Yoursay Probe On Teo To Divert Attention From Azam Baki S Case


YOURSAY | ‘A four-year-old social media post by a DAP MP is being opened for investigation.’
Police probe Kulai MP over four-year-old social media post
Why cops probing MP over 4-year-old social media post? - Kit Siang
Mano: Police, just a few days back I saw a video of an Islamic cleric saying Hindu temples are equivalent to prostitution dens and it was wrong for Muslim students to have helped clean up a temple.
Will the same ground for investigation on Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching apply to this person?
It is reported the investigation on Teo is being conducted under Section 504 of the Penal Code (intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace) as well as Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (improper use of network facilities or network service, etc).
Will it apply to the Islamic cleric who castigated Hindu temples?
WhiteRabbit1700: Is the police saying the usage of social media to highlight important issues of public interest like corruption, abuse of power, criminal breach of trust, etc, tantamount to intent to provoke breach of peace and improper use of network facilities?
There are many social media posts from Umno, PAS, controversial preacher Zakir Naik and others stoking racial and religious sentiments. How come they were not investigated?
Clever Voter: Opinions are aplenty. One has come across seditious comments on race and religion but the culprits get away all the time simply because they are sponsored and are on the “right side”. It is no wonder state organs, especially the police, are treated with much suspicion.
Besides, there are so many unsolved cases and, given the resources at its disposal, one can't help asking the sort of priorities they have.
Corruption has reached a level where institutional integrity is no longer taken for granted. We are a third-world nation with a feudal mentality among those with power and influence.
Sadly, enforcement agencies often are seen as part of state control, and thus, harassing the opposition does not come as a surprise.
MyPatriot: Practising selective persecution only causes more public distrust against the men in blue as there are still many unsolved cases.
Where’s 1MDB fugitive Low Taek Jho aka Jho Low? Even the IGP (inspector-general of police) said he was on the run. What happened to the Teoh Beng Hock case, where he died while in MACC’s custody? Where is Indira Gandhi’s daughter and her ex-husband?
Jackal Way: The police seem to be trying to divert attention from MACC chief Azam Baki’s case now. As usual, they made DAP the scapegoat.
Malaysia Bharu: When there are hundreds of unresolved crimes that are pending, there can only be one reason why a four-year-old social media post by a DAP MP is being opened for investigation. The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) caper comes to mind.
Usually, this is the SOP (standard operating procedure) to divert from politically contentious issues. Can we depend on the IGP to explain the rationale for pulling out the dust-ridden file from the shelves?
Pensieve: Is the investigation against Teo just to show the police are still working, or is it to distract the rakyat from critical issues?
Please investigate crimes not opinions. Let social media reward, condemn, or educate people who take the time and effort to post their opinions.
Differing opinions publicly and politely expressed, especially when not done anonymously, is a sign of a courageous person and a vibrant, healthy democracy.
Sherlock: Is this really for the police to investigate? Don’t they have other cases to work on? Like that of Azam, Bank Negara, 1MDB, the ustaz that harassed someone else’s wife, or that who denigrated others’ religion?
You need to use your brain for those cases. In Teo’s case, they need only to act like bullies.
Headhunter: Teo posted the statement in April 2017 and the police are taking action almost five years later? My goodness, this is either intimidation or the police are really that slow. Both are not acceptable standards that we expect from the police.
Or is this to distract the public from criticising the lame-duck government?
Graygoos8208: Let this be a lesson for Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob for condoning these acts and abusing the police force to investigate opposition members. It’s time to vote out this incompetent PM, the worst ever.
Who would have imagined he is worse than Muhyiddin Yassin? Muhyiddin must be laughing as the mantle of the worst PM ever is no longer his to keep.
It is a sad day for Malaysia once again, having to endure the leadership of such an incompetent PM.
WhiteMoose0037: People are getting upset with the way the authorities are working. The recent flood shows their lack of preparation. Corruption seems to be on the rise and is reaching the top of the charts.
Meanwhile, there’s also the police inaction on the disappearance of pastor Raymond Koh, Joshua Hilmy and wife Ruth Sipetu, and the daughter of Indira.
This country seems to be going back into the dark ages instead of progressing.
Dummies Dhimmi: Meanwhile, the police said today they want to “scale up” the investigation of fake vaccination certificates, which they supposedly already knew existed for more than a year.
What have they been doing for the whole year? Are they always waiting to launch useless investigations on members of the opposition? Is this easier to do than “real” work?
SealtheDeal: Well, it's just “our boys” getting heavy. Nothing more. Expect a lot more thuggery in the lead up to GE15. That’s the nature of this government coalition. - Mkini

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