Breaking News Al Saud Become Toast World S Largest 7m Bpd Oil Refinery Bombed To Bits By Drones

7M bpd is SEVEN million barrels per day.
This is still breaking news. Thank you to the reader who alerted me.  My comments below.

1.  Drones hit 2 Saudi Aramco oil facilities, cause fires
Houthis claim attacks on facilities in Abqaiq and KhuraisAbqaiq facility, 37 miles southwest of Dhahran "largest crude oil stabilisation plant in the world".
Khurais located 99 miles from Riyadhreserves of more than 20bn barrels of oil

fires at two major facilities run by Saudi AramcoHouthis said attacks carried out by 10 drones 
attacks are our right, we warn Saudis that our targets will keep expanding"We have right to strike back in retaliation to air strikes for last five years"
series of drone, missile attacks targeting Saudi air bases August Houthi attack sparked fire at Shaybah gas liquefaction facility 

2.  Drones struck world's largest oil processing facility in Saudi
and an oilfield operated by Saudi Aramco
huge fires at a processor crucial to global energy supplies.
Drones attacked Saudi biggest oil facilities, causing huge fires
attack on Abqaiq oil processing facility in Buqyaq second drone strike on Khurais — 2nd largest oil field 
Houthi previously launched drone assaults deep inside kingdom

flames shooting out of Abqaiq oil processing facility
Buqyaq "largest crude oil stabilization plant in the world.".
processes 7 million barrels of crude transports to Persian Gulf and Red Sea 
Houthis using drones in combat
Houthis launched drones against East-West Pipeline in May 
Houthis' new UAV-X drone has range of 1,500 kilometres

My comments :  
7 million barrels of oil processing capacity PER DAY has been shut down. 
Oil prices are going to go berserk. 
Rule No. 1 Dont put all your eggs in one basket, especially in shithole countries like Saudi Arabia. They should have spread out their oil processing facilities into smaller plants around the place. 

This gigantic plant can process 7 MILLION barrels per day!!Bomb this one plant and the Saudis are toast.
The Saudis say the fires were under control. I dont think so. Look at those videos. That entire mile long plant is burning to the sky. Those fires look like volcanic eruptions. I dont think they could control the flames at all.  Meaning the flames must have just burned themselves out. And burned everything with them. After the fires burnt out the Saudis claimed they got them under control.
The Houthis have used cheap and home made drones - 10 of them in a simple swarm attack. They have cost billions of dollars in losses. This is a fantastic example of cost effective, assymetrical warfare.  What happened to the billion dollar Patriot missile systems? 
The al Saudi are toast. After this I believe there will be another palace coup and the Crown Prince will lose his head.
The al Saudi family is simply not capable of suffering any type of situation where they have to work, think or fight for their wealth.
They will not settle with the Houthis for peace.  
The Houthis will rightly demand billions of US Dollars as damages for those FIVE years of Saudi genocide against Yemen.
The Houthis will also demand recognition of a separate North Yemen state ruled by the Houthis. Plus they will demand to keep the border provinces of Asir, Najran and Jizan - annexed by Saudi Arabia in the 1930s. 
That alone will cost Mohamed bin Salman his head.  
My advice is he better get on his private jet and fly off to Detroit in the United States and disappear into the Arab shisha clubs.  

Dont make the same mistake Najib did. Leave now - while you still can.
Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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