Umno Pas Coalition Frightens Mahathir


Hadi Awang, the future PM?

Photo courtesy: Bernama
Umno and PAS will seal their cooperation on September 14, and PPBM and Amanah, which rely heavily on Malay votes, are getting really worried.

As a result, Amanah vice president Husam Musa and PPBM deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir have extended their invitation to PAS to join the Pakatan Harapan family.

PAS president Hadi Awang said his party had “no appetite” for PH.

If Umno-PAS were to take on PH one-on-one in the next general elections, they might recapture 21 parliamentary and 45 state seats, including those currently held by 11 PH ministers and deputy ministers.

In the 2018 general elections, PH and Warisan Sabah won a total of 122 parliamentary seats, Umno 54 and PAS 18.

If we take away 21 seats from PH, the coalition will only be left with 101, short of the 112-seat threshold to form a government.

Umno-PAS, meanwhile, will have 93 seats (excluding any seat won by MCA and MIC), resulting in a situation of hung parliament that will make GPS of Sarawak the ultimate kingmakers.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid said Umno could work with any political party so long as they conform to Umno's three guiding principles. He even revealed that the PM's people had come to him for prospects of cooperation.

How will Mahathir work with Umno if he has wanted to take actions against corrupt Umno leaders?

preposterous arrogance of 4th PM to claim he had chosen and appointed the 6th PM

I thought normally it would have been the 5th PM who proposed the 6th PM for acceptance by the ruling party?
Firstly, Mahathir only wants to hentam Najib, not take actions against UMNO leaders - he can work with UMNO people when it suits him (as he has done in accepting UMNO frogs after saying he won't - Kerbau!).
Yes, to retain power Mahathir will work with the Devil if necessary, as he has shown in allying himself with two of his most bitter foes, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, wakakaka.

M: I hate you but I guess for the time being I have to work with you 

M: I hate you but I guess for the time being I have to work with you 
And Mahathir intends to do just that, but more preferably and hopefully with a new wave of frogs from UMNO, parts of PKR and some PAS MPs.
Ismail Hafiz wrote a letter to Malaysiakini stating:
Prime Minister Mahathir’s recent call for Malay parties to joinBersatu Pribumi represents many realities, but unity is not one of them.

His announcement does not come as too much of a surprise considering the many U-turns Pakatan Harapan has made in their first year as the ruling coalition. [...]

This ‘call for unity’ is clearly yet another chess move in the game of politics he loves to play.

Firstly, it cannot be ignored that this pitch for Malay political unity comes immediately after Ahmad Zahid Hamidi resumed his position as president of Umno.
Mahathir knows that this has upset many members of Umno, and the choice to jump ship to Bersatu Pribumi is appealing more now than ever. After all, attacking when the 'enemy' is vulnerable is the smartest move.
We also know the Bagan Datuk MP has a history with Anwar Ibrahim, which could create anxiety for Mahathir about Anwar’s loyalty.
Until now, Mahathir was able to rely on the Anwar-Azmin tension to get both men to walk on eggshells around him in their hopes of being picked for the next prime minister.
Mahathir has repeatedly expressed that Anwar will succeed him, but there was always that ‘what if’ with Azmin lurking in the shadows. Now that Azmin is out of the picture, there is no one else standing in Anwar’s way and people are starting to wonder when Mahathir will pass on his baton. [...]
There have been rumours that many in PH are sick of Mahathir spending time trying to win over the Malay vote rather than working on his promises of creating a ‘New Malaysia’, but Dr M seems not to care.
The Malay unity call shows Mahathir re-asserting that he does what he thinks is best and no one can tell him otherwise.
The Malay unity idea is one that has been recycled by Mahathir again and again, way back when his line was ‘Umno will only be strong when Malays in politics come together,’ and now he is singing the same tune with different lyrics. This timeBersatu Pribumi is the place for Malays to unite in a super party, of course, with him at the lead.
He will go on and on, painting this picture of all Malays standing under one umbrella. He will try to assert that only then, will Malays create the stable and progressive country of our dreams, with the great benefits of being the majority.
He will talk the talk of Malay unity till he is blue in the face... but anyone with some sense will see right through it.
There is no such thing as Malay unity. There, I have said it.

Mahathir is just buying time, waiting for his desired frogs to make his Parti Pribumi the strongest possible component in whatever coalition suits his 'secret' agenda, hence brushing aside Anwar's growing trepidation at being played out again and again.
As Malaysiakini letter-writer Ismail Hafiz concluded of Mahathir's secret agenda:
It demonstrates his plan to weaken Umno {via frogology} in the wake of Zahid’s return as president.

It shows his desire to assert full control, but it does not show any semblance of a better future for Malays via Malay unity.
But it may brighten the future for his Chye-Chye, and enervate DAP, a Chinese majority party he actually detests greatly.

However, Mahathir who has enormous hopes of harvesting the fruits of his old hunting ground, namely UMNO, worries about the new PAS-UMNO coalition, in which political analysts have analysed may (as a coalition without vote splitting) pick up possibly 93 Dewan Rakyat seats, which is just 19 seats short of majority rule.

Ignoring the nebulous prospects of MCA and MIC in GE15, that shortfall of 19 MPs may be satisfied by a number of possibilities, namely:
(a) PKR or part of the party, where it's already stated there are kamcheng between (i) Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Zahid, or alternatively (ii) Azmin Ali and Hishamuddin Hussein,
(b) Mahathir's own Parti Pribumi though this possibility suffers from two adverse considerations, namely (i) Parti Pribumi may not even win 19 federal seats based on its rotten performance in GE14, wakakaka, and (ii) most important of all, Mahathir won't be able to control the winning PAS-UMNO coalition with just a paltry 19 seats or even less (the 19 may be in combination with one part of PKR).
This won't do insofar as the Imperator is concerned, wakakaka. Thus Mahathir is worried and has called for a meeting with mainly Malay parties including GPS which may be the king-maker post GE15.
So why would he invite Anwar and least of all, Lim Kit Siang?

Posted by KTemoc 

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