Cooking Up Healthier Homes Cadula Introduces Modular Kitchen Cabinets That Are Stylish Safe And Simple To Install

Modular kitchen cabinets ideal for urban homes due to flexible structure, cost effectiveness, and easy installation

Modular cabinetry brand, Cadula has released its latest modular, shaker-style kitchen cabinet sets that are perfectly designed for compact living spaces. Available in three calming pastel colours, the collection is a celebration of nature within city homes — combining non-toxic wood material with a modular concept that allows homeowners full flexibility to customise their living spaces and bring their dream homes to life.

Smaller homes are all the rage amongst urban millennials and Gen Zs, as many are taking the opportunity to live independently. Seeking a sense of privacy and space for self-discovery, there is currently a strong trend of young homeowners moving out of their family homes and into smaller ones, such as studio apartments.

Due to this rising fondness for smaller, more manageable homes, traditional fixed cabinets (which are often large and impractical) are falling out of fashion with modern homes and their more compact spaces. With this in mind, Cadula’s modular kitchen cabinets are designed to meet these young homeowners’ cabinet expectations: they are modern, trendy, simplistic, and most importantly – convenient and cost-effective!

Commenting on this rising popularity in smaller homes, Samantha Lau, Co-Founder of Cadula Cabinet, shares, “Our current generation of urbanites are after more manageable, cosy little spaces to come home to, and we believe that even the tiniest of these spaces deserve some love and attention! Through Cadula’s growing line of affordable modular cabinets, we hope to bring these homeowners a fun, interactive experience and the creative freedom to liven up their homes with storage spaces that are not only stylish and modern, but also practical in nature. We also make it a point to do away with complicated instruction manuals and make them easy to install.”

First popularised during the housing boom in the early 1970s, modular cabinets are specially designed to be versatile, so as to complement and adapt to changing urban lifestyles. Built off the concept of a building block set, modular cabinets consist of separate premade units that can each easily be attached, detached, and rearranged to fit even tight areas. Its flexible nature not only makes this style of cabinets perfect for smaller households, but also equally suitable for renters who may need to bring furniture along with them when moving.

Besides being low-maintenance and easy to clean, the collapsible system of modular cabinets enables them to be used in a wide variety of spaces beyond the kitchen. For instance, the kitchen counter from Cadula’s modular cabinet set can also be converted to a bedroom nightstand or table top — adding functional and multi-faceted value to a single purchase and bringing the element of fun into furniture planning.

Eco-friendly and versatile: Introducing Cadula’s latest collection
Cadula’s new collection consists of a shaker door style series that is certain to bring an aura of calm to any kitchen, with three cool-toned pastel shades to choose from: Green Moss, Pebble Grey, and Blanche White. The neutral colours make it simple for the sets to match a variety of wall colours, adding a layer of interior design versatility.

The collection also comes in two design options. The first is pleasantly cosy and rustic, featuring a minimalist flat centre panel with squared edges and a shaker door. Meanwhile, the second option is a modern combination of a shaker door and a glass panel that allows a peek inside the cabinets. Both designs come with the option of an attached drawer-sized compartment below the cabinet. All the cabinet doors come with rustic metal door knobs that provide a smooth, comfortable grip.

To achieve a flawless finish for all its shaker door cabinets, Cadula utilises specialised melamine wood boards along with patented precision technology that allows for more consistent manufacturing with zero compromise to wood quality.

As a brand that emphasises healthier living, Cadula’s modular cabinets are entirely made of specialised, non-toxic wood low in formaldehyde, a form of allergen that can cause harm to a person’s physical and mental health from long-term exposure. This ensures that air in these homes remain free of toxins, and is a vital part of Cadula’s brand ethos: reconciling dream homes with an eco-friendly environment.

“We’ve had some customers come in and ask about possible reasons for the skin and nose allergies they experience at home. Many people chalk this up to old furniture, but the dangerous truth is that it could be commercial cabinets, many of which contain high levels of formaldehyde. To us, a home should be a safe space for one to relax and feel safe even from unseen toxins; this is why Cadula is committed to championing greener, healthier homes with 100% eco-friendly wood materials,” Samantha added.

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