Death In The Beauty Salons Ministry Of Tai Chi Not Responsible

 This is not the first time this has happened and neither will this be the last. This is Malaysia. We realise there is a problem when people start dying. But this is Malaysia. People are not held responsible when other people die. Even kidnappers and murderers can retire and live peacefully ever after. I am referring the Pastor Koh and Amri Che Mat and Pastor Hilmy kidnapping / disappear cases. 
Here is some news :

two owners of beauty salon detained over botched liposuction freed on police bail 
mother, daughter freed on police following expiry of remand
referred (IP) to DPP on Wed to charge them under Section 304A Penal Code
IP still with DPP for further deliberation 
Health Ministry conducted own investigation will refer to prosecution division 
23-year-old Coco Siew died after liposuction went awry 
risks of going to dubious beauty salons
she went for liposuction at beauty salon last Sat
after getting anaesthetic injection heart slowed down, experienced convulsions 
rushed to hospital but died that evening
beauty salon owners, mother and daughter, detained for culpable homicide 
My comments : 
I received a long message from a reader about this case. Here it is :
M’sian Model Dies During Liposuction Procedure by Unlicensed Beautician in Preparation for Her Wedding
This has been widely reported in the media. 
Beauty salons are doing surgical procedures using non credentialled Doctors from China / Korea 
The beauty salon owner is caught and released after bail.
How about the doctor who actually committed the  manslaughter ? 
Where is he / she?
This is not the first time this has happened 
A few years ago a Chinese lady died at a beauty parlour in amcorp mall - she was 'treated' by a Malaysian doctor and anaesthetist. 
She collapsed and was sent to University Hospital and she  died there. 
Very quiet.  KKM senyap.  Why ah? 
The doctor continued working as usual. 
MMC pun tak tanya.  No MMC enquiry.
Tapi kalau kita overcharge RM50 per face mask - we are dragged thru the courts / MMC / media. 
(OSTB : That one I agree lah. RM50 per face mask?)
The doctor who killed the patient at amcorp mall was given a Certificate of Good Standing to work in Australia (after killing that lady). 
How did he get that letter ?
He went on to commit further medical crimes in Australia.   
Kenapa MMC tak bising? Mana enquiry? 
Who at MMC has allowed these doctors to continue working ?
Where is KKM's enforcement?
You know their answer : 

Kita tak boleh mengambil tindakan kerana perkara ini berlaku di premis yang tidak di lesen oleh KKM. MMC juga tidak boleh mengambil tindakan ke atas pegawai perubatan yang tidak berdaftar dengan MMC. Lagi pun, semua tindakan MMC haruslah bersusulan daripada aduan orang ramai. Kami di KKM tidak ada kuasa untuk mensarankan MMC untuk mengambil tindakan ke atas mana-mana doktor.
Wah! Like that ah? 
Basically what it means is that if they operate in a non KKM licensed premise and are not registered with MMC then they can get away with murder !
Their answer will be : "kami sekarang sedang mengubah sop (their favourite word) bagi menjamin keselamatan pesakit yang mendapat rawatan di pusat kecantikan".
But there are so many loop holes.   For example : the people selling energy based devices - like laser machines.   They sell to every one.   No need to have a doctors apc to sell  the machine.   It basically means any Tom, Dick and Harry can buy and use the machines.   Even untrained personnel. 
This is where the complications set in.   How did a Beauty Salon procure a liposuction machine ? Who sold the liposuction machine to them? Under whose license? These are the questions you have to ask. 
How can medical surgical equipment be found in a beauty salon?  
If we had enforced certain rules from the beginning - this death could have been averted. 
Why didn’t we learn from the death at amcorp mall? 
Because we did not care and we took no action.
When a certain DPM’ s son in law died during a dental procedure - wah! The hoo haa was amazing.  Immediately KKM got their act together. They made more media statements. Where are those statements now? 
Are two Chinese women’s lives not important for KKM?
Believe me there is very little transparency at MMC level.
Some thing smells fishy there.

Step one : 

The ministry should stop energy based devices (lasers) being sold to Beauty Salons.They should ban the sale of liposuction machines to beauty salons. All machines should be bought only with a valid apc. 
That way when complications occur - the doctor who used their apc to purchase the machine will be held accountable.
Two : KKM should not allow doctors to operate medi-spas. These places are not licensed under KKM. They are spas. But doctors work there. They use laser energy devices freely. 
Patients do not know any better. They think a medi-spa is a clinic because a doctor practices there. But KKM has no jurisdiction at a medi-spa. 
As long as the owner of the medi-spa gets a license from the local council - the medi-spa can operate. The doctors pulak administer drugs. 
Those people lepas. 
'Bukan bawah bidang kuasa kita' - says KKM / MMC.
No complaints from public.
Three : KKM should conduct spot checks on medi-spas and even do sting operations. And take action if they administer drugs in their non KKM licensed premises.
'Not enough personnel' they will say ! Ye ke?
Or they will repeat : medi spas and beauty salons are not licensed by KKM. We have no jurisdiction over them. 
Back to square one.   Tunggu orang mati sajalah. 

My comments : 
A few weeks back we met a person who went for urut therapy. As part of the therapy the urut place gave this person an injection near the shoulder. There was an adverse reaction, there were swellings and serious infections. He had to be operated twice to fix the damage. He showed me a huge surgical scar.  No complaints were filed. No one was held accountable.  I suppose more people are becoming victims.
A couple of years back some people appeared around our house and started shooting for birds and wild fowl (ayam hutan).  There are ayam hutan in our area but this is a residential area. There are high rise apartments and houses within shooting range. So I told our local policemen that hunters should not be shooting their guns in a residential area. The Policemen said 'Go and report to Jabatan Perhilitan'. It was a tai chi situation. 
After 2018 I blogged about a new road intersection whose opening was delayed for more than six months because the contractor could not get the Minister to officiate. I plugged Anthony Loke for the delay but Anthony Loke tai chi-ed the thing as the responsibiity of the Ministry of Works or something. Meaning 'why tell me'?
There is no sense of collective responsibility. They dont say 'Thank you. We will talk to the relevant people and look into this'.
Instead the retort is 'Why tell me? This is not my responsibility.'
When you are in government it is your collective responsibility. Even if it is NOT your department or Ministry it is still your collective responsibility. If it is outside your department or Ministry then it is your responsibility to refer the matter to the right department or Ministry. 
Ok coming back to these deaths at beauty-spas and such. Extending the illogic if Wak Dukun can buy brain surgery equipment does that mean no one can arrest him or prevent him from performing brain surgery?
Because it is not under the jurisdiction of the KKM or the MMC?
Obviously there are enough laws and regulations in our country. Just that people are lazy to enforce the laws. Everyone wants to tai chi the enforcement to someone else.  So on a good day if everyone is in a tai chi mode the 'doctors' who are involved in such non-licensed pseudo-medical premises can get away unpunished.
Only the owner of the beauty salon got arrested? 
Something should not be done.
Or no one must do something.
The end result is the same. Nothing is done.
Who is the KSN ah? Ketua Setiausaha Negara?
The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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