one of a kind door gift, miniature Tengkolok. Traditional Malay music will be performed from Monday – Saturday as well.
Come celebrate and get together with family and friends and experience the best of authentic traditional local cuisine with us as we invite you to “Jom Makan”!
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Dine Like Royalties Rm 188++(Total Dish/Item – 368 Types)

MENCEMAR DULILettuceMesclun and RomanceHearty CondimentsAlfalfa, Trio Of Capsicum Slice, Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sliced Cucumber, Carrot Shredded, Poached Chickpeas, Red Beans, Sliced Red Onion, Herbed Croutons, Garlic Crouton And Charcoal CroutonDressings and DrizzleThousand Island, House Dressing & Soy Dressing
MOHON PERKENAN*Urap Pengaga Bersama Udang Batu Jemala (Tossed Pengaga Leaf with Spicy Shredded Coconut)*Urap Kacang Botol Mengkuang Layu (Angel Bean with Spicy Shredded Coconut)Kerabu Jantung Pisang Malin Kundang (Banana Heart Salad with Herbs)Kerabu Mangga Muda Dengan Limau Bali Bersulam Sutera (Young Mango Salad with Pomelo)Kerabu Sotong Dengan Suhun D’Muara (Squid Salad with Glass Noodle)Kerabu Ayam Bersama Pucuk Paku Sri Paduka Raja (Chicken Salad With Fern Leaf And Lemongrass)*Kerabu Daging Salai Putera Beradu (Smoked Sliced Beef Salad with Pineapple)*Sambal Tempe, Kacang Dengan Ikan Bilis Dan Choy Poh Pak Malau (Fermented Soya Bean with Anchovies and Choy Poh)Acar Jelatah Darat Dang Anum (Pineapple and Cucumber Salad)Acar Ikan Masin Bersama Nenas (Sweet and Sour Salted Fish Achar with Pineapple)Ikan Gelama Masin, Ikan Sepat Masin (Fried Saltad Fish)Ikan Talang Goreng Berbawang (Salted Fish With Onion)Belut Goreng Berbawang Dan Chili Padi Batu Sangkar (Fried Eel With Unión And Bird Eye Chili)Telor Asin (Salted Egg)Ikan Pekasam Mak Bidan (Fermented Fish Serve with Selected Condiment)Hati Dan Pedal Ayam Goreng Berkacang Panjang (Sautéed Chicken Liver With Long Bean)Rojak Buah Mahsuri (Assorted Young Fruits Serve with Spicy Shrimp Paste)
DERMA KURNIAAN TUAN PUTERIPucuk Betik, Pucuk Gajus, Ulam Raja, Petai, Jering, Daun Selon, Tenggek Burung, Daun Pengaga, Terung Pipit, Bendi Rebus, Terung Rebus Dan Petai RebusSambal Belacan, Sambal Lodek Petai, Sambal Manga Muda, Sambal Budu, Sambal Cencalok, Sambal Hitam
JERUK GUNDIK MEMANDA MENTERIJeruk Buah Kedondong, Jeruk Buah Kelubi, Jeruk Buah Mangga, Jeruk BuahPala, Jeruk Buah Anggur, Jeruk Cermai, Jeruk Betik, Jeruk Buah Salak, Jeruk Jambu Batu
KUDAPAN PUTERA ARJUNA NESTAPAKeropok Ikan Tamban, Keropok Udang, Keropok Sayur, Keropok Malinja, Keropok Ubi,Kerepek Pisang, Kerepek Ubi Kayu, Kerepek Ikan Bilis Dan Kerepek Ubi Pedas
DAYUNG DAYANG SENANDUNGPoached Tiger Prawn, Freshly Shucked Pacific OystersPoached Black Mussels, Marinated Yabbies’ Manila Clam and Lokan
COLEK COLEKSeafood Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Thai Style Chili Lime Sauce, Light Soya And Hot Chili Dip Fresh Wedges Of Fresh Lime And Lemon, Flying Fish Roe, Green And Red Tabasco
PASTA VASCO DE ROYALEChoice of Penne, Tagliatelle, Spaghetti, Linguine, Angel Hair and FarfalleSauces - Aglio – Olio with Salted Fish, Creamy Carbonara, Arabiata, Tomato and Basil, BolognaiseCondiments –Turkey Ham, Beef Bacon, Bell Peppers, Mushroom, Olives and Grated ParmesanCherry Tomato, Mixed Seafood, Italian Parsley, Dried Chili Flake
PIZZA DE CASTLEPepperoni Pizza, Chicken Serunding Pizza, Satay Pizza, Rendang pizza
BUBUR LAMBUK HULUBALANG PERKASARamadan Specialty Rice Porridge Of Meat, Fried Shallots, Chinese Parsley, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger, Lemongrass And Coconut Milk
MENJUNJUNG TITAH KING ARTHURHoney Roasted Carrot with Leek Soup
SUP BEREMPAH LAKSAMANA MELAKATulang Rusuk, Ekor, Lidah, Dan Kambing(Beef Rib, Beef Tail, Beef Tongue and Lamb)Served With Sambal Kicap, Sambal Merah UtaraSpring Onion, Chili Paddy and Fried Shallot and Sliced Cabbage
“FRESHLY BAKED FROM HILTON PALACE OF VERSAILLES”Milk Rolls, Multi Seeds Rolls, Flat Zatar Bread, Onion Bread Stick, Sliced Of Heritage Bengali Bread and Potato Bread Curry
CHAR KWAY TEAW KERANG RAJA BERSIONGFried Kway Teaw with Cockle Meat, Prawn, Beansprout and Chives
PASEMBUR KOTA LAMAPrawn Fritters, Crab Stick, Fish Cake, Fish Ball, Bean Curd, Coconut Fritters, Potato, Cucumber, Sweet Turnip and Bean Sprout Serve With Mamak Sweet Potato Gravy
*CENGKERANG SISIRAN PANTAI BERAHI (SHELL OUT)(Traditional Spicy and Sour Gravy, Tom Yam Gravy Serve with Seafood, Vegetables and Condiments)(Mussel, Prawn, Crab, Squid, Sabah Clam, Cockle,)(Lady Finger, Long Bean, Broccoli, Tomato, Lemon Grass And Lime Leaf)*
GULAI CLAY POT (LIVE)Urat Keting, Perut Lembu Dan Daging Bakar(Beef Vain, Beef Stripe and Roasted Beef)
DEWAN SANTAPAN DI RAJA, MAKAN BERADAB*Ayam Masak Rendang Cili api Istana Menanti (Braised Chicken with Herbs and Chili Padi)Ikan Mayong Asam Pedas Dengan Bendi Istana Melaka (Mayong Fish Braised In Hot and Sour Gravy)Pais Ikan Patin Tempoyak Istana Abu Bakar (Grilled Fresh Water Cat Fish with Fermented Durian)*Udang Harimau Masak Merah Istana Bukit Serene (Tiger Prawn Cooked With Tomato And Chili Paste)*Daging Masak Kerutup Dengan Kerisik Istana Balai Besar (Braised Beef with Black Pepper, Palm Sugar and Shredded Coconut)*Ketupat Sotong Istana Anak Bukit (Stuffed Squid with Minced Seafood Serve With Coconut Gravy))Kari Kambing Dengan Buah Kelo Istana D’Kayangan (Braised Lamb Rib with “Munggai” Bean)Kupang Masak Lada Hitam Dengan Kacang Panjang Istana Cempaka Sari (Stir Fried Mussel with Black Pepper and Long Bean)Gulai Daging Rusa Istana Alam Shah (Braised Venison with Chili Padi and Potato in Coconut Cream)Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Istana Iskandariah (Local Sea Snail Cooked With Spicy Pounded Chili AndCoconut Milk)Asparagus Goreng Belacan Bersama Kepiting (Stir-Fried Asparagus with Shrimp Paste and Crab Meat)Steamed White Rice
HIDANGAN PUTERI HANG LI POHRoasted DuckBaby Squid with Spicy Black Pepper SauceSauté Beef with Snow PeasStir-Fried Kailan with Shrimp Paste
DARI TAJ MAHAL KE ISTANA RAJATawa Tandoor (Plain, Garlic, and Butter Naan)Chicken Tandoori (Chicken Marinated With Yogurt and Tandoori Spiced)Fish Tikka (Fish Marinated With Cashew Nut and Yogurt)Lamb Kebab (Minced Lamb Mix with Indian Spiced)
HIDANGAN RAJA ASOKAZafarani Murgh (Braised Chicken with Butter, Saffron, Cream and Indian Masala Spiced)Goan Fish Curry (Fried Fish Coated With Creamy Coconut, Tomato Gravy)Mutton Vindaloo (Braised Lamb with Creamy Tomato Sauce and Potato)Vegetable Jalfrizei (Vegetables Cooked In Mild Indian Spiced)Channa Rejala (Chick Pea Braised In Masala Curry Sauce)Mushroom Mutter (Green Peas Cooked With Mushroom and Cream Sauce)Pickles, Chutney, Sauces, Dressing, CrackersHusaini Tomato Chutney, Pudina Chutney, Mixed Vegetable Pickle, Onion Pickles, Lime Chutney, Cucumber Raita, Pineapple Raita, Young Mango Raita,Poppadum, Fried Chili, Sliced Onion
*PANGGANGAN MEMBARA SEANTERO DUNIA*Kambing Panggang Berempah Sanggai, Ayam Bakar Perchik Buluh PerinduNasi Briyani Saudagar Arab, Sos Pudina, Sos Rosemary Dan Mustard(Marinated Roast Of Lamb With Spiced, And Bamboo Skewered Chicken Accompaniment With Briyani Rice. Mint Sauce, Rosemary Sauce and Honey Mustards)
NASI KUNING KUKUS DI RAJAAyam Bersiram Madu, Tempe Goreng, Telor Rebus, Bergedil Kentang, Sambal Cili Tumbuk, Ulaman(Roasted Honey Chicken, Fried Soya Bean Curd, Boiled Egg, Chili Paste, Potato Croquet, Fresh Malay Herbs)
IKAN BAKAR WAK SAFRI SI KUDA KEPANGWhole Baked Barramundi with Air Assam, Spicy Soya Sauce and Sambal Bumbu
SATAY & OTAK-OTAK WAK DAN PAHLAWAN PERKASAChoice of Beef and Chicken Satay with Condiment and Tangy Peanut Sauce, Satar,Grill Spice Fish Paste in “Nipah” Leaf,
*KEGEMARAN SAMPINGAN DATUK PADUKA*Ketupat Palas, Ketupat Daun Kelapa, Lemang Pulut Dan Lemang Jagung, Lemang Pulut Kuning, Serunding Ayam Dan Serunding Daging Bersama Rendang Tok Perak Iskandariah
MURTABAK RAJA LAKSAMANA HANG TUAHChicken Murtabak with Dal Tadka, Onion Sambal And Onion PickleRoti Canai, Roti Telor and Roti Pisang
KUALI TEBAKAU TENGKU MAHKOTAPisang Nangka, Pisang Abu, Pisang Tanduk, Keledek, Keladi, Kepok Lekor, Sukun And Chempedak, Cakoi, Sambal Rawit, Vanilla, Chocolate, And Strawberry Sauce(Assorted Deepfried Banana, Sweet Potato, Yam And Jack Fruit Serve With Spicy Soya,Vanilla,Chocolate And Starwberry Sauce)Ikan Goreng Berempah Daun Kari, Ketam Mini, Burung Puyuh Dan Ayam Drumet Dengan Sambal Rawit(Deep Fried Fish, Baby Crab, Quail and Chicken Drummet with Spicy Soya Sauce)
SANTAPAN SAMPINGAN HANG JEBATChinese Style Steam Sea Bass and Grouper with Garlic Ginger SauceCondiments for Steam Fish - Coriander Leaf, Spring Onion Julienne Chili, Light Soya Superior SauceMee Rebus Tulang(Noodles With Beef Bone And Sweet Potato Gravy Accompaniment With Beansprout, Choy Sum, Bean Curd, Green Chili, Fritters, Fried Shallot And Boiled Egg)Mee Udang(Noodle with Prawn Base Gravy and Selection Of Condiments)
PEMANIS MULUT ADINDAKuih Ankoo, Apam Puteri Ayu, Apam Gula Merah, Bingka Ubi, Cara Manis, Cara Berlauk, Cucur Badak, Kole Kacang, Kuih Lapis, Kuih Seri Muka, Bakar, Keria, Lompat Tikam, Puteri Mandi, Talam Ubi, Kuih Koci, Lepat Pisang, Lepat Ubi,Tepung Bungkus. Pulut Inti, *Buah Tanjung, Jala Emas, Taik Itik, Cek Mek Molek Istana Maziah, Pudding Raja, Kuih Akok, Kuih Dangai*Serawa Durian, Bubur Cha Cha, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Pengat Pisang (Rotation)Taufu fa, Marble Cheese Cake, Hazelnut Pudding with Vanilla SauceMango Pudding, Agar Agar Cendol, Pandan Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake, Banana Walnut CakeTapai Pulut & Tapai Ubi, Assorted Malay Cookies, Buah Kurma (Dates)
SENTUHAN KASIH KEKANDABuah Potong Bersama Assam Boi(Cut Fruit with Sour Plum)Semangka, Tembikai Susu, Betik, Nenas, Jambu Air, Jambu Batu, Mangga, Salak, Pisang, Maggis, Rambutan, Pulasan, Apple, Orange, Dokong Dan Longan(Watermelon, Honeydew, Pineapple, Rose Apple, Guave, Mango, Banana, Snake Skin Fruit, Manggosteen)
ICE CREAM ‘POTONG’ AND TEPPANYAKI ICE CREAMJagung, Kacang Merah, Durian, Cendol(Corn, Red Bean, Durian’s And Pandan Jelly)
PERSEMBAHAN ISTIMEWA“Rempeyek Kacang Tanah Ikan Bilis” Pak Deen(Crispy Peanut and Anchovies Chips Crackers)Apam Balik(Traditional Sweet Pancake)
ABCD COUNTER & CENDOL BERSAMA IRINGANCrushed Ice Mixed With Colorful ‘Pearl’ and CondimentsServed With Cendol Meat, Red Bean, Sweet Corn, Attap Seed, Durian Meat, Condensed Milk Rose Syrup, Palm Sugar and Evaporated Milk
MINUMAN SEJUK & PANAS (BEVERAGES)Teh Tarik Panas (Hot Malaysian Milk Tea)Nescafé Tarik Panas (Hot Malaysian Nescafé)Air Sirap Selasih (Iced Syrup Basil Seeds)Air Kacang Soya (Iced Soy Bean)Air Tebu (Iced Sugar Cane)Air Mangga (Iced Mango Juice)Air Plum (Iced Plum Juice)Air Limau Asam Boi (Iced Lime Juice with Asam Boi)Longan Sea CoconutWinter Melon Longan
(6 Types of Cold Drinks + 2 Types of Hot Drinks)

*signature dish for the Ramadan review

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