Quick Tips To Achieve Decoration Freedom With Your Tv

In the ‘new normal,’ people are spending most their time at home. One of the outcomes of the current situation is that interest in interior decorating has never been higher, especially when it comes to redesigning the living room – the centre of daily life in most households. Interior designer Katharine Pooley suggested that the crisis will impact how we design our home [1]. At the centre of most living rooms is the TV, which has undoubtedly become more important as of late given its ability to deliver entertainment, information, and virtual interaction. That is why it comes as no surprise when Malaysian total TV viewing time had a staggering increase of 49% early this year [2]. The TV is also inextricably linked to one’s décor, with today’s large screen-sizes often forcing design concessions and using up a good deal of space in the process. The real question is, how would it be possible to achieve freedom in decoration with your TV?

Find yourself a TV with versatility capability
Whatever you envision for your space, a modern TV should help you to make it a reality. The versatility of a TV with understated minimalist design is perfect at home, irrespective of texture or colour around it. On top of that, a TV with slender and sophisticated form looks sublime from every angle – as do images displayed on its stunning OLED screen, which uses self-lighting pixels to deliver sumptuous colours and incredible contrast.

Not just a great TV, LG OLED GX can be a good example that guarantees true decorating versatility, bringing elegance and artistry to the living room and allowing homeowners to follow their own decorating tastes without making compromises. Integrating seamlessly with any lifestyle, LG OLED GX enables you to create the living space you want, no matter if you prefer minimalism or bold use of colour, traditional or contemporary style, or anything else.

Wall-mounted TV is a great choice
A wall-mounted TV may take a little bit more work to disguise as a frame. While it does not necessarily act as a piece of art, you can at least hang other pieces around it to create a very fancy gallery wall. All the framed photos or artwork will lay flush with the TV, so it won't look super awkward.

Wall-mounted TV can provide more room to move, resulting in decoration freedom. One of the most obvious benefits of a wall-mounted TV is the amount of space it opens up in the room itself. Without the need for a TV cabinet, shelf, or entertainment unit, you can unleash the potential of your space in whatever way you choose.

A standout example from this growing category is the LG Gallery Design TV. Sporting the LG’s gorgeous Gallery design, the advanced TV combines a slim form factor that saves space; a minimalist aesthetic that fits with and elevates any decorating style along with the first-class picture quality and state-of-the-art features LG OLED TV is known for.

LG OLED GX saves even more room than most wall-mountable models as it does not require a separate box – its slender frame cleverly housing all necessary components and its specially designed wall mount. The flawlessness of its flush-to-the-wall design instantly adds value to your environment, improving flow and fitting in effortlessly with the way you like to live. It comes with a mount that allows it to hang completely flat on the wall. You know, as opposed to the clunkier wall mounts that cause your TV to unattractively stick out.

Caters your entertainment needs
It is not a real TV if it does not carry the basic entertainment features, which covers its ability to bring movies, TV shows, sports, and games to life like never before. You can always opt for a TV with OLED panel with self-lighting pixels that be turned on and off individually, resulting in more natural colours, greater contrast, and detail so real you can practically touch it. For instance, LG OLED GX is packed with features that enrich the home entertainment experience, such as Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos and Filmmaker Mode, and diverse selection of streaming apps [3] that supply an amazing array of premium content.

A great TV will not just boost your viewing enjoyment, but also gives you more interior design options and lets you reclaim the living room. And whether it is the new normal or back to normal, a TV that can do all that has to be a good thing.

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