Gobind Assures Rtm Contract Staff Issues To Be Resolved By Year End

Staffing issues in RTM, especially affecting those under contract, will be resolved by the end of the year
Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Sigh Deo said discussions are still ongoing with the Public Service Department over the status of the national broadcaster's contract staff
“We have asked RTM to put forward their suggestions, including those from the affected staff, which will then be forwarded to the PSD
"We hope to have a solution by the end of the year,” he told reporters after attending an Aidilfitri reception organised by the RTM Veterans Association (PVRTM) in Angkasapuri today
PVRTM patron Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin of Selangor graced the occasion.Prior to this, Gobind had been asked whether the government would consider absorbing RTM contract staff as permanent employees, as many of them had been with the broadcaster for more than 10 years
The minister said he was very concerned with staffing issues, as he recognised the effort and work put in by the media workforce to deliver content to the people
He added he hopes to see the issue resolved as soon as possible
“I want a situation where dedicated and hardworking staff are justly rewarded,” he said
In his speech, Gobind encouraged RTM staff to always refer to and utilise the veterans’ experience to improve the network further
He said this is to ensure RTM does not lose its identity as a responsible broadcaster
“In a challenging global broadcasting environment, experience will play a big role as the basis in keeping pace with technological advances, and this is where PVRTM's and their experience can be consulted,” he said
Gobind also hoped PVRTM will continue to contribute to their former employers by motivating current staff through talks and discussions
“Although times have evolved and creativity is subjective, creativity skills for quality content can still be harnessed from experience, he said. - Bernama

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