Yoursay When Harapan Reneged On Its Core Values It Lost The Narrative

YOURSAY | 'Harapan must focus on 'big picture' politics because this has resonance with the electorate…'Harapan has lost the social media advantage, says DAP manThe Wakandan: That is obvious, isn’t it? From day one, when Pakatan Harapan did an about-turn on several issues on the grounds that these would spook somebody, you have lost it
Of course, either that the U-turns were due to poor information dissemination or just treacherous hypocritical moves, it nevertheless gave ground to the opposition in the media game

It is hard to understand that Harapan could not take advantage of the power as the government of the day by doing a vigorous campaign to explain its policies. Goodness, all those TVs and news conferences, the opportunities were endless
But what did Harapan do? Indulge in useless political reactions to PAS and Umno. Harapan fell into their trap where they controlled the narrative. So, either Harapan leaders were incompetent, which is a fair assessment to me, or just being naïve in politics, which is the same thing
Perhaps Harapan should take a page from the ‘Malaysian Official 1’ (MO1) - although it may kill their fantastic pride - and hire some experts in PR (public relations) and multimedia
Beluga: I totally agree, The Wakandan. Harapan leaders just do not know how to handle situations like this
The more they retaliate, the more the opposition has the upper hand. An insignificant issue gets blown up and it became a huge national issue. Not smart indeed
Susahkes: Harapan has lost “the social media advantage” (so said Syahredzan Johan, political secretary to DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang)
No sir, Harapan has lost the entire narrative. That's how I describe those who do U-turns, renege on their promises, play the fiddle and fight for political positions while the country suffers, ignore social justice and allow racism to fester
And oh, lest I forget - place incompetent individuals to head ministries which they are not wired to lead
For example, Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok’s call to Malaysians to drink a spoonful of red palm oil is out-of-the-box thinking - or that it could help palm oil overcome its global predicament. But do you think Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cares
Or that of a senior politician in the ruling coalition who keeps writing and lamenting about fake news, but yet ignores the very injustices that he and his party once decried
So, what did we - the rakyat - give to Harapan on May 9, 2018? And you think it's only about social media
No sir, it's about your core values. You can talk all you want in social media - some would buy it, some won't. But when you shift away from your promised core values, you would probably lose your own mother's support
Proarte: The elephant in the room that Syahredzan fails to address is that Harapan does not speak with a unity of purpose. This is the reason why it has “lost the social media advantage”
Unity, equality, tolerance and celebration of diversity in government policy is a potent force which cements the coalition together, despite its differences because this is the “big picture”
PKR, the party with the largest number of seats in Parliament, is divided into several factions. The cause of the division in PKR has nothing to do with policy or ideology but pathetically, has to do with opportunism and power-grabbing within the party
This division is indirectly abetted by Bersatu, namely Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who loathes seeing PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim take over the reins from him, despite Anwar having the clear mandate to do so from the rakyat
Harapan must focus on the “big picture” politics because this has resonance with the electorate, who are fed up with being bogged down by self-serving racial and religious political antics
Anonymous_1560865429524: “Bossku” is a brand and marketed just like one. And the Malays love the Bossku brand. It works and is a clever and effective social media campaign that is shown to be a big hit
This is one area where former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is good at. He has good social media strategists and advisors. He knows what the Malays like and he knows how to target them
In comparison, Harapan’s social media performance is dismal. In the past, they relied on influencers like the artist Fahmi Reza with his Najib clown face
But Harapan itself has sad and pathetic social media machinery. What we get now is Kok singing palm oil songs and Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman eating eggs with Islamic preacher Zakir Naik or posing shirtless
Salvage Malaysia: DAP had cornered the social media advantage when it was the opposition but now has succumbed to the same ruling government curse
Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo is in the wrong portfolio. PKR vice-president Tian Chua should be made a senator and take over this portfolio
Kok is likewise in the wrong portfolio, she will do better taking over from Tourism, Art and Culture Minister Mohammadin Ketapi
The Analyser: “Syahredzan stressed that Pakatan Harapan must work together as a coalition.”Great idea… in theory. So why didn’t you voice this opinion before GE14, when there was a vague chance that you might have reached consensus on some very basic policies
Why, you couldn’t even reach consensus on who was to be PM. A decision bulldozed through by selfish individuals with vested interests
Now there is no chance of reaching consensus on anything
Cogito Ergo Sum: Harapan’s failure to fulfil its promises is to be blamed. All Umno/PAS did was to highlight these failures
And Harapan’s failure to come up with a comprehensive media plan to disseminate its policies in a structured way is also to be blamed. - Mkini

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