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People don’t need to hear how PAS leader Hadi Awang’s sense of supremacist superiority feels threatened by others being treated equally, they need to see him abide by the law and either declare his assets or step down as a law-maker
He had until the start of this month to do so, at which point he became not a law-maker but a law-breaker and he is now acting out his defiance as a political stunt for which it is high time he was prosecuted and lost his seat
The PAS party has been captured by Hadi (the moderates and intellectuals having long since left) together with bunch of proven liars, some now also proven to be corrupt.To avoid declaring their fancy cars and houses and all the rest they have adopted a distraction technique, which is to claim their very holy personages and that of their followers are somehow under attack by people they don’t expect to have to treat as equal human beings
Hadi and his shrunken bunch of followers (admittedly bolstered in recent weeks by a rump of crooks from UMNO) are preaching that Malays must feel threatened if they are not given ‘supremacy’ above others who are also born and bred patriotic Malaysians
Christian bumiputera from Sarawak and Sabah, for example, should take a submissive role in their own lands according to the hierachy put forward by this Saudi indoctrinated cleric, along with many other Malaysians who are not also of his faith or DNA but who see Malays as their fellow citizens and brothers
He wouldn’t like it turned the other way, which is why the United Nations have instituted human rights to protect us all.  And it is not the message of the majority of tolerant Malays who did not support his defeated party
Imagine the scandal in the UK, if a Malay Muslim who had married and settled in London was told by a politician like himself that because of his skin and religion he (and his children and grandchildren) should be categorised as inferior and denied the opportunity to take up certain political or judicial positions
Quite rightly Hadi would be dismayed and shocked and yet he seeks to create fear amongst decent people if there is not just this form of  discrimination practiced in Malaysia. His awful and inciteful message is propagated daily against Malaysians trying to do their jobs, and it is crafted to incite racial and religious strife
What a brilliant way of getting the subject away from his own party funding and his embarrassing reluctance to declare his assets
Expect no scruples on this politician cum religious leader’s part. Hadi’s tactics have already caused blood to be shed, yet the Memali massacre for which he holds his full share of responsibility clearly weighs not a jot on his conscience and he continues to beat the drum of fear and anger to suit his purpose…. in this case to avoid financial scrutiny and distract from how his party has lied about funding from covert sources
Time to investigate all PAS fundingMuch of the money that went from UMNO to PAS did so in the form of cash in suitcases.  Nonetheless, some of it has been possible to trace in the form of deposits into bank accounts and the flash assets of so many of these self-proclaimed holy men
Witness the RM3.5 million transfered from UMNO to PAS to pay for its record seat deposits before the last election. The full details of these transfers have now been unveiled through investigations by the MACC and both parties deserve prosecution for political bribery and deception of the electorate
This should happen before or after they have been chucked out of their seats for breaking the law over the non-declaration of their assets
Meanwhile, the slow but sure wheels of justice over 1MDB have finally started to turn with the case now lodged against former PAS deputy leader and Hadi ally Nasharuddin Mat Isa, who received some RM4 million via bank transfers out of the cash Najib stole from 1MDB, according to the court papers, much of which he channelled into luxury living, foreign school fees and all the other usual things
To avoid facing such procedures of his own Hadi has no problem with the practice of deception in the name of religion of course
Sarawak has learned through PAS sources that he forged a secret pact with Najib, cemented days before the election at a meeting of party heads at the Yaysan Amal HQ in Putrajaya, that he would step forward as Deputy PM in a coalition government to be unveiled after the election that Najib hoped to win – yet at the same time he was suing Sarawak Report in a court in London for the supposed ‘libel’ of suggesting his religious party was not working in ferocious opposition to ‘kafir‘ UMNO and was indeed being paid to act as its secret agent by Najib
Following the disastrous election outcome, which showed that the majority of Malaysian voters were simply not prepared to believe such lies, Hadi dropped his legal case and openly joined forces with what remains of UMNO. They have replaced their previous lies with a “so what? get over it!” changing of the goalposts, so characteristic of his ilk of politician
Sadly, religion is indeed the last refuge of many a rascal the world over. Malaysians of all backgrounds need to keep their eye on the money and the on law when it comes to testing the proof of Hadi’s pudding. He fails on both counts. - Sarawak Report

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