How Can You Learn English For The Real World

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Fluency in English is essential for young people with exciting ambitions. It’s the global language of business and vital in connecting with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Real-world English language skills can not only help your child excel in all areas and stay academically competitive now, but give them the confidence to embrace future challenges. We explore what it means for our Secondary students and what to expect from our courses.

What is English for the real world?

Learning English for the real world means going beyond the school syllabus. We believe that our Secondary students are most engaged when stretched to apply their language skills to real-life situations, including complex topics such as climate change and the environment.

More than just an English course, our lively classes enable young learners to find their voice by participating in interactive activities with their peers. In addition to developing their language skills, they will gain the necessary tools to succeed in life, such as collaboration, creativity, resilience and leadership.

Preparing young people for the real world also means encouraging them to be inquisitive. We challenge them to go deeper by reading new texts thoughtfully and deliberately, rather than simply a superficial surface level understanding. In our supportive environment, students learn to build evidence-based arguments and are encouraged to express their own opinions without fear. This promotes confidence in their ability to think independently, while putting students in charge of their own learning journey.

More about our Secondary courses

The British Council’s Secondary school English tuition courses place a strong emphasis on helping students to build a global mindset. Our highly qualified and passionate teachers approach this by focusing on their intercultural confidence, critical thinking and analytical reading skills, in tandem with key exam techniques. Stimulating up-to-date topics are linked to timely world issues, incentivising students to improve their communication skills by seeing the immediate relevance of what they are learning.

Equipping our young learners with English for the real world will help them to achieve academic success, while developing the 21st century proficiencies needed to thrive beyond their school years.

To find out more about our courses for kids and teens, visit our website or book a free consultation with our friendly consultant

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