How Many Ministers Have Voluntarily Stepped Down Because Of Non Performance
Ministers, MBs, CMs, EXCOs who do not meet the mark should relinquish posts

PM's special media adviser did not mince his words
those incapable of handling job should ship out
those still crawling around a year after, to reconsider their positions
to voluntarily leave so that others can replace them said Kadir
he could only give opinions as discretion was the PMs

Dr Mahathir himself has given cabinet 50% said Kadir.
Dr Mahathir gave (Cabinet)  "five out of 10".
I have been in govt for 22 years I know how govt functions
but these (ministers) - they do not know how, Dr Mahathir 
Those below 50 can be targeted to be replaced," Kadir said.
people had right to assess whether succeeded or failed 
those in civil service, statutory bodies, GLCs must also ship out 
directly and indirectly sabotaging Pakatan government 

My comments :  About 55 years ago Lee Kuan Yew nailed it on the head when he said the Malays never like to take difficult matters head on. They postpone, procrastinate, delay, disappear, 'buat tak tahu', hope it will just go away etc. 

One stupid mamak once even said (about an economic crisis)  'this too shall pass'.  Yes it will pass but you will still be stuck inside your shit hole.

The same now over the incompetence of the entire Cabinet. 

The question is how many ministers in the history of Malaysia (perhaps going back to the Melaka Sultanate) have voluntarily stepped down after admitting that they were non performers in their jobs? Do you know of any? None?

So no Minister, Menteri Besar, Chief Minister, State EXCO etc is ever going to admit he or she is a non performer and then resign after that. It is just not going to happen.  Kadir's point then was just another 'melepaskan batuk di tangga' situation.  

Whether it is spelt batuk or batok the meaning is similar "membuat sesuatu kerja tetapi tidak sampai selesai."   Meaning doing something half heartedly. 

Well Kadir is not the only person who can see that the Cabinet is incompetent.  The Cabinet is NOT a training school where the uninitiated can crawl in the dark trying to figure out how to become Ministers. Because the lives and the fate of 33 million people and a RM1.4 TRILLION economy are at stake.  

The question is how long do we wait?

Ok very well Dr Mahathir has said that he gives only 50% passing grade for his Cabinet. That was said months ago. So how many more months do we have to tolerate this non performing Cabinet?

Because  certainly their incompetence has only increased since Dr Mahathir made that 50% passing grade remark. 

That village idiot Maszlee has been saying one dumb thing after another - the latest being his idea to give RM11.5 million to the Muslim Brotherhood (via scholarships).

Just last week he said something really stupid about bumiputra employment in the private sector and the quotas for matriculation.  Apa kena mengena tanam mempelam di Kedah dan saiz kasut gajah sarkis?

Yes it is at the PM's discretion but here is a question for Kadir  -  As an Advisor to the PM, will you tell Dr Mahathir to fire Maszlee ? Yes or no?

If the PM's "advisors" do not advise direct and to the point, then why should the PM fire anyone? The PM will think 'Since no one is complaining then I must not be doing anything wrong'.

The buck does stop with the Boss. Here is that famous picture of President Harry Truman :

That sign on Truman's desk says "The Buck Stops here'. It is an old cowboy card game term associated with 'passing the buck'.  It means the 'card dealer' or the boss is responsible for the game. 

My view is nothing is going to change. Maszlee will remain the Minister of Education. Plus all the other incompetents.

This is just 'melepaskan batuk di tangga'. Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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