Time To Do Away With The Nep

Malaysia shouldn't be dividing her races into bumiputera and non-bumiputera when right down we are all Malaysians
Malaysians have existed and lived together for as long as we can remember in peace, harmony and unity and ever since the government implemented the NEP. Though it is beneficial only to the bumiputera, the other races have no option but to accept it and hopefully, they will quickly catch up and close the gap
The NEP was intended to help improve the living standard and wealth of the bumiputera because the government reckons that this race is trailing behind in everything when compared to other races. That's why they need help
But given the government assistance in cash and kind since 1969, by now, they should be okay and should be able to face life on the same level playing field as the Chinese and Indians including the other minority races
So it is unfair to other races for the government to continue with the NEP. By right, the bumiputera should be ready to compete with the other races on par. It is time for the new government to remove the NEP which is a stumbling block to other races and to the nation and in order to get the bumiputera to stand on their own two feet
To continue with the NEP will also divide the races and will make the bumiputera continue to be dependent on government handouts and aid.The previous BN government extended the NEP to keep the bumiputera as its "fixed deposit" to win in the general elections. But in all honesty, don't spoil the bumiputera. Get them up to the same level as others by letting them compete with others in the world. - mkini

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