Vivo S Tutorial How To Take A Great Picture Even When You Re At Home

Hi Everyone,
We have already reached the third week of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, and we have seen our fair share of the bad and the good that should have convinced all of us to be staying at home by now. But no one can deny it – the struggle is real and we are all trying our best to stay put without getting emotionally drained from this

With the current trends being circulated on social media, such as the shares of memes, TikTok video and cooking recipe, people are trying to work on something to fill their spare time during MCO. There are photo-driven people who are seeking tips and tricks on how to take great pictures when we are all confined to our homes, which begs the question: how to take high quality pictures without professional equipment, photoshoot set up and perfect lighting? 
Before the days of smartphones, we will have to purchase a fancy camera and editing software for our computer and spend some time and energy into learning how to use them. Now, thanks to our mobile devices and editing apps that come with them, we can now easily take high quality pictures and edit them with only a click away. 
Chances are you already have a smartphone and you’ve already used the camera app. Now it’s just a matter of learning a few tricks and practicing on them. Here are the simplest things you can do to quickly see an improvement in your photos. 
1. Easily fit everyone in your photo with wide-angle lens 
A wide-angle lens gets as much as possible in a shot, which means that if you’re taking a photo with a big group of people, you won’t have to step back very far to fit them all in. Especially during this period of time, some have limited space in the house for a family portrait, then you may have to utilise the phone’s wide-angle camera. 
With most of the phones in the market today featuring multiple cameras, vivo’s latest in their V series V17 and forthcoming V19, both feature Super Wide-Angle Camera that expands landscape shots further – the best choice for your next smartphone. 
2. Create stunning photos even when you are in a low-light condition 
Lighting is everything and only lighting is the beauty regarding photography as well as taking selfies. Good light increases the beauty and gorgeousness and poor lighting ruins the quality of even great images or selfies. So, appropriate lighting is a must. 
However, for most of the people, we may not have the best photo spot with the perfect lighting in our house – this is where the Night mode camera comes in. Night mode uses intelligent software to create sharp, grain-free photos with incredible color and detail in low-light conditions. 
Shooting in low light can be challenging, but with a vivo smartphone that features “Super Night Mode” and “Super Night Selfie”, you can dramatically improve and enhance your night photography. 
3. Get inspired by AI Pose Master with vivo smartphones 
Now, you have your right angle and proper lighting, but you have no idea on how to pose like a supermodel; or get bored with the same pose on every selfie. Do not fret! You may get inspired by the Pose Master feature with your vivo smartphones. 
So, what does the AI Pose Master bring to the table? While utilising AI technology, this in-camera app feature will track your position, through dotted guidelines, it will show you a more optimised pose to follow. This feature also works with a variety of scenes as well as selfies to group selfies for everyone to be photo-ready. 
We hope these tips and tricks will help you get the perfect photo that is needed while in a confined space and with limited resources. The most important thing is, the attention of detail given to create that perfect photo and the patience being put to place. Don’t overthink it, and ensure that it still gives you the satisfaction you need during this confinement period

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