Happyfresh Supports Malaysians Through The Pandemic With Better Deals And Employment Opportunities

●        Measures to keep employees safe and well include hiring drives, vaccination programmes and sanitisation practices

Now offers same prices in-store, lower delivery fees and free delivery above RM200
HappyFresh, Malaysia’s Leading Online Grocery Delivery company, is strengthening its support for Malaysians through these challenging times by ramping up its efforts to bring convenience and safety to customers, including hiring laid-off employees to increase its fleet of riders and personal shoppers, kickstarting donation programmes and rolling out lower prices for deliveries. 
As the nation moved through the various stages of recovery, HappyFresh saw an exponential increment in grocery orders as more people adhered to social distancing guidelines and minimised external contact. To cope with the increased demand and to offer opportunities to thousands of Malaysians whose jobs were affected during the pandemic, HappyFresh launched an initiative to hire thousands of laid-off employees as delivery riders and personal shoppers along with increasing the remuneration for their frontline starting in July 2021 as an effort to help them during these challenging times.

HappyFresh is finalising its plan to roll out a company-wide vaccination exercise to ensure employees, delivery riders and personal shoppers could keep themselves protected. The equipment, vehicles and offices are sanitised frequently, and all customer-facing employees undergo regular swab tests as part of strict measures to maintain high cleanliness and safety standards.
“HappyFresh understands more than ever the concern of safety and security during these times. We take our role of connecting communities with their daily necessities seriously and believe that we have the responsibility to support more families and this extends to protecting our own employees as well. Ultimately it is our mission to provide and deliver freshly handpicked groceries to as many families in Malaysia as possible. We encourage people to not panic buy so that it does not interrupt the efficiency and stock level in store,” said Hu Hun Hui, Managing Director of HappyFresh Malaysia.
HappyFresh has also restarted its support programme to further lend a helping hand to the nation. With every purchase, customers can choose to donate RM2 upon checkout to the less fortunate families during these trying times. In collaboration with Pasaraya OTK, starting from 9 July 2021, customers can also choose from RM50 or RM100 grocery bundles at the KitaJagaKita store within the app to donate to the Lighthouse Welfare Children House in Bangsar and to many more NGOs in the near future.


To offer customers more convenience and savings, HappyFresh has now reduced the delivery fee to as low as RM4. This delivery fee includes the personal shopper and delivery service, where trained personal shoppers will select the freshest groceries available and liaise with the customer with alternatives if items are sold out. Free Delivery is available for both new and returning customers at HappyFresh when they purchase above a certain threshold at any stores.
Customers who are looking for the best value need not worry as HappyFresh is now offering groceries and snacks at the same price as in-store, inclusive of all in-store discounts. Customers can skip the hassle of finding parking, queuing up to pay or carrying heavy bags and get their freshly handpicked groceries delivered directly to their homes. Customers may choose a wide range of retailers, such as, Lotus’s (formerly known as Tesco), Mercato, Giant, Village Grocer, AEON, Ben’s Independent Grocer and many more.
“We are always looking for more ways to make the grocery delivery experience safer and more convenient for our customers. With 373 supermarkets and specialty stores to choose from across Klang Valley, Melaka, Penang, Johor Baru and Ipoh, HappyFresh takes the hassle of grocery shopping from you and delivers the best experience straight to your home without risking the potential of contracting COVID 19. We encourage our customers to look out for our in-app promotions as we often roll out daily discounts and promo codes to give more value to our customers,” Hu adds.
The HappyFresh app is available for download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. For more information on HappyFresh and to make an order, please visit www.happyfresh.my.


HappyFresh is Southeast Asia's leading Online Grocery Delivery company that enables consumers to shop in their preferred grocery chains via app and web platforms. Founded in October 2014, by an international team of e-commerce and logistics expert, HappyFresh partners with well-known retail chains to give customers a full and varied selection of items at a range of price points. The company's professionally trained Personal Shoppers pick the best products, while the company's advanced on-demand logistic network allows for next hour delivery.
HappyFresh is headquartered in Jakarta with operations in Malaysia and Thailand. For more information, please visit: www.happyfresh.com.

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