Bn Propaganda Does Not Miss The Mark

Here is some Barisan Nasional propaganda. This BN propaganda is about some economic and other data which the Pakatan Harapan government has either not achieved or made worse.
I have blanked out (in blue thumbprints) the data about Tabung Haji, LTAT and Khazanah Nasional because that crap is due entirely to the Najib Kleptocracy. 
You cannot lay the blame on Pakatan Harapan for the Barisan Nasional's crap. 
However they do make some other more relevant points. Not all is bullshit. Lets look at the other data :

They have latched on to the deterioration of the Ringgit against the Thai Baht. That is real. 
That decline in the growth rate of manufactured exports and the drop in manufacturing wages which go hand in hand - are also real.
We are also dropping in rank as a destination for FDI. That is also true.
The KLSE Stock Market Index is really the worst performing in the region if not the world. And the KLSE 100 Index Stocks is FAKE. It does not capture the real situation in the economy. 
If you knock out those 100 Index stocks the KLSE performance will be much, much lower - but it will be a more honest and realistic representation of the KLSE. 
Here is the real boneshaker ok.   There is NO TURNAROUND or IMPROVEMENT in the economy that is visible in the near future.
NONE of the Ministries (PMO, Economic Affairs, Finance, Transport, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Women, Youth, Domestic Trade, MITI, Commodities, Environment, Communication, Flying Car etc etc) are doing anything that is going to yield anything positive anytime soon.
Instead I believe the economy is going to just go down further. Things are going to get worse. The Stock Market is going to go further south. The Thai Baht is going to go further north of the Ringgit. 
We  hear nothing but just foolish ideas, useless banter and the most mind boggling suggestions from the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.
Every week at least one Minister will come up with some stupid idea that will not work.
1. Offering taxpayers money RM850 psf for Kg Bharu land (I say brader Khalid, bila syarikat kepunyaan Kera-jaan pinjam duit daripada bank, ceti atau ah long, it is still taxpayers funds. Do you know why? Because selalu, always, legally the taxpayer yang kena tanggung hutang. Hang boleh faham tak?)  plus RM150 saham pula. The Kg Bharu people are already rejecting this dumb idea from Khalid.
2. Menteri Belia dan Sukan nak jadikan video game jadi acara sukan e-sports pula !! Err how much taxpayers money does that woman from the ONE WEEK old company want from you? 
Syed Saddiq please stop playing video games during office hours. Play at home on your own time. You are a Minister now - actually it is time to stop playing video games altogether. Have to grow up fast bhiyya. This is serious work.
You should not tell the JPA to  employ ex criminals. Even if they are juvenile delinquents.  The world will laugh at us. "Malaysian Civil Service accepts ex-convicts for public service appointments" !! The Civil Service is already in such bad shape. There is no need to make it worse.
If your argument is the Civil Service must give the juvenile delinquents a second chance then what about ALL other ex-convicts?  They deserve a second chance too. What is the difference between a 17 year old who stole or robbed and a 21 year old who did the same crime?   A crime is a crime.
They are just a small number. Juvenile delinquency is not an epidemic. Not yet. Create some other programs to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents.  
Giving them public service jobs is another dumb idea. We must safeguard the integrity of the Civil Service.  What if one of the ex-convicts becomes the KSU of the Treasury one day? Or has that happened already?
3. The Minister of Economic Affairs is doing nothing, other than approving the sale of assets by GLCs under his domain. (Don't think the people do not know Mr DumbAss.) 
4. Does anyone know who is the Minister of the MITI? Or what he looks like? What is he doing?  Where are the job creating foreigndirect  investments?
5.  There is not much good going on in the management of the country.   Dr Mahathir is talking crap - day in and day out. Dr M says Malaysians working overseas are held in high regard.  Ok and then what? 
Of course they are held in high regard. We have skills. They work overseas because there are no jobs in Malaysia.  Or they are denied opportunities. It is not really their choice. Who in their right mind wants to work outside your own country? 
That is also why our economy is in a tailspin, because so many of our skilled people have to work overseas. 
Ok here is some free consulting - for Dr Mahathir and gang.
Let me make some suggestions. You don't have to listen to my suggestions but what the heck, this is my space (and you are already reading it) so let me say it anyway.
Please put an annual  target for securing FDIs on each and every Cabinet Minister. 
Bringing in FDIs should not be the sole duty of the MITI Minister alone. Every Minister and every Ministry should be given a target to bring in a certain minimum amount of FDI into the country every year - it should be made part of their portfolio.
It is best that the Ministers be given minimum targets in the areas where their ministries have expertise.
For example the Ministry of Agriculture should also be busy securing FDIs in agri-business, plantation, downstream agricultural processing etc.  
Meet the agribusiness companies (big and small) in Thailand, California, Florida, Australia, Taiwan, China, Japan and bring them in. (Tak payah Pak Arab bodoh ok - daging unta tak sedap, pokok kurma di rumah aku tak akan berbuah pun.)
The Minister of Tourism (does anyone even know his name?) should be bringing new international  hotel chains, resorts, travel groups, cruise ship operators, cruise ship repairing (??) etc into the country.  I am just throwing out ideas.
The Minister of Defense must obviously bring in FDIs related to defense manufacturing. That is usually super high technology.  Boleh lah Malaysia jadi part of global supply chain. 
Mana tahu esok kalau terasa nak bunuh Yemen ke, nak bantu Erdogan rogol dan bunuh wanita Kurdistan ke (its happening) - maybe boleh buat bom di Malaysia.
Ok lets avoid the bomb makers but you get the point. 
The Minister of Sports should tell his officers to bring in international sports events into Malaysia. Even the not so famous events like bowling, Asian martial arts, speedboat racing, dirt bike racing, what happened to the 4x4 Offroad Rainforest Challenge,  international sky diving competitons, get sports equipment manufacturers to open factories in Malaysia (golf clubs, cricket bats,  tennis racket makers etc etc etc.) There are so many, many things that can be done.
The Ministers should also be encouraged to bring in FDIs in any other sector of the economy - even outside their Ministries area of expertise.  Because the Minister of X may know someone in or know something about another industry. Lets not restrict them.
But what are the Ministers doing? What is the Prime Minister doing? Just talking crap all the time. 
To conclude : it is not going to happen. Thank you for reading anyway.
Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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