Yoursay No Zahid Does Not Deserve To Be Given Dpm S Post


YOURSAY | ‘How fitting it would be if he is later found guilty and has to move to Kajang.’
PBRS joins chorus in supporting Zahid to be DPM
Vijay47: It is shocking that Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) should actually support the proposal to appoint Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as deputy prime minister.
Not that further evidence is needed, but such support merely reflects the quality of the principles followed by PBRS leaders and in any case, Sabah leaders, like those in Sarawak, are better known for the disregard they heap on their people.
Not that the peninsula breed is much better. When it comes to Zahid, we will inevitably hear heart-wrenching speeches about a man being innocent until proven guilty. Nobody denies this.
But remember, our boy wonder is still facing another 47 charges, a national record, while the prosecution is appealing his acquittal on the first 40 - 87 in total!
I have full faith in our judiciary and I know that they will decide both matters as the law demands.
Incidentally, I agree with Zahid getting off scot-free earlier, not because of the envelope not being pushed but the botch-up the Attorney-General’s Chambers and prosecution made of the entire proceedings.
We do not expect our political leaders to be vestal virgins but after a national embarrassment, it is a national shame that a character being proposed for the penultimate position in the country is one with an image that is shady, dodgy, suspect, stained, tainted, repulsive, and contaminated.
He is the best we could dredge up? How fitting it would be if he is later found guilty and has to move residence to Kajang. We would set yet another world record where the prime minister and deputy prime minister ended up in jail!
Only in Malaysia, folks, only in Malaysia.
IndigoSwan6963: Has the dust settled yet? Even before Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim can appoint his cabinet, we hear comments from different parties, across the political divide and the rakyat, both for and against the unity government, on who Anwar should or should not appoint.
Pakatan Harapan and Anwar had announced there will be two deputy prime ministers. As that has been announced, I reckon that everyone in BN has the right to the appointment regardless of whether one has a court case or otherwise.
BN will be wise to select and determine who from BN should be nominated for the post of deputy prime minister. The same applies to those from either Sabah or Sarawak.
At the same time, those with court cases from Harapan or any other independents should be given the right to a cabinet post pending the final verdict of their court cases.
1. We need to know that our judiciary is independent.
2. The government must be seen as not interfering in court cases.
3. The very fact that this is a unity government, we, Malaysians must ensure it works for the interest of the nation.
Let us all not be judgemental and pose comments regardless of how it is best or why Anwar should or should not allow any court cases candidates to be appointed ministers. His job priority is not these as we have the courts and judiciary to deal with them.
Let us give him the space that he needs to do structural reforms and steer the country forward. Do not forget, Perikatan Nasional chief Muhyiddin Yassin, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and those who are against this unity government may attempt another Sheraton Move.
We need to continue to be vigilant and ensure this does not happen and when Parliament convenes on Dec 19, we can ensure that the dust has truly settled so that Malaysia can move forward as one.
Mat M Din: No, it is not appropriate for Zahid to be selected for the post of deputy prime minister as he is facing corruption charges and the case is still pending. Are those who support him being appointed as deputy prime minister have ulterior motives?
Anwar has to ensure that all those who are appointed, including senators and heads of government-linked corporations, are fit and suitable to hold the posts. It should be based purely on merits, not otherwise to ensure that Malaysia is administered on an even keel.
Billythekid: Anybody and everybody who has an iota of human dignity and decency, please leave the appointments to the new prime minister to decide. Jostling for the deputy prime minister’s post will be just the beginning of distrust and disunity in the coalition.
Let it be that whoever is chosen is in the best interests of Malaysia and its government and especially its people.
There should not be any tainting of the cabinet by persons not yet in the clear of massive allegations. This new government should start clean.
Demi Rakyat: Yes, let all who are facing court cases for corruption clear themselves first. Then there is always the opportunity to come back into government/the cabinet. Appointing anyone facing a court case for corruption will be a mistake.
Bersatu and PAS will use it to 'betul-betul' (really) whack Harapan and Anwar. And they will be right to do so. So, please do not appoint anyone who is facing corruption charges. Wait until they are cleared.
I Am Malaysian: If Zahid did contribute to the formation of the Harapan/BN-led unity government out of good intentions for the country and not for some other less-than-noble motive that you or I might not know, then let that be Zahid's act of redemption for himself for his previous sins against the country, including the multiple indictments of corruption against him that do not look like political persecution.
Zahid and his supporters should not suppose he was a hero deserving of a DPM post, no!
Bosku Merpati: This is the proverbial trap of the poisoned chalice offered to Anwar to see if he drinks it.
Anyone in the court cluster – DAP chairperson Lim Guan Eng, Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, and Zahid, if appointed to the cabinet would face a public backlash and taint the government even before it starts governing.
The court cluster must be acquitted of any charges before being considered for any government positions.
More importantly, it is a test of Anwar’s leadership and his resolve to deliver a credible government. There is no doubt that he owes Zahid a big-time debt. How, when and if he chooses to repay it is the big question. - Mkini

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