Yoursay Don T Blame All Jews For What The Zionists Did

YOURSAY | 'Herr Ambassador, I can well imagine how outraged you must be over this latest racism…'German embassy condemns UMS student's Nazi saluteTidak Harapan: Adolf Hitler condemned the whole Jewish race and this was supported by other Germans
On account of the biggest kleptocrat the world has known, does Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad condemn the Malay race for being prone to thievery

It's as absurd as condemning the whole Jewish population for the racist deeds that some do, particularly certain Israeli politicians
Gerard Lourdesamy: This Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) student’s Nazi salute is billed as “freedom of expression”, just like the case of the Universiti Malaya (UM) student
But as in the case of the UM student, this UMS student should also be investigated by the police under Section 505 (b) and (c) of the Penal Code
This will ensure that Article 8 of the Constitution on equality and equal treatment under the law is satisfied. There cannot be a different response just because one student was Chinese and the other, Malay
And where is the condemnation from the royalty, political parties, NGOs, the so-called National Council of Professors and the UMS faculty, staff, alumni and student associations about this student's allegedly offensive, rude, provocative and uncouth behaviour
Or is the silence because the hatred for the Jews and Israel is justified
Anonymous_1544340881: When "Ibn Ruru", or whatever his real name, made the Nazi salute, he was glorifying the Holocaust that caused the deaths of six million Jews and millions of Slavs, gypsies and others
When a certain UM graduate protested against the vice-chancellor (VC) of UM for racism, the reaction from the universities was so different
Supporting the Holocaust of millions is just "a personal view" from our Malay Muslim elite but for condemning a racist VC, police reports were lodged and the graduate called to the police station to give a statement
I would say more, but the facts speak for themselves how racist and religious bigotry have really taken hold among the elites of the Malay Muslim community
Is it no surprise then that nothing has happened to the Umno Puteri leader who glorified a deranged Islamic State (IS) supporter as a "martyr" for killing an innocent unarmed woman
Clever Voter: Such example is a bad repercussion of the one-sided propaganda of the present and past governments. There is also much hypocrisy in the way Jews are being portrayed, it is as if every Jew is a murderer
Such behaviour shows a lack of understanding and ignorance among some individuals. It is obvious many are influenced and misled by the stereotyping perpetuated deliberately by the state
If anyone wants to point finger at what happened at UMS, we should start with the tip, beginning with the prime minister
Analyze This: This is yet another ignorant Mahathir’s remark, "Who determined those numbers (of Jews killed in the Holocaust)"
Extensive studies in the West, that's who:1. Germany's own meticulous records
2. A tabulation of thousands of survivors' witness accounts
3. A comparison of the known Jewish population in European cities before and after 1939
4. The Allies' independent investigations of the body count. They were the ones, after all, who liberated the death camps
In addition, another five million "untermenschen" (subhumans) such as homosexuals, gypsies and communists were murdered
Anonymous_1544340881: Guten tag (good day) to the German Embassy. If you by chance are reading this, let me say that I hold Germany with the highest esteem
Germany, unlike Japan, has faced its history squarely in the eye and grown as a nation and people deserving the respect of the world in how it has dealt with its past failings. We have yet to deal with our May 13, 1969, incident
You are a country blessed with a government with a generous heart. You allowed more than a million Muslim refugees into your country, provided them with lodging, jobs and healthcare
We allow illegals and refugees in after they have paid money to the immigration and they can stay and work so long as they can bribe the right police and authority figures
So, it is with sadness that I apologise to you for the following:1. The low-quality graduates that we mass produce for the sake of producing to give the impression that we are somehow "highly educated" - when the said graduate does not know the history and background of the Nazi salute
2. The dismal level of our politics where politicians will not do the right thing, but act based on race and religion, adopting Nazi rhetoric in their speeches based on the concept of "racial superiority"
3. The sub-standard public servants you will meet in your job here as we do not select the best or most competent to deal with you but those with the right race and religion and the right connections
For your concern about this Nazi salute and its implications, I also apologise on behalf of our education minister
At present, he is too busy to deal with this as he has more pressing matters to attend, such as insinuating that a person who makes a mistake with the national flag has betrayed the country and ensuring that we maintain our high education standards by wearing black shoes to school
Vielen dank (thank you)
Vijay47: Herr Ambassador, I can well imagine how outraged you must be over this latest racism that certain members of Malaysian society feel they are obliged to display
If you have been in Malaysia for at least a few months, you will realise that it comes with the turf, an attempt at proving oneself as a champion of race and religion. The local version is fast catching up with the bearded, imported breed
I do not sanction such conduct, but perhaps you will also remember that the person in question is a product of a Malaysian university, which by itself would be self-exonerating evidence of acute deficit of wit and intelligence
To add to his woes, he would have been guided by professors who are better known for imbecility in almost every field they dare to explore; no doubt in your stay here you would have witnessed numerous instances of such talent
If they say the child is the father of man, the student concerned is merely walking that path so clearly set by the prime minister, who excels in giving vile expressions to his anti-Jew sentiments, all prettily dressed up as freedom of speech
Should you expect action to be taken against this hero of a master race and compassionate religion, I would suggest that you closely watch the night skies. Condemnation can befall him only when you notice a bovine specimen jumping over the lunar landscape
On the other hand, there is a greater chance that he would be sent to the United Kingdom, on a scholarship, to pursue a Master’s degree in child pornography. Who knows, he might indeed visit Lords to watch England take on Australia for the Ashes
That is, if said Ashes are not yet strewn over the English Channel or Hyde Park
Muhibah 76: This has to be seen in the right context. Yes, it was a disgrace - and zero tolerance on this - that the Nazi regime committed those horrible crimes including the Holocaust. But you can’t use that to justify the crimes against the Palestinians which Israel is responsible for
The territory was ruled by the British and they allowed the Jews to settle there and form Israel. But instead of being thankful, they have made life hell on earth for the Palestinians
All they have to do is accept Palestine as a country and live as good neighbours. But they, for reasons known only to them, do not want a peace treaty to allow for peaceful co-existence. This is the greatest farce on Earth, and supported by the US. This must stop
The Fog of Life: Indeed, what is happening in Palestine are crimes against humanity and a long-term strategy of ethnic cleansing. We must abhor how the Palestinians are being treated by the Israeli government
Equally, we must abhor what the Nazis did, not only to the Jews but to millions of other minorities during World War II. - Mkini

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