Will There Be Post Raya Resolution To 1mdb With Jho Low Detention

There have been murmuring as to why the new IGP, Dato Hamid Bador is talking to the media too often.

Hamid Bador's frequent presence in the media is ridiculed as a new artiste on a popularity campaign.

One thing noticeable is the frequent attack of DAP towards police and Hamid Bador's statements is diverting it away. His willingness to implement IPCMC albeit watered down killed off critics.

The statement that is getting the sinister remark is the one on Jho Loh.

Latest being Hamid Bador said he will be detained soon. It will mean Jho Low will be "shanghaied" to Malaysia soon, after Raya perhaps.

Not saying Jho Low is in Shanghai or China as it would mean Daim or his people must be playful and childish not able to keep a secret or shut their f*c&ing mouth. Only a handful of people could know.

Nevertheless, Jho Low could be in Macau or Taiwan or even the remote possibility of Russia, hidden away by his minder.

There was a conspiracy theory claiming Jho Low is part of an espionage network aimed to destroy Malay Muslims and Malaysia.

Media is giving attention Jho Loh with sensational story of sex scandal and now Psy of Gangnam fame comment of friendship as though preparing public for an eventuality.

Through their global network, Special Branch is capable of detaining Jho Loh.

SB brought back Musa Ahmad, Shamsiah Fakeh and few more dissident Malay members of the Communist Party of Malaya decades ago. It was way before the spermazoa Syed Saddiq existed to attempt entry into the proverbial egg.

Hamid Bador could be telling the truth or acting.

However, Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim dropped too much hints that it is possible that Jho Low could be talking to them through their representatives.

There are hints too of Jho Loh being in China and in communication. Only it is doubtful Jho Low could assist Daim's negotiation with China on ECRL. He is a fugitive on the run and his past connection has no value. It is only money that is sustaining him.

Could Jho Loh be negotiating for a plea bargain?

It is possible he could be doing so since he could assist the government to recover the money he has stolen. He has not been challenging the forfeiture and sales of asset linked to him in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Since government's finances is in a mess, so claimed Lim Guan Eng and Daim, Mahathir said it is priority to recover the money.

For Jho Low, that is better than being caught by American authorities and get sodomised inside Sing Sing or Alcatraz-like prisons.

The return of Jho Loh to Malaysia would certainly help to uncover the truth. Justice is doubtful because Mahathir is deadset to throw Najib and Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid in prison in order to consolidate his politics.

His political endgame or life could be with the "takeover" UMNO - the party, its seats and assets.

From Mahathir and his political secretary, the not-so-thinking Abu Bakar Yahya's FB  statements for Malay unity albeit bersatu or Bersatu, one could guess that Mahathir is trying to return back to UMNO in the same manner Semangat 46 returned to the UMNO fold after years in the political wilderness.

His back is being pushed to the wall by DAP. At the same time, Mahathir is losing hope with PPBM itself is in a mess with his bitter quarrel with Muhyiddin. Personalities such as Maszlee, Wan Ji and Syed Saddiq are Amanah and PKR in thinking than PPBM's Malay agenda.

A comment at a recent breaking of fast event was heard to say "dia tidak tahu cari jalan balik" (he could not find his way back).

With UMNO members intact in their loyalty to the party, Mahathir grandplan kept changing. It is pointless to get hold of the party, MPs and assets without the soul of the party and the votes, which is the millions of members!

He need a storyline to justify his return.

Mahathir was asked of his power transfer few days ago. His reply was nothing new, but he mentioned not bothered by what people saying but will decide himself.

YB Abdullah Sani read it as he is looking beyond the two years agreed by Presidential Council with hint of three years to resolve debt issue.

Abdullah asked for exactly when?

The Jho Loh storyline could be part of the work in progress. 

Mahathir and PH government could make Jho Loh sing and burden the responsibility of 1MDB on Najib. Jho Loh could then walk away with a slap in the wrist and Najib spent the rest of his life behind bars.

The problem is it will not be convincing. Hear the Bugs Bunny below who claim to be an economic genius, but is clearly no different than a rat trying to fix a pumpkin.

The whole 1MDB episode is about Jho Low's quick money scheming to embezzle money. It is written in the Whale Book and many more.

Whether Najib was in cahoot to plan the embezzlement, it is not clear yet. 
When Najib was told of the RM42 million that originated from SRC money that went into his account, he was upset as he thought he was getting donation from Arabs. 
Najib did not make a police/MACC report or initiate any legal yet. His plan was to win the election and pursue it after.

The situation was delicate and the priority was to resolve the financial commitments. He was more concern to save Malaysia's reputation than the politics. 
Will having Jho Low back help resolve 1MDB? 

There is a video viraling of Najib coming out from a day in court for the 1MDB case and looking calm. It may have been in July

There are doubts AG Office got their 1MDB case against Najib in order and documents already available.

There are sceptics questioning as to why after a year only Hamid Bador is talking. To extradite Jho Low, it needs a court judge to find him guilty and AGC only recently filed a charge in absentia against him.

Even if there is judgement against Jho Loh, there is still the process of applying to the country for extradition.

It will be longer process for countries without extradition treaty. Some country with extradition treaty may refuse because of legal differences. Remember Sirul and Australia's stand on death penalty?

Bringing back Jho Loh to strengthen the government's case against Najib on 1MDB will not be so easy as it could make the trial longer.

There is possibly a trial within trial against Jho Loh and that itself could take months and if not, years. The cross examination of Jho Low as government's witness itself could take weeks. Defense will bring their witnesses against Jho Loh too.

As more issues raised and evidences uncover, it could strengthen the case against Najib or it could point the finger at Jho Low and absolve Najib. As he once hinted, Najib was cheated and tricked by Jho Low and his coterie of professionals colluding to impress Najib.

Court cannot be seen only to slap Jho Low's wrist but is expected to bang his head with a sledgehammer many times over.

Jho Low will not cooperate without a lighter sentence. Prison condition in Malaysia is terrible and facilities below world standard, claimed a Lawyer for Liberty spokesman in BFM.

As it is, public is beginning to grow sympathetic towards Najib and the long list of charges is viewed as obvious revenge and political persecution.

Mahathir is seen back with his old habit to interfere with judicial process with his "man", Tengku Maimon as CJ.

Though her husband's surau friend denied, talk about town is her Seremban-based lawyer husband is a PPBM member or close with Ruslam Kassim and Deputy Minister of Communication and MP of Kuala Pilah, Eddin Syazlee Shith of PPBM.

Mahathir has no interest on 1MDB and it is about himself

As it is, London court had instructed 1MDB to resort to arbitration for resolution with IPIC than lawsuit.

AG said they will appeal the decision. It means the ever inconsistent Tommy Thomas is not in sync with government intention to recoup the money than ego of winning court cases.

Najib said the arbitrated resolution with IPIC will recoup more money than Tommy's current effort in court.

The London judge is already acting on the interest of both parties than the complex process of finding fault.

Tommy is no resolution but fault finding and prolonging matter.

It will only upset Mahathir's storyline.

Without a resolution to the 1MDB debacle, Mahathir's three long years of campaign against Najib using 1MDB will not convince UMNO members and public that he is right.

He will need to continue to play politics and even one of his propagandist are tired and more worried of the economy and the plight of the common folks.

With the chaotic state of economy and government, blame is leveled towards Mahathir. Lim Kit Siang privately blame him for the country's widespread ill, locally and internationally.

Mahathir's replied that he has no say and any Ministerial portfolio. The problem is with the incompetent cabinet members. And thry hardly consulted him.

Daim's open attack on Guan Eng for bad communication is to defend Mahathir. Guan Eng made a mindless response to take Trump's watchlist of Malaysia for manipulating currency as positive.

Is it a roundabout way of reigniting the BNM forex losses of the past that is being supected to be an organise embezlement of more than RM30 billion and laundered through Daim's ICBM third world country banking network?

With Daim and Guan Eng open quarrel including the proxy fight for Telekom's CEO appointment, who is concerned for the economy and the rakyat?

Mahathir's statement lately seem to be making things worse for PH, particularly making Malay voters hate PH more and more.

His intention to make statements like not expect government funding to build masjid, do not pressure for Felda Raya money, debt level at 80% need three years to bring to 54%, and defending Russian on MH17 seemed to prepare for future blame toward PH.

It is not about truth or resolution on 1MDB for sake of country, but it is about himself and his family.

Upon gaining power, Anwar and DAP will pursue him and his family. The cue will be when Chegu Bard gets loud.

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