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Dr Mahathir S Rm200 Billion Business Empire That Najib Spoke About

Dr Mahathir S Rm200 Billion Business Empire That Najib Spoke About

papar berkaitan - pada 5/7/2020 - jumlah : 69 hits
The trustees for Realmild in fact were Mahathir himself as well as former Berita Harian Group Editor Ahmad Nazri Abdullah New Straits Times Group Editor Abdul Kadir Jasin and Mohd Noor Mutalib Another witness Ahmad Nazri said in a depositio...
What About Us Say Papar Dam Residents

What About Us Say Papar Dam Residents

papar berkaitan - pada 6/7/2020 - jumlah : 75 hits
A protest and prayer service held last year at the proposed site for the Papar dam project KOTA KINABALU The Sabah state government was urged today to give equal treatment to indigenous communities in the wake of a settlement with smallhold...
Parents Of Preschoolers Complain About Face Mask Requirement For Kids

Parents Of Preschoolers Complain About Face Mask Requirement For Kids

papar berkaitan - pada 3/7/2020 - jumlah : 64 hits
Children can use face masks or face shields in class PETALING JAYA Parents of preschoolers are complaining about the latest SOP requiring their children to don face masks during classes with some saying it makes breathing difficult especial...
What Mahathir Said About Anwar Is True

What Mahathir Said About Anwar Is True

papar berkaitan - pada 1/7/2020 - jumlah : 66 hits
And this is the reason why DAP is clinging on to Mahathir for dear life DAP knows that on its own it can go no further They need Malay votes And five general elections over 20 years have proven that Anwar cannot deliver those Malay votes TH...
Bill Gates Optimistic About Coronavirus Battle

Bill Gates Optimistic About Coronavirus Battle

papar berkaitan - pada 12/7/2020 - jumlah : 84 hits
Bill Gates said on Saturday he was optimistic about the battle against Covid 19 and called for medicines and vaccines to be distributed to those who need them rather than to the highest bidders AFP file photo American billionaire Bill Gates...
Najib Accuses Mahathir Of Lying About Reasons He Resigned As Pm

Najib Accuses Mahathir Of Lying About Reasons He Resigned As Pm

papar berkaitan - pada 18/7/2020 - jumlah : 45 hits
Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak today accused his successor Dr Mahathir Mohamad of lying about the latter s real reason for his resignation as the country s seventh premier This came after Mahathir earlier today claimed that he had ...
Covid 19 About 20 000 Malaysian Students Still Stranded Overseas

Covid 19 About 20 000 Malaysian Students Still Stranded Overseas

papar berkaitan - pada 19/7/2020 - jumlah : 53 hits
An estimated 20 000 Malaysian students are still stranded abroad as they are unable to return home due to the closure of borders because of the Covid 19 pandemic Minister in the Prime Minister s Department Mohd Redzuan Yusof said this today...
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